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For the last 2 years, my trips to Costco have been few and far between. The membership I once held and the twice-monthly trips I used to loathe, became of thing of the past, a thing of my “old” life. And I realized that I suddenly felt inadequate. I no longer belonged to the “club”, that club of mothers and households that have cupboards and refrigerators full of offerings for any and all people who happen to live in or visit my home. I realized that Costco Shopping was a thing of status and that I was now living below that status line.

I worked hard to carefully plan meals and reuse/repurpose our leftovers and to keep my kids and myself from crossing the line into the Hunger Zone. And I was successful! We’ve never missed a meal and no one has ever gone to bed hungry (thanks in part to my beautiful, loving and supportive network). But I still longed to go shop the aisles of Costco, letting the kids enjoy the samples and mindlessly tossing in an item or two, that wasn’t on my list. I dreamed of having my ink refilled for dirt cheap and once again buying the beautiful jar of pesto and loaves of garlic bread that used to be a staple in my home. I kept my membership card in my wallet and the bill for my renewal, tucked into my planner, hoping for the month that I would be able to renew.

After 6 months of working at my new job, I have finally been able to whip that card out, renew my membership and buy a bag of tri-color peppers, a super large bag of spinach, that lovely jar of pesto and the loaves of garlic bread that I’ve been dreaming of! It was really weird to swipe my card, pay for my membership and my groceries and realize that aside from some staple food items, what I had really missed, was the status of simply being able to.

Doing the Dance of the Children and treating them to a hot dog and a HUGE slice of pizza~

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  1. Comment by Pilar:

    I bet thatwasa really great moment for you -being able to afford (solo!) the renewal and the shopping trip! I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am for you!

  2. Comment by Pilar:

    *that was a

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