Mommy of Many Show #21: Learning Lessons #4

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This week’s lesson is that as parents, we need to remember to give out positive physical contact to our older children as well as our little ones. When we have babies and toddles, preschoolers and grader-schoolers, it seems to come naturally, but as the kids grow and stop coming to ask for hugs or to sit with us (or even on us), we need to approach them and give them a hug at the end of the day or when they walk through the door after school. It can make a big difference in a teen or older child’s attitude to just be hugged.

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  1. Comment by Alexis:

    This is so true. Kids need lots of hugs & kisses! Its a hard balance in terms of discipline though. When the boys misbehave or talk back, I want them to realize it isn’t okay and that there is a consequence like a time out, but I also know that what you are saying is true too. When they start acting up, Clint will say, “Do you need to be tickled?”- that’s sort of the warning to start acting right. Usually it works & if he tickles them, they stop being sassy. I give lots of hugs and get down on the floor and play with them through out the day, but I have a hard time reacting to bad behavior with a positive spin like Clint does. I tend to give a few warnings, count to 5, and if the behavior doesn’t change, use a time out & then we talk about what went wrong. I guess both approaches can work. I like that Clint and I sort of “balance” each other out. Admittedly, I sometimes feel like the “strict parent” to an extent, but I think that can be okay as long as there is a lot of love being shown like you talked about.

  2. Comment by Maggie:

    A hug can definitely go a long way! I know that even as an adult sometimes you just need a really nice hug from a loved one. I am a pretty affectionate person…so while I’m down there be prepared for some hugs ;) !

    I love you xoxoxo

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