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Tooth Fairy Tales – Mommy of Many®

Tooth Fairy Tales

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Yesterday Tristan came to the van after school with a tooth in his hand. He was very excited, saying that the loose tooth he was working on had finally come out. Then he said, “Mom, don’t forget to call the Tooth Fairy”.

This sentence has become a staple in our house when one of the kids looses a tooth. Too many times M.O.M. has, indeed, forgotten to call. I make a mental note on the pad of paper in my head and often I find that I go to sleep with out checking the list! This has made for some interesting Tooth Fairy adventures.

There have been times when a sad child will come out of their room in the morning, holding a small baggy with their tooth in it,saying, “She forgot”. This is when I get to say, “No! She tried but she couldn’t find it. You must’ve had it in the wrong place under your pillow. Move it to the other side tonight and I’ll call her to let her know you still have it”.
A kiddo will come out saying, “I put my tooth under my pillow but it’s not there and the Tooth Fairy didn’t leave me any $”. This is when I feel lucky because I know that the tooth must’ve gotten pushed off the bed during the night and I can sneak in, put some $ under the pillow and then say, “Are you sure?! You better go check again”. I just have to make sure I find the tooth and get it out of there before it’s seen on the floor or under the bed.

Once I sent Clay on Tooth Fairy duty and he put WAY more money under the pillow than I EVER would. I leave .50-$1, unless there was something special about the tooth or the way it was lost. On this occasion he put loose change and bills under the pillow. The ecstatic child came running out in the morning declaring the amount of their Tooth Fairy loot. I had to explain that the Tooth Fairy must have tripped and spilled her bag or that amount would never have found it’s way under their pillow. I had to think fast so that the next time, this would not be expected!

The Tooth Fairy was called last night and when Tristan awakes, he’ll find his tooth gone and $1 in it’s place. But I have to admit that I DID fall asleep without making the call. Luckily, I get up early enough that I was able to remember and take care of it!

When I put out the word that I needed help remembering, people shared some great stories! Take a minute to share your Tooth Fairy story here. Not only are they great to read, they make me feel better about my Tooth Fairy shortcomings!

Have a great day~

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  1. Comment by Pilary:

    At one point all of my children have swallowed a tooth. Generally it was a tooth that they were too leery to pull out, so it was always hanging on for way too long and caused no pain when it was finally out.
    I saved each of the apology letters to the Tooth Fairy that the kids spontaneously wrote. The letters explained why they were requesting a visit (and cold hard cash) from the Tooth Fairy when in fact there was no tangible proof that a tooth had been lost.
    I love, Love, LOVE these letters! I especially remember having to console and reassure a child while tucking them in for the night. So sweet!
    Thanks for inviting me down memory lane!

  2. Comment by Grama Jeannine:

    Darn, I know we had some cute stories but for the life of me, I’d have to ask your siblings for the stories. Cammie has a recent story about Tierney and the forgetful fairy. Thank you for sharing this .
    Love you guys and miss you.

  3. Comment by LMill:

    We are right in this stage now!! It’s so funny. The other morning my husband (who gets up about 2 hours earlier than I do as he works a 4am shift) did the Fairy Duty. He gave a dollar and a piece of candy and a little toy. When my son came out, he was ecstatic. The problem is, it was old candy from the bottom of his candy jar and a toy we had used for his 6 year old birthday party. He totally knew. Then he was very bummed, saying, “why did the tooth fairy just give me stuf in the kitchen?” and I said, Oh, maybe she was sharing things from house to house? I really didn’t have a good answer, but that seemed to suffice. Needless to say, he kept sharing with everyone, “and this time I got a toy and a candy and a buck!”

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