Mommy of Many Show #54: Merry Christmas from the Lang Clan

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It was a peaceful Christmas at the Lang house. We were all together and kept it simple. We open gifts on Christmas Eve which makes it easier for us to get to church on Christmas morning. After church, we headed home and I cooked while the kids enjoyed some games and old movies.

I gathered everyone together at the end of the day and they all offered a Merry Christmas to each of you. After everyone offered their wishes, Luke-Xavier broke into an original, Santa song. I couldn’t help but include it.

I hope you each had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed this holiday season. Now, onto the new year!

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  1. Comment by Laura:

    That was a great Christmas blessing!! Thank you very much and I’m glad you were all able to get together for the holidays.

  2. Comment by froglady:

    What a wonderful, special Podcast this week. Everyone, especially Luke-Xavier, sounded great. God blessed the Lang Family this year with health and happiness.

  3. Comment by Alexis:

    Luke Xavier is too cute! Merry Christmas!

  4. Comment by Kristen:

    Oh, he is too precious!! What fun to hear everyone’s voices on Christmas!! Thanks, Jen, I am loving this podcast!

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