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Archive for March – 2010 – Mommy of Many®

Archive for March, 2010

Tot Lock=No Lunches

March 31, 2010

magnetic lock

A few years back, the decision was made that it was best that the food cabinets in the kitchen have the ability to be locked. Too many times I would walk into the kitchen to find various containers of dry items, spilled on the floor or that toddlers had helped themselves to the contents of the chocolate chip container. So, magnetic child locks were purchased and installed. The “key” to the locks was strategically placed where we could easily get to it.

Easy solution to the problem of the scavenging toddlers…right? Sure!…as long as the “key” never gets misplaced or ends up on the INSIDE of the cabinet before it gets shut. Honestly, we’ve probably gone through a dozen “keys” and jimmied the cabinet open with butter knives and many mumbled curse words.

For the last few months we’ve just left the cabinets in the unlocked mode and trusted that at 5 and nearly 4, the littlest of the Langs have learned what they are allowed and not allowed to get into. I’m not sure what happened, but yesterday afternoon I came home to find that the cabinet that holds all cereal and snacks had been locked. I reached for the “key”. Hmmm…not there. I moved a few things for a better look. Nope, not there. I went to the junk drawer. Nope! I looked in jars and bowls, drawers and under the fridge. No luck. Maddi bent a butter knife and started the process of trying to break in. No luck. So, we left it alone and decided there wasn’t anything we needed from the cupboard for the evening.

This morning I went out to the kitchen, and went to open it, only to be reminded that tot locks are also adept at keeping adults out of things. Back to the butter knife. Back to the rummaging for the “key”. My best solution is going to be a trip to Target to purchase another “key”. However, the peanut butter, crackers, nuts, snack mix and cereal are all locked inside that cupboard. At this point it looks like school lunches are going to consist of bread with butter, canned fruit and water.

Wish me luck on handing those lunch boxes over with a smile.

I suppose I could always play the “Lent” card. “Hey, it’s Holy Week and we’re fasting. Offer it up.”

Have a great day~

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Waffle Cones and Birth Certificates

March 29, 2010

We’ll start with the birth certificate-

8 months ago, Mariah completed all the parts of the online testing to be able to get her permit. Then it came time to get out her birth cert and send everything in. I couldn’t find it. Looked and looked and came to the conclusion that I had to order a replacement. I got online, filled everything out, paid the fee, printed out the paper that needed to be notarized and faxed it all in. Whew! Now to wait for the magic document to arrive in the mail. About a week later we received an official looking envelope and she was excitedly planning our trip to the DMV. When we opened it, there was a paper stating that there was no record of her birth in the county I’d sent the request to. Huh? Then where the heck was she born? Instead of making me move quickly to figure it out, the whole thing made me drag my feet and wonder what county she could’ve been born in.

Fast forward 7 months-I finally had the county correct and sat back down at the computer to do the whole thing again. I repeated all the steps, paid the fee and printed the paper that needed to be notarized. When I got to the postal annex that has a notary, there was a hand-written sign on the door declaring that they were closed for the day. GREAT! I put the paper back into my planner and drove away.


About 2 weeks ago I had Gabi and Luke-Xavier with me on a trip to the bank. After our transactions, we left and I decided to treat them to Cold Stone since it was practically staring me in the face. We got our ice cream and I noticed that they were hiring. I asked for an application for Mariah. She’s been wanting to start applying places for after-school and summertime jobs. They gave me the application and I texted Mariah that I was on my way home with a job prospect for her. She wasted NO time and filled out an application online. She then filled out the one I brought her, turned it in and scheduled an interview. She was hired and would begin her training in 3 days.

“Mom, I start work on Thursday and I need either my birth certificate (after saying this, she snickered) or my SS card.” I replied that I would start looking in the files for her SS card. After all, the whole birth certificate thing had become such an elephant in our house, that I knew I better just go for the card.

Thursday morning rolled around and I realized (with some horror) that my inability to find her SS card could keep my daughter from starting the job she was quickly and somewhat proudly hired for. PRESSURE! I left for work knowing that I had a small window of time after work, to get home, find the card and then move on with the regular busyness of the afternoon. YIKES! I spent my time at work uttering small prayers to St. Anthony and brainstorming on where those important documents have ended up being kept.

I got home and went straight to the filing cabinet. “Taxes”-nope, wouldn’t be in there. “Schooling”-no, keep looking. “Important”-Maybe!…nope. Who labeled THAT one?! I went to another drawer, only to find that it was all military stuff-nope! Finally, the bottom drawer. This one had files laying on their sides and none were really labeled. I started digging through each one to see if I could find the magic envelope that held 11 SS cards. “Mariah”-well, it couldn’t hurt to look in that one! I opened it up and the very first thing inside was an envelope with my handwriting on it, saying, “Mariah’s Birth Certificate”. Well wonder of wonders! What the heck! All along, lying in the filing cabinet! Forget the SS card! I’d just struck gold!

So, Mariah was able to make it to work with the proper documentation and now we will make an appointment at the DMV…finally!

The best part was that when I picked her up from that first day of work, she got in the car smelling like warm waffle cones. I wanted to keep her in the car all night! Yum!

Hmmmm…now to find those SS cards.

Have a great day~

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Having a Hard Time Letting Go

March 24, 2010

Tupperware…until a few years ago it was THE thing to store your food in. I, personally, have my pantry cabinets completely fitted in the stuff. I carefully chose what size each item would need and thought out what dry goods I always stock my cabinets with. Then I chose my favorite lid color and when it came time to replace worn out lids and I found out that the company had discontinued my color, I stocked ebay sellers for what I needed. I even bought one particular size and color in bulk (seriously, I have 15 of the SAME lid…just in case!). I have bowls, round containers, square containers, rectangular containers and containers with odd names.

Recently one of my daughters took it upon herself to reorganize my cupboards that hold my containers that aren’t being used at the moment. She carefully stacked bowls together and found each lid. She then put the lids onto the same shelf as the bowls. She moved onto the next cabinet and stacked and sorted the square and rectangular containers and, likewise, put the lids, neatly, onto the shelf.


When she was done, she’d accumulated a pile of lids that, seemingly, no longer have a corresponding container. She showed me the lids and said she was going to through them away.


Throw them away?! You are surely NOT going to throw those lids away, young lady! Those are TUPPERWARE lids. TUPPERWARE LIDS! What if we’re cleaning out the garage and find the container? What if I look under a bed and find the container? What if we’re picking up the back yard and we FIND THE CONTAINER?! What then?!

So, that pile of lids has been sitting on top of my microwave for the last week. I can’t…CAN NOT bring myself to throw them into the recycling bin. I’m WAY TOO Tupperware aware!

What to do and how long to let them sit there before I can let go?

I’m really not sure.

Have a great day~

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I Had To!

March 22, 2010

Sometimes you come across something so ridiculously disgusting sounding that you just have to give it a try.

I happened to be in World Market today and came across this

I was disgusted and intrigued and had to buy it. I’m a huge fan of chocolate but not so much on the bacon. I figured I’d bring it home and let my brother and the kiddos give it a try.

Ted wasn’t sure why the heck I’d buy such a thing in the first place, but was willing to give it a (reluctant) try.

You can probably interpret this look on your own.

Max was just happy that I was offering him some chocolate

Then it was my turn
carefully taking a bite

Hmmm…yep, one piece is definitely enough

But there was some left, so Ted decided to go back for seconds

Well, that was our little experiment for the day. I’d have to say that while it wasn’t completely disgusting, I’d have no problem passing it up on the shelf next time.

Have a good day~

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March 18, 2010

Thursday-we’re almost through another week. The weeks of 2010 are flying by! I can’t believe that we’re 1/2 through March, that St. Patty’s Day has come and gone and that we’re sprinting toward Easter! I feel like I haven’t even gotten my head around 2010 and it’s rushing past me. I’m hoping to get some time (summer, maybe?) to actually LIVE in 2010 instead of just trying to keep up with it. That’s not to say that good things haven’t been happening. It’s just that they come and go so quickly that I can’t really digest them. I’m not sure how to find more time in my day to grab onto and make the most of. I can’t get up any earlier than I already do and staying up later doesn’t make me productive. I can do mindless things, like laundry and dishes after 9pm, but nothing that makes me feel like I’m getting any more out of the day.

Suggestions? How does a mother who is raising the 7 kids who are at home full-time, during a year-long deployment, who works part-time outside of the home, gets up at 4am and worries endlessly about the needs and good of her 2 children who are away from home, find more time in each day?

Have a great day~

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A Nighttime Prayer By, Who Else…Luke-Xavier

March 15, 2010

Yes, one more blog based on something Luke-Xavier has done or said. Seriously, this kiddo is just too much fun to keep to myself!

So, tonight when it was his turn to pray, this is what he asked of God;

“Dear God, please keep the ladybugs safe. Please help people to go to the park and please don’t let my friends die”.

I have a feeling that,with a smile on His face, God has made all of the ladybugs safe…at least for tonight.

Have a good night~

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My 3yr Olds Words That Rendered Me Speechless

March 13, 2010

Luke-Xavier is surely going into either Special Forces or the X-games.

First off, he’s fearless. No surface is too high to jump from, no hill too steep for rolling down, head-first. He’s been standing on a skateboard since he could stand and jumping onto his siblings bikes since he could climb (which was remarkably early). No door is beyond his unlocking abilities and his bedroom window constantly begs him to climb out of it. Secondly, he’s tough! He’ll jump right into a skirmish with his older brothers and leave them crying, every time. His head is full of ways to do battle and he’s always pretending to wield a sword or shoot up anything in his way.

In one of these shooting sessions, I saw him point his “gun” (his finger) at Max, shoot him and then declare that he was dead. After seeing this, I brought out my stern voice and said, “Lex! We DO NOT shoot people! Not EVER!”

He looked me in the face and without missing a beat said, “Daddy does”.

How the heck do you argue THAT with a military child who knows his father is in a war zone and is keeping us “safe from the bad guys”?!


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The Saga of a Tooth Lost-Chapter 4

March 12, 2010

Penicillin…for 2 1/2 weeks. That’s what it took to keep the pain at bay and the infection in my tooth down. But even with all that Penicillin I still had swelling and drainage. Ick! I made an appointment for my poor cracked and unsalvageable tooth to be removed. Then I pondered the fact that I’m being removed from the earth one piece at a time…last year a hysterectomy and this year the tooth. I can’t help but wonder what I’ll be losing next year (secretly hoping it’s 10 lbs!).

In the week before my appointment I spoke with a couple people who had also lost teeth and asked about the options and what they’d chose to have done (or not done) and hoped they’d ease my fear of having my tooth removed. I was assured it was an easy procedure and that my options looked pretty good.


I got all settled into the chair, met the oral surgeon and discussed my procedure. After an hour of sitting there with my mouth numb he came back in with his assistant and they began the tag-team wrestling match with my mouth. The assistant pulled on my jaw and tapped my shoulder while the oral surgeon pulled on the tooth in the opposite direction.

CRACK!…”Oh…it doesn’t usually break like that. Ok Mrs. Lang, now you will hear some noise and feel some vibration.” *drilling, drilling, drilling* “Well, we got most of it. sit tight while we get that other root.” *back to the tag-team wrestling* “Ah! There it is! See.”

The last thing I wanted to see was the final piece of my tooth that they had to wrestle from my mouth!

I was then assured that my bone looked good (I’m pretty sure my eyes rolled back in my head at the thought of them looking at my bone! They could SEE my bone?!) and that I was going to need an appointment in a week so he could check on things and that I would need to let it heal for the next 4 months. After that my options looked good. Wait! No they don’t! Let’s see, there are 3 options;
1.Do nothing and have a missing tooth that feels like a hole, the size of Lake Tahoe, in my mouth
2.Get a bridge and feel like my grandmother.
3.A dental implant…drilling into my jaw bone (but hey, we know it’s a good one!), having a screw installed and a crown put in place. This, apparently lasts the rest of your life (wondering if when I pass away if it would be the only remaining “tooth” in my mouth) and costs a mere 4K, non of which is covered by insurance because it’s considered “cosmetic”.

These do not sound like happy options. But, I have 4 months to think on them. Until then, I have to get used to the hole in my mouth and weather the relentless teasing of my daughters who consider me “old”.

Maybe they’re right.

The fifth and final chapter…sometime in the future.

Have a good day and by all means give your teeth a little extra love and attention today!

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Uh, Wait! I Didn’t Mean That!-A Moment of Mommy Brain

March 10, 2010

Lex 10 fingers

Wow, I sure didn’t mean to let so many days go by without blogging. But it seems that I don’t mean all sorts of things in the last few days…

The other night we were having a family dinner with my dad, brother and my kiddos. There was much chit chat and sharing of school stories, etc. At one point Lex held up all his fingers, just like in the above picture, and he said, “Mom, when am I going to be this many?”.

Well, let’s see…Lex is 3, so with simple math…

I answered right away, “in 11 years”

And I wonder why some of my kids struggle with math.

Have a great day~

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Sweet Words, Kind Gestures and Flowers Made for a Bright Day

March 5, 2010


Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of some sweet and kind gestures. The point of this blog isn’t to write down the compliments I received but instead to share how I feel about people opening themselves up to giving and receiving compliments.

We all see and hear things that make us happy, put a smile on our faces or spark a comment or compliment in us. But I think that we rarely act on those things. Many times I’ll see a someone who’s dressed beautifully or carrying something that I find beautiful or who has said something intriguing and I’ll want to respond to it-to tell a woman or even a man that they look beautiful or that I love the bag they’ve picked to carry on that day or that their child has the sweetest look on their face. But I think many of us stop ourselves from saying those things because we are afraid of the response we might receive or that the person will think we’re “weird”.

But when we take a moment to say those things-to not be afraid of the response and simply let those things come out of our mouths, more often than not, a little joy is shared. And when we can learn to receive those compliments and let the person giving them know that they are appreciated, then a little more joy is shared.

I got to have a few joyful moments yesterday because people took the time to let me know that they thought that the way I do things for myself and my family was beautiful. I even got to bring home those daffodils pictured because a checker at my local Trader Joes thought I was a good M.O.M. and I’m so grateful for those things. They make me feel freer to share the compliments I feel for others.

Let’s try to take a minute to share a little joy today. When we give it, we will also, surely, receive it.

Have a great day~

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A Mommy of Many Morning Short

March 1, 2010

“Mom, steak is my favorite chicken”

Two nights ago I made steaks. When I was getting Gabi ready for bed and brushing her teeth she let me know just  how she felt about  that.

Have a great day~

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