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Archive for March – 2012 – Mommy of Many®

Archive for March, 2012

Kiddo Cuteness

March 28, 2012

I’ve been on the edge of sickness for the last week and my kids have watched me power down Theraflu and keep going. They’ve taken notice and pulled out some pretty cute moments.

A couple days ago I felt particularly awful and when smashed oatmeal sent me into a fit of hysterical crying, Max came to the rescue! He ran to his backpack, pulled something out and came to me as quickly as he could, saying-”Mom, this is for you!”

Oh Max! How does that boy do it?! Why in the world did he JUST HAPPEN to have a perfect fortune waiting in his backpack and how did he know JUST EXACTLY when to go get it? He may have some social disconnects, but his heart is fully connected!

Tristan has been using my computer to “write a book”. He’s been working a couple hours each day on his story. I have no idea what it’s about because he won’t let anyone read it until it’s done. But while he works, he listens to my iTunes library. Everytime I come into the room, he’ll stop typing and turn the music up and ask me what song is playing. EVERY time, I tell him and he acts surprised that I could possibly know the artist and song. It’s totally cracking me up that he hasn’t realized that he’s using MY computer and MY iTunes library. But as long as it keeps him thinking I have an extensive and diverse musical library in my head, I’m going to keep the game going. The window of amazing your children in only open for a short time. I’m grabbing a virtual stick and keeping it pryed open as long as possible!

Then there’s Lex…

He’s really started reading and writing! He’s reading EVERYTHING he sees. I love watching him unlock the code! He’s been concerned about me being sick and yesterday he asked if I was feeling better. I told him that I finally was. He came back to me with this;

Pure cuteness!

I have to give kudos to Maddi too. She’s been such a HUGE help, not only while I’ve been sick, but EVERYDAY! Thanks Maddi, for all you do!

Doing the Dance of the Children and feeling much better~

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Placer Business TweetUp at Basic, Roseville-Tonight!

March 20, 2012

It’s that time again! The 3rd Tuesday of the month, which means It’s time to break out your business cards and come on out to meet some fabulous people who want to know what you and your business are all about at the Placer Business TweetUp!

This month’s TweetUp is at Basic in Old Roseville. You’ll find unique and amazing pizza and Happy Hour drink prices, along with an awesome venue in Old Roseville full of history and good vibes. Did I mention the raffle items? Several awesome businesses and sites have stepped up to sponsor this month’s event! I’d love to list them all here, but you’ll just have to come on out to get in on the fun. What I will tell you is that Basic has donated a $25 gift certificate for their awesome pizza! Good Stuff!

Don’t forget to drop by Basic’s Facebook fan page and give ‘em a “like”!

If you haven’t registered for the event, just click here and we’ll see you tonight!

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No BS Friday

March 16, 2012

It’s Friday and I’m just saying it as it is. Thursday evening didn’t end smoothly and this morning didn’t get off to the best start. I’m recognizing that I can do things better and that sometimes kids get angry just because they don’t like chores or other imposed things from parents. And I’m saying it like this because I know I’m not the only parent out there that drops into bed feeling frustrated or defeated and who wakes up to face another day of trying to do it right, only to have it all seem like it must be going wrong.

It’s my goal to live life with a focus on the good and the many blessings that come to me each and EVERY day. And while that is an important goal and focus, sometimes it gives people the impression that there isn’t great struggle over here. So I’m making sure there’s no BS on the table and telling you all that I feel your pain and frustration and I’m down in the trenches with you. Sometimes we do need a good cry and sometimes the proverbial dishtowel gets thrown in. It’s ok to feel defeated, overwhelmed, overworked and alone. Just make sure you let it out, take a good look at it and then go pick up that dishtowel (the dishes still need to get done!) and take a second and different look at it all. It will look and feel different after you allow yourself a few moments of self-pity.

Ok! Now to pour some coffee, call or text someone who will make you smile. Set a goal of doing one thing, JUST ONE THING, with a little more patience or kindness or whatever it is that’s going to make you feel accomplished toward a greater good and get back into the fight.

I’m going to go pour my coffee (3rd cup…don’t tell!) reapply my makeup and make that phone call and then, well…then I’m going to get on with this day.

Doing the Dance of the Children, Right Along With You~

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Getting Ready to Catch a Leprechaun

March 15, 2012

Every year we set leprechaun traps and every year we hope. This year Lex and I got a little jump on the whole thing because he needed to bring his trap into his classroom. See the genius of the one-way staircase? Surely the lil prankster will climb the stairs, peer inside and go after the golden necklace and gold-wrapped chocolates inside. But he will be TRAPPED! Lex added the note and let me know that leprechauns do the opposite of what they’re told, so this is PERFECT! Since the kids will be spending Friday night with Dad, I will let him build any additional traps with the mechanically-minded, super-trap-building kiddos of mine. But this is what I was able to accomplish. I think the biggest question on our minds is whether or not our tricky leprechaun from Pacific Beach has followed us or if we will be facing unknown trickery from the likes of new leprechauns. I suppose the possibilities are endless! I will be sure to let you know what happens.

If you weren’t a follow of The Dance in years past, around St. Patty’s Day, you can catch up on all the antics of our leprechaun by reading here and here.

Happy trap building and good luck! Please let me know what you’re building and what trickery your leprechauns subject you and your families to.

Doing the Dance of the Children and Ready to Catch a Treasure-Hording Leprechaun~

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The Chuck E. Cheese Incidents

March 13, 2012

You’ve likely heard about the recent incidents of kids being left at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants-two different places, two different types of families, two sets of circumstances, one societal attitude.

Let’s take a look-In one instance, a 3 year old girl was left at the restaurant after her separated (or divorced) parents had attended an extended-family function with their daughter and other family members. Each left the function believing that their daughter was with the other and didn’t find out about their oversight until they saw their daughter’s picture on the evening news. “How could this happen?!” This the question on everyone’s minds.

Here’s how-Imagine Dad…he’s getting ready to leave the event, after an afternoon spent in a crowded, noisy, kiddo-filled restaurant. He starts saying his goodbye’s. He asks where his daughter is so that he can say goodbye. Someone points in a general direction and says that they just saw her with cousin, So-N-So. He glances in the direction and either sees his daughter with said cousin/friend/Aunt or doesn’t see her and decides it’s too crowded to go roaming about looking for her and surely he will talk to her in the morning after they’ve all unwound from the busy day. Off he goes~

Imagine Mom-She’s, likely been chatting with relatives and friends and watching her little one play with the attending friends/cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents, etc. The party is winding down and she’s helping pick up trash and saying her goodbyes. She doesn’t see her daughter and asks the friend or relative next to her, if they’ve seen her. They say, “Oh, yeah, she was just over there (pointing in a general direction). When no one sees the little girl, the relative or friend mentions that Dad was just looking for her and that he just left. Mom, finishes cleaning up and chatting, presumes Dad has Daughter and off she goes~

Should either or both parents have had the presence-of-mind to call the other and confirm that Daughter is with the other? Of course! But how often have we let things slip through the cracks when we are tired or “certain” that we need not worry and therefore, don’t check?!

Now, let’s look at the second instance-

A busy mom of 10 (please keep-in-mind that I know nothing of this woman’s living situation or parental practices. I know what you know, that she has 10 kids and that her 5 yr old was being celebrated by her 9 siblings and 10 other children, as well as various adults), throws a birthday party at the popular kids’ restaurant to celebrate one of her many children and after a hugely busy day, she leaves the party, probably loading kids up, birthday presents in-tow and heads home. Perhaps some of the siblings went home in other cars, getting rides from friends or relatives. She gets kids to bed (likely moving through the house, saying things like, “get to bed, it’s been a long day and we have to get up for school in the morning”. I can even imagine a sibling trying to approach her, wondering where their roommate is, and in her tired, Mommy-brained state, she probably shushed, said sibling and sent them to bed without listening to their concern.) and when she gets up the next morning to get everyone moving toward making it to school on time, she realizes with, what I am positive was, great horror that her birthday girl is missing. MISSING!

Both of these situations can be judged harshly, but my point in writing about them is that, while things surely went wrong and oversights happened, these mistakes are not beyond the scope of what can happen to ANY of us. You’re shaking your head and thinking, “no way! NO WAY! It would never, NEVER happen to me. I wouldn’t let it!”. Ok, good for you! Bravo for always having your ducks in a row and hitting every wicket! But me, well, I can see how it could happen. Is it a horrifying thought? YOU BET!!!! It’s the kind of thing that keeps me up at night and makes me stick to lists and counting heads. It’s the kind of thing that makes me call people and double, triple check what’s going on. But could it happen to me and one of my kids? Yep! And it COULD happen to you. I just want you to see that. Just take a moment to think of these parents a little differently and see the human aspect to what happened. Do they need to do things differently, better? Yes they do. But is it likely that they feel so very, VERY awful that they will not misstep again? It sure is! Until I hear the news report that they were on drugs or passed out in a drunken stupor, I’m cutting these parents some slack, on the belief that they feel badly enough without the rest of us virtually stoning them.

There but for the grace of God go I.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Placer Business TweetUp, March-At Basic

March 12, 2012

This month the Placer Business TweetUp will be held at Basic, in Old Roseville. This historic building has been home to many businesses in it’s lifetime, but Basic has seemed to make a way into the nightlife and party-planning of many locals. When I mentioned the location, I had several people inform me that they had held milestone birthday parties there. The company started in San Diego (a fact that makes this San Diego girl happy) and eventually branched out to bring it’s vibe here.

If you haven’t already experienced the delicious pizza and full bar that Basic has to offer, this is a perfect time to get to know it! They have just finished revamping their schedule and interior and starting March 23rd, you can come enjoy dinner and live music, every Friday night. You can expect a down-home feel, with a country music focus and attention to the dinner crowd.

Come out to network with a fabulous gathering of local business owners and entrepueners on Tuesday, March 20th. You’ll be able to sample some of signature pizza offerings and take advantage of drink specials while meeting a fantastic group of people who want to help promote local businesses. Then come back on Friday nights to kick up your heels and enjoy the live music!

Click here to register for this month’s Tweetup.

Don’t forget to head over and “like” Basic’s Facebook Fan page after you’ve registerd for the TweetUp.

See you there!

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Doing the Dance of the Children on a Saturday

March 11, 2012

Today was full, full, full! From beginning to end we were on the go and M.O.M. was kickin’ up her heels and Doing the Dance. Set it to music if you’d like, but here are the words;

2 soccer workshops for 3 kids
A run to the post office
Meeting at the office
Bank drive-thru
Gas Station!
Home to make and serve lunch
Drop 2 of the boys off for Laser Tag
Sell my old Blackberry for cheap, cheap, cheap
Take Gabi and Lex to frozen yogurt and enjoy the sunshine
Pick Maddi up & take 3 boys for hair cuts
Take 5 kids to Target, buy 2 bday gifts for parties Lex is attending
Drop kids at home
Take Lex to an All-Girl, Diva-Dance Party. He couldn’t care less if it was boys or girls at the party! He was just happy to celebrate!
Take kids to their dad’s
Pick Lex up from party and meet Anna and her softball team at Mel’s for burgers and shakes
Take Lex to Dad’s, pick-up 2 of the kids
Head home, pour a glass o’ vino and say g’night to any kids roaming around

I should mention that somewhere along the timeline of this day, I discovered Steve Martin’s bluegrass band, The Steep Canyon Rangers and their fab music. *Made me smile*

And I can’t forget to mention that toward the end of it all, Maddi stood before me and let me know that she’s sure she has “The Depression”. If Steve Martin hadn’t have made me smile, that sure-as-heck would have! She listed all the symptoms and I assured her I would look into a cure for The Depression and asked her to please be careful not to breathe on any of us, so that we don’t, also, come down with it.

And with that, I say good night.

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Bedtime Sweetness With Lex

March 7, 2012

I know the blog has been “Lex heavy” lately, but how the heck do I NOT post these things that he’s saying? He’s TOO sweet and I want to capture as much of it as possible because someday, when he’s an angry teenager who thinks I’m stupid for not letting him do…whatever it is he thinks he should be able to, I’m going to be able to snuggle up with my computer and come back to these posts, smile and know that somewhere deep inside him he loves me.

Tonight, he climbed into my bed while I was working on the computer. Soon he laid his head right up against my leg and said, “I need to get closer so I can cuddle”. Then he asked me how much I love him. I told him I love him as big as the whole world. He smiled up at me and said, “and how much do you love Gabi?”. I said that I loved her as big as the whole world too and that I love ALL my kids as big as the whole world. His reply, “No, you only love Gabi as big as 6 states”.

Lil pooper!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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There is Nothing I Can’t Do With Grace and Dignity

March 3, 2012

My life is dirty, messy, gross at times. It’s full of dirty laundry, dirty dishes, backed up sinks, overflowing toilets, peed beds, dog poop on the bottom of shoes, throw up in various places, dirty bottoms that must be cleaned, food-smeared faces and hands that must be wiped, carpets that need spot-cleaning, floors that must be scrubbed and various surfaces that must be disinfected. What mom’s isn’t?

For years I put on my grubbies, stayed in them and spent day-in and day-out tackling all these jobs. About 7 years ago I decided things needed to change. I was sick of feeling grimy and grungy and having my appearance reflect the ick that I was constantly battling. I made a decision to wake up each morning and put myself together, in the same manner I would if I were working OUTSIDE my home or heading to an office, business meeting or lovely lunch date with friends. At that point something changed…I started feeling better about all I must constantly clean up and people stopped looking at me like a belegeared Mommy of Many. And because I LOOKED like I was doing something other than cleaning up the shit (literally) that life was handing me, I started feeling and acting like there was more to it than just housework.

People ask me why I chose to sell Silpada Designs jewelry, out of all the things I could spend my time doing. This, THIS is why! Around that same time, I started accessorizing and wearing jewelry, even just one piece, each day and I started walking a little taller and carrying myself better. I realized that as a mom I am NEVER going to stop cleaning up the dirty, icky, nasty messes, but I can take towels and clean up the bathroom floor after the toilet has overflowed, just as well in nice jeans, a cute top and some fabulous jewelry, as I can in my grubbies. And after the towels are in the wash and the floor is disinfected, I can walk outside to greet the neighbors and feel like there’s more to life than grunge.

I watched this attitude spread through a group of moms around me and I have to say, the houses never felt cleaner and the moms never looked so good!

If I take pride in myself, no matter the day’s dirty work, I will tackle each day and it’s icky tasks with grace, dignity and a little bling!

Doing the Dance of the Children…Fabulously~

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Mommy of Many Morning Short-G’morning From Lex

March 3, 2012

You probably know that each night I’m usually sharing my bed with my 2 youngest. If they don’t fall asleep here from the beginning, it’s most certain that 1 or both will be climbing in before morning.

This morning is was only Lex and he didn’t come in until about 6:30. He climbed in and I rolled over to face outward (sometimes that morning breath right in my face is too much). He tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Mama, please roll back so I can look at your face while I’m sleeping”.

He always hits me right in the heart!

Good Saturday Morning to all of you.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Love Never Dies-Review & Encore Giveaway!

March 2, 2012

February 28th was marked on my calendar for the viewing of Love Never Dies. I hadn’t been to a movie in a theater in a LONG time. I was excited to meet up with the winners of my giveaway and enjoy the show!

The introduction by Andrew Lloyd Webber was a little bit on the lengthy side, but it was interesting to hear how this unique experience was put together. Once the show started, it was a mesmerizing combination of music and visual excellence. Wow! When you realize that these performers were not only putting on a fantastic musical, but were being filmed LIVE and you witness the beauty of the whole process, you are left in a state of awe for all involved.

It was truly beautifully put together and well worth seeing and experiencing.

And because I want as many people as possible to experience this fabulous show, NCM Fathom Events has sent me 2 pair of tickets to give away for the ENCORE presentation of Love Never Dies which is NEXT week, Wednesday, March 7th. These tickets are venue specific and are for the Roseville 14 theater on Eureka Rd. If you’d like to grab a friend or loved one and head out for a wonderful night of music and visual mastery, ENTER to win! Go to the Facebook Fan page for Love Never Dies, like them and then leave me a comment letting me know you’ve done so. I will announce the winner on Monday, March 5th.

Good Luck!

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And the Winner IS…

March 2, 2012

Sara W!

Congratulations Sara! Your Friends and Family Fun Pass will be sent directly to you.

Thank you to everyone that checked out the giveaway and entered for a chance to win!

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Thursday Morning Catch Up

March 1, 2012

My little blog has been very busy with fun business lately; cleaning tips, restaurant reviews and giveaways-All Good Stuff! But I’ve missed talking about the kiddos and what’s going on at the house of M.O.M. Here’s a little sampling of what our days have been filled with…

The kids were off from school last week, so there was time for Lego building with friends!

Arianna made the JV softball team and as a fundraiser, they served at a Crab Feed. Yum!

We enjoyed an afternoon of exploring at the Exploration Center, the park and the library. You know I’m all about FREE fun and this was great!

Max and Tristan worked hard at making this machine work.

Lex tried out a game.

A couple nights ago we had a lot of wind and rain. Yesterday I walked outside to discover that our trampoline had sailed up and out of our yard, over our fence, across the bike trail and came to rest in the green belt. Luckily, the girls got home from school and were able to easily get it back into our yard.

This week, Gabi is the V.I.G. (very important gorilla) in her class. Each of the classes has a mascot and Gabi’s is a gorilla. For her special snack, she asked for dipped strawberries. Her sisters and I worked together to make these yummy creations. There were extras for all of us to enjoy with breakfast. That’s the way to start off the day!

In addition to all the kid-fun, I’ve started a new job. It seems that all these years of plugging this blog and podcast along have taught me enough to be able to help others in the Social Media Marketing realm. I’m now the Small Business Consultant for Wind Farm Marketing. It’s a good hat to wear!

So off to work I go!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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