Holy Thursday Reflections

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Just finished hanging up and folding clothes with a lil help from Rod Stewart, of course. I have WAY more clothes when I actually get them onto hangers!

Gabi and Tristan came to spend the night. Max and Lex visited for a little while and I made a simple pasta dinner (spinach, red pepper and grape tomatoes in garlic, olive oil and white wine, with a white sauce, over bow tie pasta).

I picked up my book-Journey Through the Great Fast-and realized that I’ve missed quite a bit of reading lately. But reading the meditations for Holy Thursday and looking ahead to Good Friday, put me in a reflective space. It will be weird to be working on Good Friday. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wasn’t able to shut down with the kids and pray and reflect on that day. Tristan has asked to stay here, alone, tomorrow to have quiet time, pray and watch The Passion of Christ. I’m grateful that the seeds of faith our growing in him and that he recognizes, on his own, that the day should be solomn. I think I’ll take my lunch at noon tomorrow and go for a walk with my rosary.

I just realized that some of you might not know that I’ve started a new job! February 19th I started as the Marketing Coordinator at a local marketing firm, Tytanium Ideas and am working full-time (and then some). It’s been a really good transition for me and the kids and I are adjusting to our new schedule. I’m REALLY proud of them for helping me make this happen.

Ok, enough for now. I need to get to sleep!

Doing the Dance of the Children and of Lent~

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  1. Comment by Mary McGuire:

    So proud of you. Hoping you are having a blessed Easter. Congratulations on the job!! hugs and kisses

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