Doing the Dance of the Children on a Saturday

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Today was full, full, full! From beginning to end we were on the go and M.O.M. was kickin’ up her heels and Doing the Dance. Set it to music if you’d like, but here are the words;

2 soccer workshops for 3 kids
A run to the post office
Meeting at the office
Bank drive-thru
Gas Station!
Home to make and serve lunch
Drop 2 of the boys off for Laser Tag
Sell my old Blackberry for cheap, cheap, cheap
Take Gabi and Lex to frozen yogurt and enjoy the sunshine
Pick Maddi up & take 3 boys for hair cuts
Take 5 kids to Target, buy 2 bday gifts for parties Lex is attending
Drop kids at home
Take Lex to an All-Girl, Diva-Dance Party. He couldn’t care less if it was boys or girls at the party! He was just happy to celebrate!
Take kids to their dad’s
Pick Lex up from party and meet Anna and her softball team at Mel’s for burgers and shakes
Take Lex to Dad’s, pick-up 2 of the kids
Head home, pour a glass o’ vino and say g’night to any kids roaming around

I should mention that somewhere along the timeline of this day, I discovered Steve Martin’s bluegrass band, The Steep Canyon Rangers and their fab music. *Made me smile*

And I can’t forget to mention that toward the end of it all, Maddi stood before me and let me know that she’s sure she has “The Depression”. If Steve Martin hadn’t have made me smile, that sure-as-heck would have! She listed all the symptoms and I assured her I would look into a cure for The Depression and asked her to please be careful not to breathe on any of us, so that we don’t, also, come down with it.

And with that, I say good night.

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  1. Comment by megan:

    Wow. I am exhausted just reading your post!

  2. Comment by Kristen:

    I put it to music, but I was still tired when it was over…but smiling because you remind me on a day i really needed to hear it, that we are so very blessed to have these crazy hectic schedules with all these kids! What a wonderful family you have!! Thanks for dancing with us!

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