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Archive for October – 2009 – Mommy of Many®

Archive for October, 2009

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2009


Yesterday the kiddos had their Halloween carnival at school. The school always does a nice job of putting on a little carnival for the kids. They get more excited about dressing up for that than they do for actually trick-or-treating. Honestly, I wish we could get them all done-up for the carnival, enjoy the day and then call it quits. But today, after soccer, after volleyball, after grocery shopping, after carving pumpkins and after getting dinner into the oven, we will put everyone’s costumes back on them and send them out into the neighborhood to trick-or-treat for candy that I will ultimately confiscate and have disappear. Then, tomorrow, we will throw away the pumpkins we spent time on today and start getting ready for Thanksgiving. I think I’m letting my true Halloween feelings show…oops!

But yesterday was lots of fun and I do love to see the kiddos all dressed up and having fun. After the carnival, we had a birthday party to go to, which made for really tired kiddos. But there was something in the air yesterday, because even though I was super busy and pretty darn tired, I felt really good. Sometimes the San Diego air has a magical quality to it that makes me feel so good. Yesterday was one of those days.

My older girls went to a friend’s Halloween party last night and I had all the little ones in bed, so the house was quiet. But I kept hearing a funny thumping noise. After a few times, I went to investigate. I REALLY wish I had taken a picture because what I found was Pumpkin Head dog. My dog had put her head into one of the trick-or-treating jack-o-lanterns to check out the contents and the handle latched over her ears. She was thumping into the wall, unable to see. My immediate reaction was to get it off her head and THEN I thought about the camera. Poor thing! But it sure was funny! So tonight I will be sure to put all the jack-o-lanterns out of dog’s reach!

Happy Halloween! I hope it’s a great day~

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Bootiful Cupcakes-Mommy of Many Style

October 29, 2009


Weeks ago Tristan saw these cupcakes and decided he wanted them for his class. He told his teacher about them. He wrote out the ingredients and directions on a separate piece of paper and carried it around in his pocket. He reminded me time and time again about them. Finally, on Monday, he started asking when we were going to go buy everything so that we could make them and have them delivered to his class by today. In true Mommy of Many fashion, I left it until last night. Well, last night was a wonderful night full of fellowship and fun. We had several young adults show up at our door with dinner, a soccer ball and listening ears for the kids. This meant that we enjoyed company and games until about an hour after the kid’s bedtime. THEN it was time for me to think about making cupcakes. Yikes!

I looked at the recipe (yes, for the first time) and realized that it called for me to melt white chocolate and mold it into ghosts, using chocolate sprinkles for eyes. Uh….

So, I decided to make the cupcakes and worry about the decor this morning. I woke and got going. I ran to my local drug store in search of ghosts. I know, I was definitely pushing my luck! But look….


I didn’t have orange frosting, but I DID have orange sprinkles, so I dipped each vanilla frosted cupcake into the orange sprinkles and topped it with a gummy ghost. Voila!


Tristan with the Bootiful cupcakes (with bed head b/c it was 5:30 am).

There’s nothing like a little improv to keep things going!

Have a BOOtiful day~

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Life-The Beginning, Middle and End

October 28, 2009

The circle of life has been on my mind a lot lately.

I have a friend who’s getting ready to deliver her first baby and she’s so excited, scared, frustrated and ready to meet her little one. I remember what that feels like-how the end of the pregnancy comes and it’s all a big guessing game. You’re never sure of when the big day will arrive or if all the aches and twinges you’re feeling mean that you should go to the hospital or if you still have days to wait. It’s exciting and scary. No matter how many times I had gone through it, I was always a little scared. You just never know exactly what’s going to happen, but you know you’re there for a beautiful result. There is truly nothing in the world like the experience of seeing your brand new baby for the first time! Nothing!

I’ve been thinking a lot about that and even though I am not going to be personally delivering any babies anymore, I would love to be there for women who are. What a great thing to be there to help women through their birthing process! To be there the moment they meet their baby for the first time! I think I want to be a Doula. No, I’m not going to run out and start Doula training. This isn’t exactly the time to take anything else on (I’m barely making it through the Dance of each day as it is). But in the future, when things settle down and I’m not Doing the Dance of the Children quite as much, THEN.

I was able to travel to Northern California this weekend to be a part of a friend’s memorial and it’s really had me thinking of life; how it begins, how it ends and all the in between, where we’re supposed to be living it. It was wonderful to be at a service where so many people were celebrating a life well lived! It got me thinking about all I want to pack into the days of this life that I have left.

Have a great day…today and EACH day~

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Thursday and Still Lacking Any Sort of Catchy Title

October 22, 2009

Here we are at Thursday. The week is flying by. I’m lacking creativity and still don’t have any great titles for my posts this week and there aren’t any pictures. Hopefully the words will be enough.

I haven’t taken many pictures lately because I haven’t really gone anywhere. No NOSC events. No Ladie’s Club events. No morning coffees. But I knew that I’d be stepping away from the social calendar with Clay deployed and me starting to work again. The kids and I are consumed with school, sports, homework and chores. This doesn’t mean we’re not having fun. I love watching their sporting events and they have fun playing! There’s simply just not enough time to try to squeeze in regular outings. Though, I DID have an evening out, last night…

Tristan and I went to radiology at the hospital. No, I didn’t get dressed up and there wasn’t any wine, but it was evening and we were out. :-) A couple of weeks ago he hurt his foot during PE and since it was still bugging him I took him to his Dr. and she gave a write up for an xray. Since our days are so busy and evenings are full of homework, sports, dinner and chores AND radiology is open 24/7, we waited until all the busyness of the day was done and then headed over around 9pm. I must say that if you need xrays FAST, after 9pm is the time to get them done! We walked in, walked to the xray room, had them done. Tristan put his shoe back on and we left. It was the FASTEST trip to the hospital that I’ve EVER made and I had all the parking I could ask for. Those of you who are familiar with NMCSD know what an oddity THAT is!

So, today’s a regular day…school and then 2 soccer practices. Gabi’s birthday is tomorrow so we’re bringing treats to her soccer team and picking up the cake to bring to school for tomorrow. I’m hoping to tackle some stuff around the house and be ready to leave for the memorial I’m attending in N. Cal. this weekend. MUCH to do!

I think I’ll start with a cup of coffee.

Have a great day~

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October 19, 2009

Some days there’s so much to talk about that I end up saying nothing because I just don’t know where to start. I was just going to walk away from the computer without saying a word for that very reason. But really, there’s just so much these days!

I’m facing the fact that I’m getting older. This means that all the people I’ve grown up with are also getting older which, in turn, means that all of our parents are getting older. This means that many of them are facing health concerns, ailments, illness and even death. It feels like it’s happening all at once. On the one hand, it’s scary and sad and on the other hand, it’s bringing people closer together. I know that 20 years ago when we were all meeting at friend’s houses for movies, games and visiting that we didn’t think of this time. But here it is and it’s bringing us back into each other’s lives. It’s also giving me a reminder of how important friendship and love are and all the people we bring into our lives who we treasure and cherish. We are all born into families, but we also end up building another family around ourselves that’s made up of all those people who touch our life. I had 3 really nice phone calls tonight that refreshed my memory of all of this.

It’s a shame that our days get so filled with daily life, worry and work that we forget to truly live each one. And that we get so complacent that we forget to tell those around us that we appreciate and love them.

Here’s to another day full of life and loved ones!

Good night~

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What a Day!

October 15, 2009

This day, this day. What a day. Ever had one that is just wrong from the moment you get going until you just, plain call is quits?

We are driving Mariah to her carpool each morning, which means we leave the house at 7 am. This is a huge task! We normally leave at 7:30 and none of us has adjusted well to the loss of 1/2 an hour. Today, there was much dragging of feet, forgetting to brush teeth and losing of shoes. We left 10 minutes late and with no shoes for Tristan. I really didn’t have a plan for how that was all gonna work itself out. We started to drive to meet her carpool and called along the way. Yep, missed them! Through clenched teeth I said that I’d make some phone calls, focus on getting Tristan some shoes and figure it all out. I called work to let them know I would get the majority of the kiddos to the school they go to and that I work at and then would have to drive Mariah up to her school. I then made a call to see if a pair of shoes might be able to meet Tristan at school. No dice! I headed to Target…it was 7:30 am and they don’t open until 8. AHHHHHHH! I made another call in hopes of shoes meeting Tristan at school. BINGO! Ok, off to the school. Mariah was offered a ride, albeit late, to school, from the school we were heading to. Big breath! This just may all work out.

After much discussion, we decided that Mariah would stay with me and help out in the preschool because getting to school late, on a short day of testing, really wouldn’t serve any purpose. So…extra hands at school today. This actually worked out very well. Mariah is truly wonderful with preschoolers. Who knew?!

Oh…the shoes! We were, graciously, met in the school parking lot, with a perfect-fitting pair of shoes for Tristan.

After making it through the preschool day (one potty accident on Lex’s part) I took Mariah to a sushi lunch and then headed to the grocery store. My basket was full when my phone rang…preschool was calling…another potty accident for Lex and even though there were extra clothes available, he had no extra shoes to replace the pee-soaked ones he was now wearing. Off I went to the preschool to pick up Gabi and Lex, bring them home and then head back to get the other kids, after volleyball practice. Weeeeeeee!

On my way, I received another phone call. This time it was a friend letting me know that a dear woman, who I’ve loved and admired for her strength, faith, compassion and love had passed away. Whew….! The story behind this is a blog unto itself and when I find the right words, I will write it. But needless to say, I had an emotional rest of the day.

So, here I am, counting my blessings and reflecting on the people who have touched my life and the precious moments that are within each day…even the challenging ones. I’m taking a big breath, having a glass of wine and being thankful for all that I got to live today.


Good night~

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I Am NO Good At This!

October 10, 2009

Over the years I’ve had 2 Girl Scouts and JJ in Boy Scouting. They have all stopped Scouting and now Tristan is in Cub Scouts. He just started with the beginning of this school year and I’m remembering the thing that has always made me look like a less-than-dedicated mom…the uniform and patches! Ugh! I am so challenged at keeping up with having everything put correctly onto the uniform. I know it seems like a simple thing, but somehow it’s the part I just can’t keep up on.

as you can see, I don’t have any problem with getting them to events and helping them earn things…

…it’s just actually sewing them on (or even ironing them on) that gets me. Check out all those safety pins!

this is the stack of what JJ earned that never made it onto his sash. The sash and this pile have been on my dresser for a year. Yes…a year!

this is as far as I ever got with the whole thing.

This is Tristan’s shirt. I pulled up all the “good mom” stuff I could find inside of me and I put it all together in time for last night’s meeting. But I’m gonna need to do some serious self-talk to stay on top of it! I’m not sure why THIS is the thing that I fall so short on.


I’m wondering if there’s a badge for sewing on your own patches! ;-)

Have a great day~

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October 6, 2009

Tuesday…not too exciting.

This morning my head is full of wondering about sick kids. Mariah’s been home from school since last Friday and isn’t sure if she is going to go back to school today. No one else has gotten sick, but I’m starting to wonder what would happen if they did. If any of the 4 youngest kiddos gets ill, I’ve got to stay home with them. I haven’t had this worry before. So…I’m keeping things clean and sanitized. I’ll keep giving everyone their vitamins and I’ll keep Mariah confined to her room (wish me luck).

Have a great day~

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Just One More Way That Mac Makes My Life Easier

October 5, 2009


This week, Gabi is Star Student in her preschool class. This means that I need to send in pictures of her doing the things she likes and pictures of here with her family and friends. So last night, I sat down to get this little project done. Whoa! This is child #8 in the Lang house and there are literally thousands of pictures of her! She’s only been around for 4 years! But since I no longer have to worry about developing a roll of film that’s full of bad pictures, I can snap away at will. This means that the younger kids have been photographed WAY more than even my oldest was. So, when I sat down to go through Gabi’s pictures and find the ones I’d want to put on her board, I was up against a daunting task. But not with a Mac!

Because of iPhoto’s “faces” program, I was able to easily look through JUST the pictures of Gabi (it still took me forever) and choose the ones I wanted. Yea!

Congratulations to Gabi for a special week at school and thanks to Mac for always making the life of this M.O.M. a little easier!

Have a great day~

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