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The last couple of days have been consumed with all things, 8th grade graduation. I’m still working on the girls’ memory boards and have until this afternoon to be finished. Then they go onto Memory Lane, where each of the graduates has all their special items set up for all to see.

This week is filled to the brim with kid stuff. Yesterday the 8th grade went to Disneyland. After school, today, many of them will head to Soak City. Tomorrow is the dance and then a party. Whew! By Friday we will all be more-than-ready to have graduation and call it quits.

I managed to grab a couple hours, yesterday, to take Gabi to a friends’ house to be outfitted for a Poodle Skirt. The preschoolers have a special Father’s Day performance on Friday and Gabi is the lucky recipient of a fancy, new skirt. It turned out SO cute!


Such a busy week! I love projects, but I hate deadlines! I’ll be glad when these boards are finished up and the girls have graduated. Then the work of getting them set up to start high school begins.

Doing the Dance of the Children, One Project at a Time~

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  1. Comment by Clay Lang:

    I am going to be one lucky daddy on Friday! Thanks for making it happen, Jen.

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