Monday Morning Lexism

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Lex is always thinking and planning and this morning his thoughts went like this;

Lex-”Mom, please don’t stop me from growing a beard.”

Me-”I don’t stop you from growing a beard. Your body decides when it’s ready to grow a beard and then you decide whether to keep it or shave it off.”

Lex-”Well please don’t tell me I can’t. I want to grow a beard so I can get out of traffic tickets like Mr. Smitty (family friend, who apperently got out of a traffic ticket because of impressive facial hair).”

Me-”Well, your body will decide when to grow a beard and I will let you decide whether or not to keep it. But when you start driving, instead of trying to get out of tickets, why don’t you just make sure you follow the rules and are a good driver and then you don’t even have to worry about it?”

Lex-”Never mind! I’ll just ride a bike!”

Better safe than sorry?

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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