Happy New Year! A Recap on 2012 and the Beginning of 2013-Part 2…Finally!

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I’m back and so is my creative side. So here’s what the 2nd half of my kiddos were doing in 2012;

Maddi-She finished up the school year, here, and then headed to San Diego to spend the summer with friends. She and a close friend of hers’ took a trip to the Dominican Republic to be a part of a mission project. After they returned, she participated in her last year of Junior Lifeguards. She was then invited to stay in San Diego and to go back to Cathedral Catholic H.S., where she (and her siblings before her) had attended. It’s been a really fantastic opportunity for her and we’re grateful for her hosting family!

Tristan-He started middle school, as a 7th grader, this Fall. So far, he’s been doing well and enjoying school, as much as school can be enjoyed. He dusted off his flute and joined the band class. They had a Holiday performance and I was super impressed with the program!

Max-This year he’s in 4th grade and is doing well. His teacher works really well with him and it’s been nice for all of us to work from a place of understanding what Max’s strengths and weaknesses are. He went on a school trip to Coloma for 4 days which he REALLY enjoyed. I was so happy that he made the (last minute) decision to go! He also tried out for a play that was put on by a production company that came to the school. He got a part and did a fantastic job! I love seeing him step out of his comfort zone and into new things!

Gabi-She continues to do very well in school and is a fantastic reader. She started gymnastics in November and is LOVING it! In the summer she borrowed our neighbors’ rip stick and took off like there was nothing to it. Santa brought her one of her own this Christmas. She was had a couple of school performances and was, most recently, cast as Little Red Riding Hood. There’s always something creative or exciting happening when activities are left up to Gabi.

Lex-It’s hard to sum up his year in a few lines. He’s constantly giving everyone around him, something to chuckle at. He’s a bright and loving little comedian! We had to learn the hard way, that he is allergic to dairy and I’m impressed with his dedication to making sure he keeps it out of his diet. He loves soccer and running and has joined the running club at school. He’s in 1st grade and is a super-strong reader. We all agree that Lex keeps us smiling!

It was a full year and it couldn’t have ended on a better note, with all of my kiddos together for Christmas!

Here’s to 2013 and all that’s ahead!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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