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Mommy Hearts Can Get Broken Too – Mommy of Many®

Mommy Hearts Can Get Broken Too

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When people talk about and think about broken hearts, they are usually talking about relationships. There are countless songs, pieces of poetry, books and movies on the subject. But how often do we look at the love a parent has for a child and talk about broken hearts?

A Mommy heart (or a Daddy heart, for that matter) is completely and totally wrapped up in their child. When your little one is born, the world changes in a million ways and you love in a way that you didn’t even know existed. It stretches your limits of loving and you become a more whole human being. But…that perfect little baby (no matter what numbers we’re talking) grows and grows and changes and becomes their very own person. They go off and see the world (in some of my children’s cases, quite literally). They make choices and get fabulous educations and have experiences that you can’t even imagine (I’m talking about the GOOD experiences). It’s all a part of the process of raising men and women. They GO and they DO and it’s beautiful and the way it’s SUPPOSED to be. But it doesn’t mean you don’t miss them. It doesn’t mean that you have closure.

I’m feeling all of this in a very real way tonight.

Some of you have heard (or read) me gushing about the pride I feel for my oldest son. He brings a balance to my home and a richness that isn’t here when he’s away. His younger brothers glean so much from his example and he does an amazing job of teaching and guiding them. I truly adore him. He came out for the summer from his school, in Wyoming, to work and to visit. The plan was to see him a couple weekends a month and then he’d be back on the road to school. But things haven’t worked out that way and he’s heading back to work for the summer in Wyoming.

You may wonder why I feel the way I do. I’ll give you a little background;

JJ (Clayton to most of the rest of the world) left home at 14 years old. He went away to a Catholic boys’ boarding school in Pennsylvania. It was a decision that came after much consideration and a zillion trials. He had heard of the school through meeting boys and dads that were affiliated with the school, in summertime Father-Son retreats. He was intrigued and thought it would be a good fit. I was against sending my son so far away. But ultimately it became clear that it was the best thing. He left and never looked back. He grew and blossomed into the most amazing young man. He’s become well educate, patient, loving and well traveled. He’s biked through Spain and Italy. He’s worked in France and Portugal. He’s lived humbly in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Wyoming. All of this and tomorrow will be his 20th birthday! What I’ve realized, as I’ve watched all of his accomplishments, is that I never had any closure. He didn’t follow the natural order of how a child leaves the home. Because of this, I feel unsettled about his being gone. But I AM forever proud!

I was SO looking forward to having him “around” this summer. I LOVE what he give his brothers. I LOVE the love he shows me. I LOVE the man that he has grown into. And now I will miss him again.

My Mommy heart is a broken to find out that , in true “man” form, he had decided to do what is best for himself and is going back to Wyoming to work for the summer.

The love a parent feels for a child (of any age) is not something that you can easily describe. But I feel it, 9 times over, and tonight I’m sad for myself. I’m happy to know that I’ve raised a man, but because I didn’t get him for all of the “normal” years of parenting, I morn the loss.

Tonight I am proud and sad.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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  1. Comment by Maggie:

    I love you sister and I’m sorry for your hearts little break. He really is a beautiful young man. Kisses

  2. Comment by Kristen:

    I totally commisserate, Jen! It is NOT easy to say goodbye to the kids, especially as they start flying the nest into situations where you just KNOW there will be a place setting missing for a long time. I remember crying my eyes out every day when Margaret left for college…and the other ones wondered if I would cry when I left them too? Ha. I cried just sending Patrick off to Spain with his grandparents last month!!

    And yet it is such a proud moment to watch that young adult go out into the world and know in your heart that, yup, they’re gonna make it. And I feel a renewed sense of purpose for the ones still at home (and am probably spoiling my younger ones just a bit – knowing that our time is so short!!! But, it is going to be ok. All the hard work is so worth it, when you see what wonderful adults they become…

    Love you!

  3. Comment by Mary Ann Hoyt:

    I thought you would like to know I have gotten to know your precious son here in Lander. He “discovered” my retail store (books, toys, kitchen, and crafts) just before he left to return home for the summer and today he visited me again to let me know he is back. He is a special young man, and I understand how you, his mom, adore him. I have two grown sons, and today I shared with Clayton an article I once wrote about them growing up. He pulled up your website for me to read, and I not only think we write similarly and about the same topics, but that we could be friends too! – Mary Ann

    • Comment by mommy of many™:

      Mary Ann, Thank you for your comment and for visiting my site. Clayton told me about your shop and how much he loves to visit it. He says it’s the place he loves to go for down time. Thank you for being in the wonderful network of people who are woven into his life. As my kids have gotten older and ventured out, I’ve come to the realization that they belong to all the world with so many wonderful people who offer beautiful things and experiences for them to learn from and grow from. And yes, let’s be friends!

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