Mommy of Many Show #47: Homecoming!

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This week marked the end of Clay’s deployment! He and all those who were with him returned safely. The kids got to watch the helicopters come into the squadron and run out onto the flight line to greet him. Now our family is in a period of readjustment as the kids get used to having 2 authority figures in the house again and I deal with handing over some of my workload as well as some of the control. I think we’ll make it through this phase smoothly because of all the practice we’ve had with previous deployments. :-)

Thank you again for all the support and encouragement that was sent out during the deployment and all the kind words of congratulations now that he’s back!

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  1. Comment by froglady:

    GREAT show! Thanks for sharing about your day at the Pumpkin Patch. Sure there will be pictures soon. Love to ALL.

  2. Comment by Laura:

    YEAH!! SO glad Clay’s back safely!!

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