Happy New Year! A Recap on 2012 and the Beginning of 2013-Part 1

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Happy New Year!

I know we’ve all been hearing the crickets over here. There was so much to do with having all my kids home for Christmas that I just wanted to be present in it and not worry about sitting down to write about it. Unfortunately that carried over a little longer than I had planned.

I’m going to do this update in 2 parts or else it will never get done. So…here’s part one of what the Lang Kiddos and M.O.M. were up to in 2012;

2012-What a year! We got a little more settled into our new life. There were plenty of struggles but there was also some really Good Stuff.

Jen-I began working in marketing. Marketing! It all fell together very quickly and I began writing for various clients and events. I’m now one year into it all and I really enjoy it! I’m hoping that 2013 brings me more work!

Me, with other ladies of Social Media at a concert we helped to promote.

Kateri-In May, Kateri graduated from the Franciscan University of Steubenville with degrees in Theology and Humanities. She then went on to become the personal assistant to one of the college’s professors, Dr. Scott Hahn. She also became the University’s assistant diving coach. As of yesterday, she began Grad School. She was able to come out for Christmas and brought her newest love, her puppy, Layla.

Clayton-After 5 years of him being away for school and travel, he came home for a few months to work and then move onto the next phase of life. It was such a joy to have him here! He did a fantastic job of helping with the little kids, keeping them active and showing them new ways to use their imaginations. He did a juggling demonstration for Lex’s class during Lex’s special week at school. He found work on a rice farm and came home tired and muddy after each day’s work. He has since moved on to Ohio and is back in school.

Mariah-She is in her Sophomore year at Bryant University. She has an internship with a company in Sacramento during her summer and Christmas breaks. She’s learning all the different aspects of the company and is doing a fantastic job! She has also been helpful in writing a business model for a coffee shop that a friend of mine wants to open. She is her sororities philanthropist chairperson and put on a fantastic event supporting our troops. Mariah has a bright future ahead and is on the path to making it all happen!

Arianna-She spent the year focusing on sports. She’s in her Junior year of high school and has played tennis, soccer and softball. She’s well-rounded in the world of sports! She’s my “big” kid at home, these days and she would LOVE to get her license in the near future. Earlier this year, she and Gabi did an Adventure Run together as a team and had a great time!

Ok, the news of Maddi through Lex will be on it’s way SOON!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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