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Archive for June – 2010 – Mommy of Many®

Archive for June, 2010

Annnnnd…They’re Off!

June 30, 2010

Summertime in the Lang house has officially started! Never mind that we’ve been out of school and off of work for a couple of weeks. It’s just not summer until there’s a trip! 6 of the kiddos, a friend of Clay’s and Clay have pulled away from the curb and have begun the 1st trip of summer 2010. They’re heading out to Clay’s parents’ house in Nevada. Long drive!






JJ brought some juggling equipment. Fun for the 4th of July!


I’m home to get this house in order, continue Boot Camp and get Anna and Maddi to and from summer school (with a lil help from my brother).

Yea for summer! Yea for trips! Yea for time to get things in order! Yea for stealing a lil time for M.O.M! Yea! Yea! Yea!

Doing the Dance of the Children-in Summertime~

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Mommy of Many™ Goes To Boot Camp-Week 2/Day 2

June 30, 2010

Today should be called “Procrastination Day” instead of Tuesday. I woke up with almost no drive and feeling emotional. I putted around until the LAST minute then headed out to my Kraze Boot Camp class, knowing that if I didn’t show up, Aaron (my trainer and Boot Camp Master) would likely show up at my door and I’d be drug to one of the other classes that are held during the day. No thank you!

Kateri and I got our sleepy behinds to class and the work-out definitely did me good. Something was different about today’s class. I can’t say exactly what it was, but it was good. There was running (there’s ALWAYS running), but it was more broken up. I liked that. We did 1/2 a lap and then stopped for push-ups and then finished the lap…with more push-ups. The time just seemed to go by quicker today.

Kateri’s friend, Jez, who’s been joining us in the mornings didn’t make it out today. Instead, she chose to go to the 6pm class and Kateri (mad woman!) joined her! Way to go Kateri! 2 classes in one day! I hope your legs hold up tomorrow morn! Mariah (my 16 yr. old) also went with them to check it out. From what I’ve heard she really liked the work-out. Whoo Hoo! Way to go girls!

Ok, I’m off to bed and hoping to wake up with a more energy than I did this morning. I felt like Eeyore, with the little rain cloud following me around. No good!

What am I gonna do if my kids keep joining?! Can you imagine trying to discipline a bunch of kids/young adults who do Boot Camp 5 days a week?! Talk about being overpowered. This could be the start of a mutiny!

Have a great night~

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 2/Day 1

June 29, 2010

It felt good to get back to the routine after having 3 days off! I was worried about being sore again, but so far, so good! Yea! I’d have to say that counts as today’s success.

Today I learned that I need new shoes. My toes fell asleep while running. Not good!

Running? Did I say running? Yeah, there was lots of running today. Honestly though, it’s getting easier to do (still don’t like it) and I’ve noticed that my breathing has changed when I’m running. I don’t think I sound like I’m going to die at the end of the first lap anymore. We’ll see if that holds true tomorrow.

Ok, off to bed! It’s been a day full of running kids around and we had a birthday to celebrate! Yep, that meant a yummy ice cream cake from Cold Stone…but I only had a small piece. Now for some sleep so I’m ready for tomorrow’s surprises at Kraze Boot Camps.

It’s still not too late to join me! Just send Aaron a message and let him know you want to come out and take a look at what I’ve been talking about. Heck, if I can do it, so can you!

Good night~

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Birthdays and Boot Camp

June 28, 2010

It’s Monday and the week is full of good stuff! Arianna turns 15 today, Maddi turns 14 on Thursday, the kids and Clay are heading out for a trip to his parent’s house later in the week and it’s back to Kraze Boot Camps for me (I think there’s a haircut and some wine and chit chat with a friend thrown in there too!). A good and busy week!

I’m trying to stay focused on all the good things because I’m starting this morning a little tired. Lex was sick last night and it cut into my sleep. Poor lil guy! I’m also worried about going back to Boot Camp and being sore again. I haven’t been sore since Thursday and I’ve enjoyed being able to walk without a waddle. I did stay active, but not nearly at the level of the classes. I walked the 3 littlest Langs thru downtown, on Saturday and yesterday I took a bike ride. I quickly found out that the muscles I’d been using in Boot Camp were not the same muscles it takes to ride a beach cruiser with slightly low tires.

So, here’s to Monday! It’s gonna be a good week full of lots of good stuff!

Happy Birthday Anna! I hope this is a great year!

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I Find Myself Saying Crazy Things

June 26, 2010

Having children lends itself to craziness. Not only is my head scattered sometimes, but I find myself saying things that would normally sound totally mad and yet, sometimes, I mean them.

This morning I was walking through the house picking things up in each room and I found an open tube of Ritz crackers in the bathroom. I called out, “who left their crackers in the bathroom?”. Or take yesterday, when Clay couldn’t find his wallet and I said, “Have you looked in the freezer?” I meant it!

Of course there are times I don’t mean what I’m saying, at all. I’ve been known to call the kiddos to dinner by saying such nonsensical phrases as-”Dinner’s ready! Get your pjs on and get in the car”. Somehow, they decipher the code of M.O.M. talk and show up to the kitchen to eat dinner.

I’m fairly certain that most of you mamas out there, find yourself speaking this same language of nonsense and near-madness and that, somehow, everyone understands you and things are successfully done in your home. I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone in this.

So, on with this busy Saturday of cleaning, kid’s sports, events, paperwork, computer work and food prep. I guess it’s time to brush my teeth and go jump on the trampoline…Oh! You know what I mean!

Doing the Dance of the Children With a Scattered Brain and Madness on My Tongue~

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Day 4, the Last Day for This Week!

June 24, 2010

Day 4-DONE! Whoo Hoo! I’ve successfully made it through the 1st week of the 4-week Kraze Boot Camps program.

I’ve learned a thing or two about myself in the last few days-1) I’m more competitive than I thought. 2) I can do more that I’ve given myself credit for. 3) I’m more out-of-shape than I had even thought about. 4) Cardio kills…ME! Seriously, my stamina for jumping, running and such is pathetic. BUT, it got better, even in just these few days. And most remarkably-I’ve stopped drinking so much coffee! If you read this blog or keep up with me on Facebook, you KNOW I’m a HUGE coffee drinker. My routine has been to have 2 cups before I’m out the door in the morning and then have another by 10am and usually some iced coffee after noon. Since I’ve started Kraze Boot Camps, I’m down to 0, that’s right ZERO cups before I’m out the door and then 1 cup after I’m home. This wasn’t a goal or a conscience decision; it’s simply what my body wants. Wow!

Things I’ve decided that I like about Boot Camp-1) It’s early in the morn and that works well with my schedule. 2) It’s by the water and the breeze off the water is greatly appreciated! 3) Working out with lots of people at different fitness levels but not feeling challenged by the fact that I’m a beginner.

I have to give Aaron kudos for running an up-beat, positive program that allows for all fitness levels. He keeps a positive and encouraging tone throughout each workout. He also does a great job of keeping things mixed up so that we’re never bored. I wasn’t sure I was going to like that, since I REALLY like routine, but it’s turned out that it keeps the time moving along nicely.

So, Day 4 held some new things (as each day did)-running zig-zags up and down those scary, Rocky-inspired stairs. I was actually able to run up the 1st round and had NO black spots before my eyes. The other rounds were walked while Aaron cheerily encouraged us with phrases like, “come on ladies (the guys are included in this phrase), this is good for getting rid of those love-handles and muffin-tops (I keep encouraging him to include “baby-bellies” in his run-down. After all, there’s a mom or 2 in the crowd and you KNOW what we’re there to work off!)”. And don’t let me forget plank-punches WITH our hand-weights. Who knew 5lbs could weigh so much?!

There are 3 more weeks in this round and it’s not too late to come give it a try. Just this morning one of Kateri’s friends tried the class and decided to sign up. Let Aaron know you’re coming out to try the work out that’s kicking Mommy of Many’s behind and let’s do this thing! I’d love to run some scary stairs with you!

I’ll enjoy the next 3 days of “off” time and incorporate the kids into some walking and light jogging. But I’m actually looking forward to going back on Monday and seeing what I can do. Huh! I wouldn’t have expected that!

Until then, I’ll be here, enjoying the summer days and Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Day 3…Oh Yeah, and All That Other Stuff Happening in My Life

June 23, 2010

Aaron is tricky! That’s what I have to say for today’s Kraze Boot Camp class. Hmph! We did our warm-up and were told to run 1 lap around the big circle. 1 lap! Whoo Hoo! We’ve been running 2. But I soon found out why we were only taking 1 lap-soon after we were picking up our hand-weights and running that 2nd lap. Tricky! I’m realizing that I need to show up and not have any expectations, other than I will be leaving with sore body parts.

This morning I had a tough time feeling motivated. I drug my feet on everything. I (conveniently) couldn’t find clothing items I needed and just wanted to climb back into bed. But I told myself that I better pull it together and reminded myself that if I found an excuse not to go that I’d never know what Day 3 felt like and that would make me feel like a quitter. So…dressed I got and to Boot Camp I went. I ran better than the last 2 days (didn’t enjoy it, but I did it) and decided that an hour really isn’t very long (Thank God!). So, I’m now showered, dressed and knee-deep into my day and I’m deciding to think of all the positive things about tomorrow’s class-1)It’s not until tomorrow. 2)It’s the last class for this week. 3)We’ll be working on core and abs (a little scary, but they need it!). 4)I will be able to say that Week 1 of Kraze Boot Camps is over and that I did it. I think this is my favorite reason! I’m feeling competitive with myself! “Hey you, you can do this! You’re gonna stop being so sore and you’re gonna keep getting better at running (ick!). Heck, you’ve already gotten better at jumping jacks!”

When Boot Camp ends, the rest of my busy day begins. I run home to shower and motivate the kiddos out of bed. They have this week at Vacation Bible School (VBS) and it’s already 1/2 way through the week. So far, I think they’re happy to have their mornings full of something to do.

Anna and Maddi have started summer school and they both look adorable in their new uniforms! They haven’t let me snap any pics yet, but I’ll be sly and get a few soon.

Mariah’s been working and everyone’s been enjoying a trip to Cold Stone, here and there.

Kateri’s nannying full-time and continues to join me for Boot Camp each morning. We are motivating each other through the soreness. She says she hasn’t been this sore since her H.S. field hockey days. Wow!

JJ is home and enjoying the games of the World Cup. It’s good to have him here and able to get the boys moving. He’s so good with them!

So we are busy as ever over here. But it’s all Good Stuff!

Doing the Dance of the Children in Summertime~

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Day 2

June 22, 2010

I am a creature of habit. I work best when I know what’s in front of me. I think that’s probably the same for most of us. Surprises in our routines make things a little harder.

When I got to Kraze Boot Camp this morning I saw Aaron setting some things out and I realized that the routine that I thought I had learned to expect, yesterday would be different today. ~Big Breath~ To myself I said, “it’s ok! You made it through yesterday, when you didn’t know what to expect and you’ll make it through whatever is coming your way today. It’s one hour. ONE HOUR! You can do this. Go!”.

And so I did.

Day 2 was a success. I’ve decided that it’s important to measure success in the small things. I’m not looking for grandeur and I’m not setting huge goals. I just want to motivate myself to get to class each morning and commit to the hour. Today’s successes were-1) I showed up with my gear, on-time and was ready to TRY whatever was thrown at me. 2)I RAN 1 1/2 of the 2 laps for our warm-up. I had told myself that I would run 1 lap and if it became too much, I’d allow myself to walk the other. Yea for beating my own expectations! 3) I remembered my important rules about water and the sweatshirt. The sweatshirt was brought, but was not needed :-) Surely a success! 4) The abs part of the program was, again, the simplest part…not easy, but the simplest. Must be all those years ago that I worked so hard to Cher’s abs workout. :-) I guess they’re remembering.

I am sore. Kateri is sore. But we are looking at each day and moving forward.

A few things I noticed-1) I did not want to have a glass of wine last night. Not that I rely on a glass of wine each evening or that I even have 1 every night. But last night, when I thought about it, I just really didn’t want it. 2) I normally have 2 cups of coffee in the morning to get going and out the door. I drank 1/2 a cup this morn and headed out the door. Wow! 1/2 a cup?! ME?! 3) I am fairly flexible. Stretching is one of the things I look most forward to and it feels amazing. I can stretch farther than I would have thought. 4) My poor heart and lungs have been ignored! Cardio is hard for me. Gotta work on making it easier!

So, Day 2-Done! Looking forward to Days 3 and 4, mostly because I’m goal oriented and I know that after Day 4 there’s a 3-day break. I am NOT looking forward to what next Monday is going to feel like!

Thank you for all the encouragement I’ve received! It definitely helped. Let’s do this!

Have a great day~

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Mommy of Many™ Goes To Boot Camp-Day 1

June 21, 2010

I am a 38 yr old woman who’s given birth to 9 children. I’ve watched my body change many times. Some changes were great and some I was totally uncomfortable with. Over the last 2 years I lost 35 lbs. I attribute the weight loss, in part, to having my youngest child getting older, no longer breast feeding and making a few changes in the choices I made when eating. I didn’t adopt an exercise plan or a strict way of eating. I started to feel GREAT. I loved the fact that I went from a size 14 to a size 6 and had to buy all new clothes! But over the last couple of months I let stress bring some old and unhealthy habits back into my life and I’ve watched 10 of those lbs. find their way back to my body. I hate the way it feels and, frankly, I know it’s just time to TRULY ditch these bad habits and ways of thinking and get into a better frame of mind. SOOOOO, I decided to join Kraze Boot Camps and let the energy of a group and the commitment of blogging the journey, carry me through to a point where I can make a healthier way of living and feeling more energetic, MY way of life.

Day 1-I’m glad Kateri has decided to join also. I’m glad there will be a friendly and perhaps sympathetic face in the group! We leave later than I wanted and I’m tense. I miss the turn and we have to call for directions. We’re nearly late…this also makes me tense. Grrrrr….I am not the best with new things and I’m nervous and tense and I don’t know what to expect. I have my hand-weights, my mat, water and am dressed for the occassion (though I’ve decided I’d like pants w/ an elastic band instead of a tie-had to retie the stupid pants twice…GRRRRR!). We find places for our mats and it all begins.

Warm ups-By the 2nd repetition I realized 2 things #1-I am woefully out of shape. I can’t actually remember when the last time I was “exercising”.  I mean really exercising, not just picking the kids up or being on my feet all day. Truly! I know I took some step classes at the YMCA, but that was probably around the time that Luke-Xavier was a few months old because he was in the class with me and happily stayed where I put him. Long time ago! #2-I can not and should not drink much water BEFORE the class. I have a M.O.M. bladder. This is not a good thing. I should probably be doing more (many more) kegles. I had to leave for the bathroom and figure out the best plan of action for what was happening when I participated in the Jumping Jacks. I opted for the old “sweatshirt around the waist” look. You can bet on 2 things-I will not drink much water before tomorrow’s work-out and I will ALWAYS have a sweatshirt with me. ‘nuf said!

After my 2 important revelations, I went back and joined the routine. The final part of the warm up was a 2-lap run. I don’t run. I wasn’t even sure if I COULD. The closest I EVER come to running is screaming at one of the older kids to HURRY and get Lex out of the street before he gets hit by a car. I walk. I bike ride. I NEVER run.

I ran…more than once.

After a bunch of stuff, we were pointed toward stairs and told to run to them. Yep *run* to the stairs. Under normal circumstances I would have looked at those stairs and heard the music playing and envision Rocky as he tackled step after step. These were not “normal” circumstances and I didn’t think of Rocky-not once. Tells you where my head was. Instead I was glad for a visual marker of how far I needed to run and I hoped that the black dots that had started to form in front of my eyes wouldn’t hinder me or make me fall DOWN those stairs. With encouragement I did, in fact, run to those stairs. I could not, however run up them, instead I walked, 3 times. But each time I was leery of going down because of the black spots. The good news is that I neither passed out nor fell. Success!

Then it was back to our mats for ab work. This was the simplest part for me. THANK YOU LORD for a simplish part. Notice I did not use the word “easy”. That would be a lie.

So, I successfully completed day 1. I know that this week is going to continue to be challenging. I know that I’m going to want to quit. I know that I’m going to be sore (starting in my bum and one calf, already). But I also know that I’m going to continue because I want to know what it feels like by week 3 and then I want to know what the last day of week 4 feels like.

I’m thankful for a program that I can do that’s early enough in the morning that it doesn’t hinder my family’s day. If this was not happening at 6 am I’d be hard-pressed to figure it into my day. Seriously!

When I got home, around 7:30, I had just enough time to shower, get dressed, apply make-up, fix my hair, make sure the 4 youngest kiddos were fed and dressed, pick Kateri up from her apartment, get her to work and get the lil kids to VBS by 9am. Whew! Then is was off to the high school to pick Anna and Maddi up from summer school, take Mariah to work and get back to the lil kids to be picked up by noon. I then handed them to Maddi to be fed lunch while I ran a couple of errands. Then off to the park for some fun time. My point?…

If I can find a lil time in my days of Doing the Dance of the Children, I’m pretty sure anyone can. I’m here to encourage you to join me and step out of your comfort zone and find a little time to get in a healthier place. The better shape my mind and body are in, the more natural energy I’m going to have (hint, hint on trying to drink less caffeine).  It’s a good goal!

Doing the Dance of the Children on Day 1 of Kraze Boot Camps~

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Happy Father’s Day & Birthday Wishes Too!

June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day to all you Daddies!

We have plenty of reason to celebrate over here today. Not only is it Father’s Day and the kids are handing Clay handmade items from school, a cup of coffee & breakfast in bed, but it’s also JJ’s 18th birthday and he just arrived home last night! Big day of celebrating!

JJ graduated from High School a month ago and then headed off with his classmates and a few chaperones to tackle the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. They made this trek by bike over more than 2 weeks. He brought back a couple of newspaper articles that feature the boys sleeping on the street and singing along the way.

St Greg's Grads Sleeping on the Street in Santiago

St Greg's Graduates in Santiago

We were happy to get him back last night and we’re anxious to hear all the stories he’ll have to tell about this trip!



On top of all our celebrating, I’ve got to remember to get to bed at a decent time tonight and pack up my exercise mat, hand-weights and some water because tomorrow I join the fastest growing outdoor boot camp Kraze in San Diego-Kraze Boot Camps! I’m still a little nervous about taking this on and yes, I’m worried about being sore and tired, but I’m also really excited about how I’m going to feel as I move through this program! I’m inviting everyone to come out and join me and so far I’ve got one friendly face that’s decided to take on the challenge of getting into a healthier mindset with me-Kateri! Whoo Hoo!

So Happy Father’s Day and Happy Sunday! To the summer!

Once again I’m Doing the Dance of the Children with all 9 kiddos in the house~

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The First Day of Our Summer-Projects & Plans

June 19, 2010

Summer! I think I’m more excited about it this year than I’ve been in a long time. Having gone back to work in the Fall really changed the way I did things in the house and the time I was able to take for myself. I’m off for the summer and am looking forward to getting this house back in order and to taking some time for ME!

I started the summer off by letting myself sleep until 7 am instead of getting up at 4, like I’ve done all school year. That won’t become my norm, but it was a good start to the summer. Then I made the decision to put on comfy clothes, pull my hair into a ponytail, roll up my sleeves and tackle a couple of projects that have been looming. They aren’t quite done, but if I keep up the momentum, I’ll be able to climb into bed knowing they are complete. A good start!

Kateri was gracious enough to grab the kids, along with the kids that she’s nannying for, load up our 15-passenger van and head out for some time at the local nature center. The kids love going there! I anticipate that van getting LOTS of use and all of us spending time at parks and beaches together. I don’t always like having that van, but it sure comes in handy when you want to go places with lots of people! Check out Mariah’s snake skills! She has volunteered at the Nature Center for a couple of years now and is very comfortable with the snakes there and teaching the visitors a little about how to handle the them. I’m still not comfortable being around snakes…ever! But I’m glad my kids can be.






As for taking some time that’s just for me-I’ve decided to join the fastest growing outdoor boot camp in San Diego-Kraze Boot Camps! I’ve tried to start and stick to fitness routines before, but I’m feeling confident that this is the one that will help me get into a healthier frame of mind AND stick to the commitment to take a little time out for me each day. I’ve followed the founder, Aaron Escobedo, as he’s built this latest Kraze in Fitness and I’m impressed with his energy and how the program has grown! I really need to be a part of a group and to feel the energy and excitement and the bonus is that I’ll be starting each morning (M-F) near the water. Any of you that know me, know how rejuvenated I feel when I’m near the water! I’ve always felt strongly that when Mom feels good, that the whole family runs better. If we take time for mind, body and spirit we are ultimately better for our families. So…here I go! If you’re local and want to start the summer off with a new attitude, come out and join me! There’s still time to register for this next round and the registration is super easy! I’d LOVE to see some familiar faces each morning!

So, here’s to summer!

Doing the Dance of the Children With the Sunshine and Beach Breezes to Guide my Steps~

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A Mommy of Many® Review-M.O.M. and the Lang Clan Check Out the San Diego County Fair…

June 17, 2010

Summer’s peeking around the corner and that means it’s time for the San Diego County Fair!

A couple weeks ago I was invited to pick a day, grab the clan and come check out the fair. Yesterday was the day! We hadn’t visited the fair in a few years and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. What we all found out is that the fair is WAY more than just rides and food! We stayed for nearly 6 hours, but there’s so many great things to do and see that we could go back for a couple more days and have plenty to keep us busy.

Of course, the first thing we did was tour the bathrooms. Seriously, in the first hour the kids requested 3, yes 3, bathroom stops! Luckily they were easy to find and were actually clean. After that trend was over, we rented a wagon, loaded up Gabi and Lex and headed to the fun.


The kids watched sheep getting sheared


We saw sheep that we had never seen before. Check out those dreads!



After finding all those bathrooms and checking out the livestock, it was time to decide what to eat. I know that I see dollar signs when I think of feeding my kids at the fair, but for $50 we fed 8 people. And believe me, they ATE!


Max chose a turkey leg (yes, it was shared, but he did a pretty good job of tearing into it)


The corn couldn’t be resisted


Luke-Xavier couldn’t keep away from it! I think he ate more food than any of us.


Even when posing for pictures, he was still eating!


Of course, you can’t go to the fair and NOT try something fried! The girls chose a fried Klondike bar

But the REAL deal of the day was this;


I wouldn’t have guessed that you could find ANYTHING at the fair for $1! Shaved ice was enjoyed by all!


After filling up we checked our program and headed to some fun shows and events. The kids enjoyed a western-themed dog show

We headed to “The Farm” where tons of different fruits and veggies were being grown, a bee hive could be watched and the kids learned about composting.



They were seriously interested in watching all the bugs at work. I was surprised that they didn’t mind the smell!


Then it was onto “The World of Horses” where we met Cisco-a Clydesdale, Rose and Tulip-mini horses and Butterfly-an Appaloosa. The kids got to be hands-on and learned a lot about the horses. Tristan learned to clean hooves, Gabi got to brush Cisco, Max and Lex enjoyed the mini horses and Maddi and Mariah were invited into the pen with Butterfly and her trainer to try giving commands and reward behaviors. They all had a great time and we appreciated all the time that was spent explaining and teaching!




I think that Rose and Tulip were checking Max out more than he was checking them out!




After all that horsing around…we headed over to the children’s area of The Farm. There were TONS of fun and free things for the kids to enjoy




Gabi really liked trying to milk this cow



Lex couldn’t choose which pony to ride, so he grabbed them all and took them through a maze of hay


The kids pitched hay into wheelbarrows and learned about keeping an animal’s area clean


Even the big kids enjoyed the Children’s Area


Mariah tried her hand at roping


Maddi roped Lex


You can imagine how much Gabi and Max enjoyed “making music” with all of these old parts!


There’s a huge tent set up with lots of great activities. It’s a great place to sit for awhile, let the kids play and to get out of the sun



I walked around and enjoyed all the artwork from the local schools. My favorite was this patchwork USA project


It was time to gather everyone up and head home but we HAD to stop for a pic with the monster truck.

We had a GREAT time at the fair! Grab your sunscreen, comfortable shoes, some bottles of water and plan a day!

We’re glad we did!

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It’s the Last Few Days of School/Work & Here’s What’s Happening-

June 16, 2010

Only 2 more 1/2 days at school and then we’re callin’ it summer! I can’t wait! I love summer and being able to be on my own schedule (ok, in reality I only FEEL like I’m on my own schedule. The kids really rule the hours. But I LIKE feeling like I’m in charge). In preschool, we enjoyed a Luau themed party and activities for the last 2 days and for the next 2, it’ll be Pajama Party themed. This means popcorn and movies and lots of lil kiddos in pjs. Gabi and Lex are looking forward to it.

I heard from JJ this morning. Yea! There hadn’t been any word since the boys left for their pilgrimage, more than 2 weeks ago. But he said he was in Spain and was doing well, just tired. They’ll be back in the States on Thursday and he’ll be home for the summer on Saturday. I can’t wait to hear the stories from that trip!

Tomorrow, after work, I’m grabbing most of the kids and heading to the San Diego County Fair. We haven’t been in a few years, so I’m looking forward to checking it out!

I guess I better call it a night. With Slumber Parties and The Fair looming, I’m gonna need my rest!

Good night~

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June 14, 2010




What a great weekend! All the prep work, stress and busyness of the last week paid off. The girls memory boards were done for Memory Lane, they attended their luncheon, last dance of the year and 2 of the 3 graduation parties that are scheduled. The last party is later this week. Family and friends were on hand to celebrate with them and we had a great family dinner at one of our favorite sushi restaurants.


Whew! I’m glad it’s over and that it was all good for them. Now they have a week off and then it’s into their high school uniforms and off to summer school. I have math books to order tomorrow. It just never ends!

On news of my other graduate-JJ, I do believe the boys are finishing up their pilgrimage and heading back to the U.S. in a few days. He will be home for the summer, this weekend. I can’t wait to hear about the amazing journey that he and his fellow classmates went on. I can only imagine the stories that 16 boys, on bikes, for about 1,000 miles thru Spain and France are going to have.

For my 4 youngest kiddos there is one more week of school. So, regular bedtimes and wake-up routines until Friday when we can throw up our hands and welcome summer. I can’t wait!

Here’s to the last week of this school year.

Doing the Dance of the Children with My Eyes on the Beach~

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A Thursday Morning Full of Good Stuff

June 10, 2010

Yea! It’s Thursday! I waiting for it to be here because I knew it meant that my deadline for the boards would be behind me and all the frantic work would be done. And I was right!


I’m happy with how they turned out. I’m also thankful to Kateri and Allie for helping me cut out all those pictures! Today I’ll put out the girls baby books and photo albums and Ta Dah…Done!

But wait! There’s more Good Stuff on this Thursday morn!
My sister, Katie, arrived yesterday, for a visit. She’ll be here nearly a week. This means that there are 4 of the 9 Eason siblings in one spot. Kateri and a friend of ours joined us last night and we all spent some time at my favorite restaurant, Costa Brava. I love that place!

And there’s even MORE Good Stuff!
I was recently interviewed for a series on mothers of large families and the interview is now posted. You can find it at the Homemaking Cottage.

I’m hoping that the good feelings that Thursday has started with will continue throughout the day!
Happy Thursday~

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