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What’s Your Button? – Mommy of Many®

What’s Your Button?

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My proverbial button just got pushed. You know, that one phrase that sets off the absolute worst reaction in you? Mmmmm M! I am so angry and upset! I decided to take to my blog to vent a little instead of seething until I blow.

You know how kids fight, argue and cross the line of pushing each other when they’re angry? You know…normal kid stuff that needs to constantly be both overlooked and redirected? That stuff goes on all the time over here. Both inside my house and in the mix of the neighbor kids. We have some kids here who are adorable to look at, but  spend a great deal of time giving my kids a ton of trouble. But you know…redirect. This has been going on the entire time we’ve lived here. Yes, we are fairly new (14 months) to the neighborhood and yes, we are renters and yes, I’m a single mother with a bunch of kiddos. But DO NOT come into MY yard and reprimand MY kids after YOUR kids have pushed and verbally berated mine and yell at MY kids! DO NOT! And when I come out to see what’s going on and I am told that I’m “*$#%ing nuts” and that my landlord is going to be called because I need to move and that no one likes me or my kids, please expect that I will tell you to remove your children from my yard…permanently!

Now, now that the spike of emotions is settling, I’m left with that icky feeling of doubt. You know, where you start hearing all the angry words over and over again and you wonder what truth could possibly be in them. Me?! Crazy? Inattentive to my children? Unliked? I hate this emotional roller-coaster that can be set in motion.

My reasonable voice knows, KNOWS that my children are well attended to and that I am an easy target. But my house is well tended and tidy and I keep my kids on a pretty tight schedule.

I am now going to go shake it off and make sure my kiddos have dinner, etc. You know…the stuff I ALWAYS do.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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  1. Comment by Susan:

    Oh, Jenn… I’m so sorry that you had to face that. I know exactly where you’re coming from and how you’re feeling. And it’s so easy to doubt yourself or turn around and be stern with your own children – just in case… Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into that or weighed down by it. Not that you shouldn’t evaluate and reevaluate things from time to time simply out of due diligence. How ridiculous, though, for someone to make such accusations about you and your family! The catty girlfriend in me wants to come over and flash her claws at that woman.

    However, I think that, especially in situations like this one, it is so easy for us to desire so badly to feel justified or to be allowed to be seen that we were clearly the ones in the right. It is hard for our egos to sit tight and suck it up through any sort of false accusation. It has been tremendously helpful to me in reading about Saint Therese of Lisieux, and seeing how she dealt with false accusation and being berated. She counted them as sufferings with Christ and allowed knowing that He knew and she knew the truth about things to be her comfort. Not at all the easier path, but better for the soul, I have learned. I am hopeful that some kind words and encouragement will come your way soon.

    May God give you wisdom and strength as you continue to serve Him and your children – and even your your meanest of neighbors. If you do want to prove her wrong, though, it’s very easy. Just love her and your other neighbors – especially the kids – to pieces. Be light and salt and joy! Be the home that people want to visit.

    Love to you, dear sister!

    P.s. it was such a treat to see you last Sunday!

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