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Please Don’t Smash My Pumpkins! – Mommy of Many®

Please Don’t Smash My Pumpkins!

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This year marks the first EVER time I’m not answering the door and handing out sweet treats to a zillion ghosts, goblins, fairies, mermaids, princesses and all manner of dressed up kiddos. I’m home, the pumpkins are lit, my own kiddos are out in the neighborhood, but the porch light is out and the 2 times the bell has rung, I’ve ignored it. :-(

I had to make a tough decision this year. I’ve always been one to say that there are just some things that have to happen. I love preparing for all the holidays. I decorate, I prepare foods, I send treats into the classrooms. But this year I had to look at my budget and decide that I couldn’t shell out the couple hundred dollars it usually takes to outfit my kiddos, send treats into all the classrooms and fill the neverending candy bowl for all the adorable kiddos that ring my doorbell. I had to cut it out. My kids had to put together costumes from what was in the house (I spent a total of $8.00 plus tax on the odds and ends that we couldn’t dig up at home and I spent another $14.00 on a large bag of candy from Costco, that I divided up into snack bags for a soccer team and then into bags for Lex’s class. When it came time to fill bags for Max’s class, I signed up for popcorn that I put in individual bags (40 bags for $1 at the Dollar Store). I already had all the popcorn seeds, butter and flavored salt. Snack for 32 kiddos…if you divide it out, it came to less than $1 because I didn’t use all the bags. So all-in-all, I was a super thrifty M.O.M. but then came the big decision not to spend the $40-$60 it usually takes to hand out treats to all the cuties that come to the door. I had to pass.

I’m trying so hard to make it all happen and stay on my super tight budget and this year there was simply no way around it. And don’t think I didn’t think about spending another $10 on the little, decorated baggies, filling them with popcorn and handing those out. But ultimately, I didn’t even have enough popcorn seeds to do that.

So here I sit, hoping not to hear my bell and thinking, “does one less piece of candy even effect all the kiddos?” And I know it doesn’t, but it’s the point of the whole thing.

Tough, but right choices!

On a happier note, here are a few pics from our day of dressing up for school and carving pumpkins at home.

Look who was in the store!

Carving pumpkins (my least favorite activity…next to plunging the toilet).

Gabi doesn’t have my hang-ups when it comes to getting into the pumpkin guts. Go Gabi!

Happy Halloween! I hope you’re having a safe and fun evening!

Doing the Dance of the Children and Staying on Budget~

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  1. Comment by Kristin:

    Admirable move. You did what was right for you and your family, your kiddos looked great and had a fabulous time and you did your part to lessen the glycemic impact of the evening. I’d say it was a smashing (not the pumpkins) success! ;)

  2. Comment by Kristen:

    I have to believe that your kids will remember later as adults only that when things were tight, you always made sure they had fun, and supported the school…and did what was right for your budget! What an awesome example! Our house is out of the way so we hardly ever get trick or treaters…I’ve just had to sit working at home with all this loot calling out to me as I try to concentrate….I am going to gain ten pounds before the holidays…

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