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When a Kiddo Hates School… – Mommy of Many®

When a Kiddo Hates School…

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One of my kiddos truly hates school. Every Sunday they look at me and say,”I know what tomorrow is…the worst day of the week.” The work curriculum isn’t a problem. Friends aren’t a challenge. They just, truly hate having to go and sit in a structured environment and complete work in a given time-frame. This particular child is a big thinker and is always thinking of a better way to do things or a better way to build things and can get lost in thoughts of planning and inventing and building for a long time.

The teacher and I have had several meetings and have come up with all sorts of ideas to help this child look at the whole thing differently. But each plan has failed. I’ve got someone working with them to see if we can find better tools for them to succeed inside the perimeters of the school day and the classroom structure. But that takes time and the school year is speeding toward it’s finishing point.

I’ve had another child who felt this same way and was just as lost in thought and they are now a successful High School Senior who is headed off to college in the Fall. I’m hoping they will have something to offer their younger sibling to help change all these feelings.

Anyone been here? What did you do?

Have a great day~

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  1. Comment by Alexis:

    I think you’re like me (in that you like things to be a certain way; like having all the kids at the same school bc it’s helpful with organization, efficiency, easier to handle getting them there, paper work, picking them up etc etc), but… maybe this kiddo could truly benefit from and not just survive, but truly thrive, from a totally different approach. I know you’ve homeschooled Kindergarten & 4th grade; why not re-visit the idea for this child- even if just for one year? Or, take it week by week knowing that you can always change your mind & return to a school setting if needed?

    I’ve never had my kids enrolled in school, but I’m fairly certain that Tate’s personality would very much lend itself to what you’re dealing with now. Coby, I think, would “fit in” better with the typical expectations of a structured environment & be able to handle whatever time constraints etc were given, bc he would see it as a challenge/ game to be won & actually get a kick out of it probably, but I know Tate would struggle more with it for various reasons. He’d probably make it out all right in the end, but there would probably be a few “bumps and bruises” along the way.

  2. Comment by Suzanne:

    My youngest, Sylvie (7), also hates school — same reasons you have given here. I didn’t go through this with the first three (my second daughter hated school for a brief time, but bringing her home to homeschool “cured” her (homeschooling was so boring compared to school). One of my solutions for Sylvie (though it only worked in brief bursts, when she was younger — now I’m kind of back to the drawing board, to be honest) was to invent a story for her (I gave her a choice: princesses or superheroes) in which all the boring/odious tasks at school were transformed into aspects of a quest (so, doing the morning seat work was decoding a document in Elfin language that would reveal the secret of how to get past the greedy dragon) — we wrote out the whole story, what was “really” happening during her school day, and she illustrated it. She would receive, at the end of the day, whatever the quest was after, if she could complete all the elements of the quest (the greedy dragon was sitting on her magical jeweled crown, so at the end of the day, I presented her with a paper crown I’d made and decorated, if she’d actually “found” it).

    This made school exciting for a couple of months, until she thought it might be more efficient just to play the game at home, in her room… Then I had to come up with a new story, and eventually I ran out of stories, and she didn’t really want to use her imagination to try to improve school. Now I just bribe her!

    I’m hoping to get some more/better ideas from the comments your friends leave!

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