Mommy of Many Show #55: New Year’s Changes

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I’m so excited to have a new show up!  There have been some hurdles that have kept me from getting a show done, but it’s finally here.  Thank you for visiting the site and for listening to the show.  Your comments and feedback are always appreciated.  Have a show idea?  Let me know!  You can use the contact link to email me.  

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  1. Comment by froglady:

    Our whole nation is in for new welcomed changes and, now also, mommyofmany. God Bless and watch over our new President and God Bless and watch over The Lang Family. Keep up the good work, Jen.

  2. Comment by Pilary Hari:

    Glad to see the podcast back up and running! Whoo hoo!

    Before David left we went on an awesome family vacation (our first ever BIG one) that is really nice to look back upon.. is this possible for you guys? It doesn’t have to be to Fiji -although that would be great- but somewhere to connect, slow down and savor.

    I highly recommend.

    Thinking of you, Clay and the kids,

  3. Comment by Kristen:

    Wow – again, so soon?! Can’t believe it! Where is Alice with the blue dress and the keds? I thought I needed her, but now I know you are the one who gets her when I find her!

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