Lovin’ Summer!

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There’s no denying what time of year it is around here.  We’re packing everyday with fun and friends.  Our schedule is completely out the window and I keep forgetting what day of the week it is.  I’m so used to being on a tight schedule during the school year that I always know just what needs to happen, at what time of each day and what’s coming up to prepare for.  Over the last week and 1/2, I’ve loosened the grip on all things “calendar”.  BUT beware!…if you’ve booked a babysitting job with one of my kids, PLEASE send me a reminder.  I was so out of the routine yesterday, that I loaded everyone up for a trip into La Jolla and we spent a couple hours enjoying a beautiful day, along the beach, when my phone rang and I was reminded that I’d dropped the ball on knowing what day or time it was.  After much apologizing a replacement was brought in.  But other than that, I”m loving the freedom that summer brings!  Last night I took the kids to the store for ice cream at 10pm.  Yes, less of a schedule can be exhausting, but if we don’t take advantage of long days and open schedules during the summer, we’ll never get to!  

Some of our fun has included


Gabi getting her ears pierced (she was very excited and brave!)


our trip into La Jolla for a peek at seals


btw-JJ is doing a GREAT job of helping out with his brothers and giving them some male guidance while Clay is deployed. The younger boys are really listening to him and enjoying their time with him.  


and even silliness in the tub.  When you’re on a tight schedule, there’s a lot less time for goofiness.  We’re enjoying taking our time with things right now.  

I will admit to falling into bed SUPER tired, each night, but it’s worth it!  

I hope you’re each enjoying what summer brings!

Good night~

and  let’s not forget that it’s less than a month until I get to travel to Wash for this summer’s Rod Stewart concert!  Yes! See, the calendar is SO out the window that I’ve forgotten to talk about it until now!

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  1. Comment by Alexis:

    That picture of Luke Xavier is way too cute!- frame it & put in the bathroom!

  2. Comment by Grama Jeannine:

    Love those pictures! Way too far from the beach here!Kisses to all of you.

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