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Archive for December – 2012 – Mommy of Many®

Archive for December, 2012

And For You…Goldfish!

December 19, 2012

This afternoon I came home from getting Tristan from his school and running an errand to find a plate of Holiday Chex Mix and a bag of oranges on our kitchen counter. Next to it was a Christmas card from neighbor children that wished the kids a Happy Christmas and included an apology for any mean exchanges that had taken place between them and my kids. Very sweet.

When I said something about it, Lex came to me and let me know that while I was gone, he had decided to write a note back to them that said that he was also sorry for being mean and that he had poured a big plate of Goldfish crackers and left it at their doorstep.

I’m totally giggling right now! I love that he wanted to jump right on board with an apology and an offering. I just wish he would have waited for me so we could have AT LEAST put them in a baggie…or something. At least Goldfish crackers are smiling.

Hopefully they will see the sweetness in the gesture.

I love that boy!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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A Little Christmas Magic as We Welcome Our Elf-Pixie

December 18, 2012

Yesterday there was a lot of Christmas Magic happening at the house of M.O.M.

As you know, the kids have been asking about Elf on the Shelf and wondering if and when we would get our own Elf. I was still on the fence and since Christmas is only a week away, I thought we might just skip it this year and ask for our own Elf next year. But then Max was putting on his shoes before school and he was sitting in front of the Christmas ornament box and what did he see?

A little Elf staring at him! He said, “Hey! That looks just like an Elf on the Shelf! I hurried him along and got him and the other kiddos off to school. When I got home I went over and opened the box and guess what happened?! That little green Elf that Max saw had come to visit us and bring along OUR Elf! And he didn’t bring just ANY Elf. He brought the VERY SAME Elf that used to watch over my grandmother’s house when she had HER kids at home. It seems that my sister’s Elf, Buddy, had been wondering about the rest of the family and had visited us and heard the kids wanting an Elf and when he visited Santa, he told him! And Santa, being the saint that he is, knew EXACTLY which Elf to send us! So Pixie, after many, many, many years of being back at the North Pole, has, once again, come to watch over and report back on another generation! This is VERY exciting!

Meet Pixie. We’re so happy that he’s here and so happy to have a little piece of history in our home!

A friend of mine loaned me her Elf on the Shelf book so that I could read the story to the kids. Since our Elf is very old, he didn’t come with a book. All the kids sat down and listened as I told them the story of our special Elf and then read the book.

After the story, Max, Gabi and Lex each went to check him out and Gabi had something to whisper to him.

We’ll see where Pixie shows up this morning. I’m confident he’s a very well-behaved Elf and will cause no mischief.

Here’s to keeping the magic of Christmas alive and to the wonder of childhood!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Oh no! They want an Elf!

December 7, 2012

Elf on the Shelf- we’ve all heard of them and are probably seeing daily pics of our friends’ elves’ naughty, nighttime activities. All this fun and time-consuming effort is in the name of keeping the Spirit of Christmas alive for our children.

I hadn’t even considered getting an elf, until last night. I was talking to the kids and my sister about various Elf activities I’ve been seeing pics of and my kids were really intrigued. Then I pulled up Google pics of different Elf-doings and Max and Lex were both amused and shocked; “That Elf wrote on that baby’s HEAD!”, “HAAAAAA! The Lego guys tied him up!”. They went to bed in agreement that Elf on the Shelf was best kept in other people’s houses. As Max put it, “That is one creepy little thing!”. I was relieved that I was off the hook.

Then this morning, Max got out of bed and immediatley started talking about what the Pro’s of having an Elf might be; “The kids would behave better”, “He might make us cookies while we’re sleeping”…Uh oh! I explained that an Elf loses his special magic if a child touches him and that once you adopt an Elf, you’re pretty much stuck. At first Max talked about how to keep our would-be Elf in-line, then he simply said, “If we get a naughty Elf, I’ll rip him to shreds and we’ll be done with him”. I told him that probably wouldn’t be necessary, and suggested that if we WERE to get an Elf and if he WERE to be naughty, then I could just let the kids touch him and he’d lose his magic. Lex pointed out what a bad idea that was because then he might not be magical anymore, but he’d still be stuck in our house and would surely cause even MORE trouble then. Quick thinking kiddo! I guess we’ll have to look into what the actual powers of an Elf on the Shelf really are. Are his powers simple to get to Santa or without his powers does he completely stop coming alive. This is a lot of head work and we haven’t even gotten one yet!

So now I’m at a crossroads-jump on the Shelf or back away from the ledge?

Who’s Elfing? Is your Elf mischevious or simply a quiet messenger between your home and Santa?

Max had these final words of wisdom for me to ponder; “If we get an Elf, I’m going to want you to attach a camera to him so we can see where he flies to. But if you do that, we might find out you were just lying about the whole thing. Or, we might find out you were just trying to keep our imaginations alive”.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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How to Get More out of Your Candles

December 6, 2012

I love having candles in the house. I always have! But I get frustrated at how many times I end up with a candle that has 1/2 it’s wax stuck to the sides and can’t be burned.

This morning I had a GREAT idea! Why not place my candles (They have to be in a container!) in my holiday warmer, let the wax melt down, let them reharden and be able to use all of the wax?!


I’m going to do this with ALL my candles! And the bonus is that the house smells great while I’m doing it!

If you have a small crock pot that can be set to warm or if you have a candy melting pot, you could do the same thing (depending on the size of the candles and the pots).

Now go make the house smell great and get more out of your candles!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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