Mommy of Many Show #56: Moms and New Babies

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This week I talk about being a new mom who’s made the decision to breastfeed.  Even though there are a ton of books that have been written on the subject and a wealth of advice and knowledge that comes to new moms from family and friends, I find that there are still some basic questions that go unanswered.  A wonderful resource for all breastfeeding questions is La Leche League

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  1. Comment by Alexis:

    Definitely an important topic! I never prepped myself for nursing, but I did use Lansinoh at the beginning of nursing the boys. “Soothies” by Gerber are also amazingly awesome for sore nipple relief. Tate had thrush a lot, Coby didn’t & Jake had it a few times. One thing I noticed is that they couldn’t stay latched on when they had thrush. They would “pop on and off” when nursing. That was a good indicator. I highly recommend Nystatin prescription med. for thrush for baby & Diflucan pill for mom. Wash bras in hot water & hang out to dry in the sun- the UV rays kill thrush. & boiling any pacifiers/ bottle nipples. Thrush is a pest, but easily taken care of fortunately! One other thing I thought of was that (for me anyway) the let down reflex can be pretty painful initially; some new moms might wonder about that. I also found that the first 3-6 weeks of nursing are just really tough, but if you stick with it, it gets easier & more comfortable. Those initial weeks are rough though, no doubt about it! Amazing how something so natural is really pretty complex!

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