And For You…Goldfish!

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This afternoon I came home from getting Tristan from his school and running an errand to find a plate of Holiday Chex Mix and a bag of oranges on our kitchen counter. Next to it was a Christmas card from neighbor children that wished the kids a Happy Christmas and included an apology for any mean exchanges that had taken place between them and my kids. Very sweet.

When I said something about it, Lex came to me and let me know that while I was gone, he had decided to write a note back to them that said that he was also sorry for being mean and that he had poured a big plate of Goldfish crackers and left it at their doorstep.

I’m totally giggling right now! I love that he wanted to jump right on board with an apology and an offering. I just wish he would have waited for me so we could have AT LEAST put them in a baggie…or something. At least Goldfish crackers are smiling.

Hopefully they will see the sweetness in the gesture.

I love that boy!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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  1. Comment by Peggie:

    So cute! Love him!! :)

  2. Comment by Susan:

    I love how awesome little kids can be. I imagine that should such a situation arise around here, my adult brain and ego would want to over-do in the return gesture department. I’d probably try to make cookies or go out and spend money I didn’t have… Leave it to a little one to allow sincerity and sweetness to win the day and save money and time! This is a bright spot in my day today! I hope that you are well, Jenn. Love, Susan

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