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Archive for July – 2010 – Mommy of Many®

Archive for July, 2010

More Good Stuff for M.O.M. and the Lils

July 30, 2010

I thought about putting up more pics from the last couple of days, but do you REALLY need to see the kids swimming in another pool?

It’s been beautiful this whole trip. I’m glad I placed my order for some San Diego weather early enough to have it filled! We’ve been outside in the water and sun everyday. The kiddos are getting properly tanned and we’re visiting many a pool or body of water. I know that when I get home I’d like to keep up the momentum of going, going, going, but I’m sure there’s plenty of undone housework and plenty of “real life” to keep me from loading everyone up and forgetting all that needs to be done, to sit at the pool or the beach. But you can bet I’m sure gonna try!

Over the last few days, I’ve come to remember how much driving it takes to be up here. Everything is so far apart. It’s nothing to drive 15 or 20 miles to get to a Costco or a friend’s house. I’ve been spoiled by the ease of proximity that we tend to enjoy in the San Diego area. Yesterday alone I put 123 miles on my car! It was well worth it though. I got to drive through beautiful places and remember some of my youth. I truly forgot how much a part of me these places are. It’s been so good to have this long of a visit to reexplore and revisit.

But I AM feeling ready to head home. I’m missing my older kids. I’ll only be home for a few hours before JJ leaves for the airport for a trip to France, where he will be working for a family to introduce English to their children and then onto Portugal, where he’ll visit with my sister and do a little sightseeing. ~sigh~ I’ll barely see him at all, but I’m thrilled at his opportunity to take this trip! The kids are all missing each other too. There’s something to be said for sibling dynamics-the good, the bad and the familiar.

I’m getting a little time to myself to sit in a book store, enjoy the quiet, do a little writing and know that the lil kiddos are getting some rare time with their grandparents. I’m gonna soak up this quiet time and try to store it away for when I need it on the drive home. I’m a firm believer in grabbing moments and storing them away to draw from when you need a good or peaceful memory.

Here’s to a great vacation. Here’s to family and friends. Here’s to home~

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More Vacation Fun for M.O.M. & the Lil Ones

July 29, 2010

Instead of writing a lengthy post about all we’ve done and the great people who have shared their time, homes and meals with us, I’ll tell the story of the last couple of days in pictures.


Jen and I had a birthday lunch at one of my favorite places in Old Town Auburn


We were invited to spend the afternoon at this beautiful pool with one of my closest friends from high school and her daughter.


At my Aunt and Uncle’s house the kids felt right at home. Gabi found a story doll and told us all the story of Little Red Riding Hood


There were lots of animals for the kids to “love”



Lex chased chickens. It not everyday a Lil Beach-Goer gets to even SEE chickens, let alone catch them! The boys loved it!


Then there were the goats! They spent plenty of time feeding and riding them. These kiddos smelled like livestock by the end of the evening. They couldn’t have been happier!


The boys, heading off to the water slide at the Roseville Aquatic Center


Lex and Alex have been so cute playing together. We’ve found them quietly in the sandbox or making up games. They enjoyed the Aquatic Center together.


Gabi’s been surrounded by boys this whole trip. She’s done a great job of just going along with the boy’s games and getting along with everyone (ok, there have been a few instances of girlyness with her brothers. But mostly she’s done really well).

It’s been a great trip! Today I get to visit with one of my closest friends from school and to meet her children. It’s been so nice to visit with people I shared parts of my life with and to watch our children play together. Today we’ll visit another new pool and soak up some more sun while catching up on the lives of the people who I’ve been away from for so long. Living the life of the Military Family has really kept me away from so many people. Along the way I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people who I hope to keep close to, but it’s really good to go “home” for a little bit and to share it with my kids.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Vacation Time for M.O.M. and the Lil Ones

July 27, 2010

Last Thursday I loaded up the car and the 4 youngest kiddos and we headed for Northern California. I was nervous about how the kids would do driving for 10 hours with no real breaks (however,they made sure we saw many a restroom along the way), but honestly, they did great. There were only a couple of patches of time where they did the classic, “are we there yet?” or “how much longer until we get there?”. When we got to town we went straight into “fun” mode. The kids went swimming, we had a nice dinner with the friends we’re staying with and then took everyone on an after-dinner bike ride/jog. Since day 1, we’ve kept up a steady stream of visiting with friends and family and playing in the water.




playing in the creek in a beautiful park


a picnic lunch with Gramma and Papa


kiddos getting ready to do a little rafting on the Truckee River


wading out in Tahoe


Morning guitar time


Visiting with my sister in Sacramento

So far, we’ve had a great visit! I must admit that I’m pretty worn out, though. I’m missing all my extra hands who help me with the lil ones at home. I’m not used to being the sole caretaker 24 hrs a day. I DO remember that there was a time when my older kids were all little that I did this job, round-the-clock, without the helping hands of older kids, but it’s been a LONG time since those days. So, I’m hoping that my older kids are enjoying a little break from having to give a younger sibling a bath or make them a sandwich or keep them entertained outside. When we get back I will be sure to let them know how much I appreciate their help.

I also miss the morning routine of the 6am Kraze Boot Camp classes. Really! Aaron sent me a routine to keep me from doing nothing on this trip and Jen is keeping me honest about getting up and exercising, but I’m realizing that I really DO need the energy of the group setting and the solid routine that I had going. It’s hard to decide to put on my workout clothes when it’s just me and Jen. But…difficult or not, we’re doing it!


So, it’s the start of another day of visiting with friends and family and enjoying some water play. Today I’m taking Jen to lunch for her bday and the kiddos are going to visit with one of my sisters and my mom. Then it’s off to a friend’s pool and then dinner at my Aunt and Uncle’s. I’m glad I braved the drive and made the decision to take this trip!

Doing the Dance of the Children with Friends and Family in Northern California~

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Wednesday Morning

July 21, 2010

When I went to bed last night I told myself I could sleep in. There’s no Boot Camp, no summer school, no early morning sports and no early morning appointments. When I woke and looked at the clock and saw that my body thought that 4:45 was “sleeping in” all I could do was sigh. After all I’ve been getting up at 4am for the last year, what should I have expected? I guess I was hoping to actually be woken by the sun and the sound of my children moving throughout the house. ~Sigh~

So, I’m making the most of my time. I checked my email, looked at websites and read articles, made the coffee, listened to the birds, wrote the Morning Memo and started lists for packing. Tomorrow morning I’m hitting the road with my 4 youngest kiddos. We’re heading to Nor Cal to visit friends and family. This will be the first time I’ve gotten to go up and visit for more than a couple days. I’m excited to have the time to visit friends and relatives that I almost never see and who really don’t know my kids. Prayers said and well-wishes sent for all that driving would be appreciated!

But before I start cleaning out my car and packing the bags, I get to enjoy the quiet of the morning. I love to hear everyone sleeping. I can sit here, at my computer, and look over at Gabi and Lex snoozing away in my bed.
I heard the coffee pot go off and went in to pour a cup. I see that when I started it, I didn’t have the pot set “just right” onto the maker. Half the pot brewed onto the counter. Ok…quiet morning time over! The first mess of the day is calling my name and unfortunately I’m the one who made it!

Don’t forgot to check in to see how my travels with the 4 lil kiddos shape up!

Have a great day~

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Make-up Day 2…LAST DAY!

July 21, 2010


I know I’m totally blowing my own horn, but I’m REALLY proud of myself! Come on, I’ve got a million and one excuses, Um-reasons, to NOT get my behind to a 6am workout. But I tucked all those lil reasons into an envelope and moved forward one day at a time.

Pushing myself forward made me realize that-I’m NOT as old as I sometimes feel. There is a ME inside here that needs to take care of herself so that I can better take care of my kiddos. That it doesn’t matter the # of children I’ve had, my body needs me to take care of it.

As busy moms, it’s SO easy to find reasons to let ourselves fall by the wayside. Everyone and everything in our homes NEEDS our time and attention. We are nurturers and caregivers and we take on the burden of feeling guilty if something is left undone or isn’t done the way everyone is used to it happening. SHAKE THAT OFF! LET IT GO! You must demand a little time for yourself. Take that nurturing nature and apply it to YOU for once.

After all’s said and done, after 4 weeks of Kraze Boot Camps classes, I’ve lost 6 1/2 lbs and 1 inch from my back, 2 inches from my waist and 1 inch from my hips. Nothing dramatic, but I feel better, stronger, more fit. I’ve stopped drinking so dang-much coffee and I’m eating better. I’ve steadily built up my stamina for running, jumping-jacks, push-ups, running stairs and even doing an inch worm 1/2 way across a basketball court. I will be breaking NO records and will be running NO marathons but I’ve reached for and achieved small daily goals and will continue to strive for my own milestones. Success!

I will be taking almost 2 weeks off to take my 4 youngest kiddos on a trip to visit friends and family, but I’m going to stay active and I’ll rededicate myself to daily workouts when I get back. I’m looking forward to pushing through the summer with the rest of the 6am Kraze Boot Campers!


Kateri joined me for most mornings. I was so happy to have her support!


Lots of work to still be done on this M.O.M. body, but making a commitment and sticking to it is the first step.

Thanks for all the encouragement and support I’ve received! I can’t wait to talk about the next session!

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Make-up Day 1

July 20, 2010

Here I am at the first of 2 make-up days, then I will have officially completed everyday of the 4 week Kraze Boot Camp! Yea!

Today’s trail was my right shoulder and forearm. Seems I’ve overworked it a little. I had it massaged and it hurt like crazy! But it will get the rest it needs over the next couple of weeks, before I’m back for the next round of classes. That’s right! I’m planning on continuing on!

Something else that’s become painful is the fact that Kateri keeps threatening to “tell Aaron” anytime she thinks I make a poor food or exercise choice. GREAT! I’m being policed! Today when I said that the little kids could have Nutella sandwiches, She said, “I’m going to tell Aaron that you’re fostering fatness in the little kids by letting them have Nutella”. And even worse-He texted her to say “thank you for being the eyes and ears of better choices in the Lang house”. What the heck?! I wasn’t aware that by signing up for this round of classes that I’d be watched constantly. I was told to offer them graham crackers with crunchy peanut butter and almond milk as an alternative.

Though I must say that being policed a little has it’s upside too-After I got home, Aaron texted to ask if I’d remembered to ice my elbow and arm. When I said that I hadn’t and that I’d have to do it later when there was some time for M.O.M., I was scolded and told, “MOM needs to take a few minutes, delegate tasks to everyone to help you out so you can take care of yourself and be a healthy, happy Momma!” I share this only to illustrate the kind of trainer this man is. I’m most certainly not the only one of his Boot Campers that receives a little boost and reminder to take the time needed for better health.

Thanks Aaron! It’s your dedication to what you do and to your clients that’s made your program grow as it has and keeps those that have found Kraze Boot Camps, coming back session after session.

Here’s to one more day!

Have a great night~

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I Tried!

July 19, 2010

Gabi asked to run errands and go to an appointment with me this morning. About 1/2 way through the appointment she started telling me she was hungry and thirsty. For the rest of the time that we were out, she must have told me about 20 times. I decided to direct her to put her discomfort to good use.

Me-”Gabi I know you’re hungry and thirsty, but we’re going to wait till we’re home to eat and drink, so I suggest you take a minute to offer it up to God for something or someone. You could say, ‘God, I’m hungry right now and I have to wait to eat, so I offer my hunger to You so that Arianna does well at volleyball.’ Or, ‘God, I’m really hungry right now and I don’t get to eat until we’re home, so I offer it up to You so that we have a safe and fun trip to see our friends and family, later this week.’ See, you can focus your discomfort on something else and we’ll be home soon and then we’ll eat.”

Gabi-”But I’m hungry NOW!”

~sigh~ I tried!

Doing the Dance of the Children and hoping they get it~

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The Blog Post that Wasn’t

July 19, 2010

It was a GREAT weekend! I just sat down to tell you all about it, with pictures and everything. But I discovered that my camera went home with Kateri.

So I guess we’ll talk tomorrow. Bummer, cuz I was ready to share!

Off to bed to get some decent sleep before tomorrow’s catch-up Kraze Boot Camp class.

I hope everyone’s weekend was awesome.

Doing the Dance of the Children and Wishing I had my Camera~

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The Right Kind of Saturday Mornin

July 17, 2010

I wish every Saturday morning could be like this one!

Lex was the only one up for 2 hours. I gave him his bath, put some Bugs Bunny onto the AppleTV and made pancakes and sausages. I love it when things work out so that the kids wake to a breakfast that’s already made. It makes me feel on top of the day.



And check out that morning sky!


Welcome to Saturday in Pacific Beach! I hope the day continues to go the way it’s started. But even if it all falls apart, I’ll be able to hold onto the awesome morning. You’ve gotta grab these moments when they come along and tuck them away to draw from!

Doing the Dance of the Children on a beautiful and peaceful Saturday morn. I wish you all the same.

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 4/Day 4

July 17, 2010

Even though I woke up tired, there was no way I wasn’t going to my Kraze Boot Camp class! I’ve made it through each of the days offered over the last 4 weeks. There are 2 make-up days next week and I’ll be going to those, as well. Only then will I be able to say that I completed the program.

But tonight I’m happy for the weekend break. My shoulders are sore and tired and need a rest. The rest of me feels pretty darn good! Tuesday I’ll be able to compare my measurements from when I started to now (not that I’m expecting anything dramatic, but it’ll be good to see the #’s) and detail my successes and trials over this time.

I think I’m going to spend the weekend stretching out the sore spots!

Mommy of Many™-Doing the Dance of the Children at a quicker pace, thanks to Kraze Boot Camps~

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 4/ Day 3

July 16, 2010

It was another beautiful morning and it was great to start the day off with a great workout! JJ joined us this morning. It was nice to have him there. I know he works out and plays sports. He’ll leave the house to go running or biking, but I never get to see him actually do those things, so it was nice to see him “in action”.

Today we did some partner exercises. It was the first time we’d done that and I really liked working directly with someone else. It kept me motivated. After-all, if she sat up to grab the weight from me and I was still lying on my back, it wouldn’t really work.

Today’s success was jumping rope. I truly can’t remember the last time I grabbed a rope and started jumping. But apparently it’s like riding a bicycle-you don’t forget.

Today’s challenge was blogging. I just had lazy-writer’s brain. I just didn’t feel motivated to put any words to today’s experience. But here they are anyway (I guess that makes it another one of today’s successes).

Even though tomorrow is the last day of Week 4 of this round of Kraze Boot Camp classes, I can’t call it the end because we have a couple of make up classes next week. So…I’m committed! Hear me out until, at least, next Tuesday!

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 4/Day 2

July 14, 2010

Back to Kraze Boot Camp class!

This morning was the first one that you could tell that the sun was going to come out and the sky was going to be blue. It felt GREAT to be out early in the morning and to start the day with the breeze off the water and the sun beginning to shine. The feeling has carried me through the day, so far. I feel like I was plugged in and recharged and can take on the world. Seriously! It was a magical combo for me!

Here I am in Week 4-it’s the last few days of this session and I’m feeling great! My stamina for the exercises has grown, my soreness is almost non-existent, my clothes are fitting better, my skin is clear and healthy looking, my shoulder and back pain are almost completely gone, my energy is up, I’m sleeping better, my caffeine intake is WAY down, my water intake is up, my food choices are healthier…Ummm, I can’t find a downside to working out! This is GREAT!

Honestly, I have only positive things to say. Aaron has been positive and encouraging. The rest of the Boot Campers are upbeat and happy to start their day with the class. If I could bottle this feeling I’d send you each a lil bottle to try!

If you’re local and can find a day or time to come on out and give a class a try, I encourage you to do so. Join me for the next set of classes! I’d love to see more friendly faces! Take a look around the Kraze Boot Camp website or contact Aaron for locations and times. This feels too good not to share!

Mommy of Many™-Doing the Dance of the Children with a Spring in My Step, Thanks to Kraze Boot Camps~

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Teach Them to Love to Cook-Let Them Help

July 13, 2010

My girls love to cook. At least one of them is usually asking if she can plan and make dinner. This isn’t to say that my boys don’t like to get into the kitchen, they do. But the girls seem to always be planning something to bake or asking if they can create a meal. I chalk up their love of the kitchen to the fact that I’ve always been open to letting them help. Kids need to learn the basics of the kitchen to build confidence and know how to be safe while enjoying creating their meals and snacks. A few days ago I was peeling and cutting carrots to store for easy snacking and cooking and Gabi asked if she could help. I showed her how to hold the carrot and peeler and she ended up peeling all of the carrots while I did the cutting.

This morning when I asked the little kids what they wanted for breakfast, Gabi said, “squished up eggs”, meaning-scrambled eggs. She asked if she could help me and off we went to the kitchen. I told her she could crack the first egg. I figured if she got shell into the measuring cup, it would be easier to remove it if there was only 1 egg. She successfully cracked the first 2.




This egg exploded. I think she got nervous. We had to take a few moments to clean everything up. I was careful not to get upset or make the clean-up look difficult because those things would discourage her from trying in the future. Accidents happen. All of us have spilled at one point or another. Clean up and move on!


After the clean-up she was helpful with the mixing.


She was proud of her accomplishment and will be more likely to ask to help in the future, which means she’ll be learning valuable skills about how to be in the kitchen and be a “big girl”.

Don’t be afraid to allow your kids to help with household tasks. I know it can be easy to want to just do it for them and get it done quicker and without the mistakes that inevitably happen. But they can’t learn to be successful if they aren’t allowed to make mistakes. If we guide and encourage we will end up with successful kiddos!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Mommy of Many™ Goes to Boot Camp-Week 4/Day 1

July 12, 2010

Hooray for Week 4 of Kraze Boot Camp classes! Hooray for staying motivated and not making excuses! Hooray for not missing a single day! Hooray for me, breaking out of my box and overcoming my fear of the unknown and for believing in myself and the importance of my own health enough to DO THIS!

I’ll admit that I’m not shouting “Hooray” when I’m actually in the classes-doing Inch-Worms, Frog Jumps, Modified Jumping-Jacks, Plank Punches, Squat Thrusts, Push-Ups or Running Stairs. But I make a commitment in my head to each exercise, one-at-a-time and I’m able to keep going.

In only a few week’s time, I’ve noticed some great changes and I have the drive to keep going. I’m making a personal commitment to myself to keep up the program throughout the summer. When school and work are back in session, I may not be able to go, but I’m not going to focus on that. I’m going to stay focused on the daily commitment to make healthier choices, have more energy and to feeling and looking better.

I’m thankful to Aaron for all of his positive energy and encouragement! Thanks for Kraze Boot Camps-a program that can work for anyone!

If you’ve missed out on this session of Kraze Boot Camp classes and you want to know why I’m so excited about it, come out and try a class and why not commit to the next round of 4 weeks?!

Also, don’t forget to tune into the Kraze Fitness Show, TODAY between 3pm and 4pm where I will be Aaron‘s guest to talk a little about my work as Mommy of Many, about my decision to join the Boot Camp and my trials and successes so far. If you miss the show, you can hit up the archives at your convenience!

Wish me luck!

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Don’t Judge a Book By it’s Cover…Or a Can of Soup By it’s Label

July 11, 2010

I was getting dinner into the crock pot and it called for a can of Cream of Mushroom soup. No problem! I went to the cupboard and pulled one out, opened it up and discovered Cream of Chicken inside. So I went back to the cupboard took out a can of Cream of Chicken, opened it up and discovered Cream of Chicken inside. I had to open 3 cans before I actually got Cream of Mushroom.

Hey Target-someone needs to check the product/label issue!




Doing the Dance of the Children and Just Trying to get some Dinner Made~

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