The Dangers of Cleaning Day

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Cleaning Day…the mere suggestion invokes whining, crying and fear in the eyes of my children. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure a day of fighting, anger, upset stomachs, dire thirst, sleepiness and sudden illness.

Today was deemed Cleaning Day at the House of M.O.M. Oh, the torture! Apparently I had not properly prepared them for the journey of strife they were about to embark on. But I pushed them forward anyway. Such horrendous tasks as; dusting, vacuuming, dishes, putting clothes away, making beds, dismanteling the dilapidated trampoline, sweeping, and wiping down the bathroom, were distributed as evenly as possible. But no matter the distribution, each task was deemed “unfair” by it’s doer.

Ultimately, horrors were endured through each task. Lex, found a stuffed toy, left over from his older siblings, that will surely envoke nightmares. Po, the Teletubbie isn’t safe for children to view. Teeth…TEETH were found on the floor! A sure sign of the life lost from previous, unknown children who were told to clean! And worst of all, Lex came to me with a bloody nose. He came running and screaming Max’s name. Of course, I took this to mean that Max had, unjustly, put his hands on Lex and injured him. I sent Max to his room and brought a wet cloth to Lex, who then said, “It’s my fault. When I was trying to tie his legs together…” Guess who’s got an extra chore!

Somehow, I will continue to push them through the day. Counseling my be needed, but the house will be cleaner. And someday, when they no longer live under my roof, they can leave their home unclean and untidy and share the story of this horrible day, from atop a pile of filth and forgotten items, while a film crew from Hoardering, Buried Alive,  works their way through the cluttered and unlivable rooms. Or perhaps, just maybe, they will learn something and take it into adulthood and I will have done my job.

Cleaning Day…a dangerous undertaking indeed!

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    Thanks for the giggle! :)

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