Kid Induced Crazies

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It’s not yet 10am on Saturday morning and already I’ve had to shut the TV off and send kids to separate rooms. I’ve found myself saying such crazy things as, “you HAVE to let your brother breathe! It’s part of basic living!” and “DO NOT shake your cereal at him!”

I love love love having the kids home on weekends because we don’t have the rigid schedule of the school days, but when they start out like this, I kinda just want to call it a day and have us all go back to bed. Do over!

Why is it that kids want to constantly pick at each other over EVERYTHING?

Since going back to bed isn’t an actual option, I’ve restarted the day by turning off the TV and handing out chores in different rooms of the house. Perhaps a little silent work will encourage everyone to think twice about picking on each other over the way the breathe, eat, walk or sneeze.

To Saturday!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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  1. Comment by Margaret Studer:

    You should read the book Positive Discipline. It will open your eyes. Kids have reasons behind what we they do. They are not just acting up. They are expressing a need or a problem. Dealing with the emotion behind the behavior is the most effective way of making a long term change in the situation.

    It takes time. It works over weeks rather than a matter of a few days, but it is very worth the effort. You will be looking at change on a deep level, one made from understanding rather than fear of punishment or a desire for reward.

  2. Comment by Sheila:

    This reminds me of the day I DID send everyone back to bed, at about 10:00 a.m. It took awhile to get them to comply, but the rest of the day went SO much better when we had that actual, physical “new start”. I’m thinking that we might need to try that again some time…

  3. Comment by Cathy The Frazzled Mom:

    Sounds like you’ve got it all under control! Great job! I used to have really clean baseboards because that was the punishment I doled out!

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