Tell Me What You’re Grateful for Today

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Name one thing (or more if you’d like) you’re grateful for today.

Today, I’m grateful for a network of people, working together to make Good Stuff happen for a beautiful life AND I’m grateful that I have a sister who’s a certified massage therapist, who is willing to come take care of rubbing all this life out of my right shoulder.

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Doing the Dance of the Children and of Life!

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  1. Comment by Susan:

    What does she charge non-sisters??? Ha ha ha :O)

  2. Comment by Susan:

    I am grateful for my husband who encourages me (okay, sometimes he forces me) to do the hard things that I know I have to do but struggle to do on my own. Sometimes that means cleaning the bathrooms (I admit it, I get lazy about that), and sometimes that means having a serious must have talk with one of my sisters.

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