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Motherhood is Full of Sh*t – Mommy of Many®

Motherhood is Full of Sh*t

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*Gasp*! “Jen that is not very nice!”

You are right! It’s not very nice, but it’s 100% true. The thought came to me (and not for the first time) yesterday when I was holding Luke-Xavier, ankles and wrists, like a prized pig and running for the bathtub. I was forced to realize that too many of the “emergencies” I deal with revolve around poop issues;

Children yelling at the top of their lungs from the bathroom-”Come Wipe Me!”
Children yelling in the living room-”Luke-Xavier stinks!”
Luke-Xavier yelling from his bedroom-”Look at my poop”
Children yelling from outside-”Luke-Xavier took off his diaper and it’s dirty”
Children yelling-”It smells like poop in here”- so you walk the room sniffing the air and trying to find where the offensive trace is hiding.

I started realizing that I’ve dealt with these icky issues 9 times over and that I am WAY TOO adept at cleaning up poop and knowing how to sanitize an area. Part of what’s going on with Luke-Xavier is that he’s overly ready to be potty-trained and now he’s trying to self-change his diapers. The other part is that I didn’t get serious about the whole thing when I should have and missed my window and now have to force the whole potty-training thing. He’s perfectly happy to use the diaper and then simply take it off.

*Big Sigh* as moms we all deal with this baby/toddler issue and our homes don’t get condemned by the Health Department and friends still come to visit and the children grow up healthy, confident bathroom users, but when it’s the middle of the game, it just all feels so dirty!

Add a dog to the mix and it’s not safe to walk inside or outside!

Have a great day~

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  1. Comment by Peggie:

    Wow! Well, I hope the whole potty-training thing becomes easier. I can feel you frustration and wish I could help. I have to admit though I laughed a lil’ when you quoted “Come wipe me!” Kinda been a joke with the other siblings and I over the years.

    I hope you have a good day. I love You!

  2. Comment by Alexis:

    Haha! My boys like to announce “I gotta go poo.” So, we get a warning before having to wipe- ya hoo. Tate is my bloodhound as far as smell goes. When Jake was only nursing and poop was harder to smell, Tate could smell it & he’d let me know when it was time to change the baby’s diaper with, “Jake stinks.” I was oblivious to it, but not Tate!

  3. Comment by Iris:

    Just keep telling yourself, he wont be in diapers at 15, he’ll get it sooner or later. And take one day at a time. :) Iris

  4. Comment by Elaine:

    Oh no … I do know though ;)

  5. Comment by Kristen:

    LOL! I needed this one tonight, Jen! My four year old still won’t do the dirty deed in the toilet…though he keeps talking about the toy truck I said I would buy if he would just TRY it for seven days. Ugh. ANd the two year old isn’t even close. Girls are easier!

    Thanks for making me laugh. I guess we have a good future as cleaning ladies, no?

  6. Comment by Maggie:

    Seriously….”Look at my poop!” as it’s spread across the sheets and a smile perfect little pile sits on the ground next to the bed…That I Don’t miss…the rest of it though..for sure.
    Love you!!

    P.S. Waggle

  7. Comment by Gellie:

    OH MY!!! I have so much to look forward to!! I remember cleaning up and wiping. I especially remember waking Jay before I’d go to sleep and take him in the bathroom so he wouldn’t have an accident. Right now, Sophia is more than happy to sit on the potty and look at books. But nothing has happened yet. Oh the JOYS.

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