Back to School With a Vengeance!

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We’re just over a week into the new school year and it’s kicking it to me! I’m so out of the routine and there’s more to do this year. I have  3 drop-offs each morning. We’ve had 1 of 3 Back to School Nights (8th grade) and the other 2…yes, the other 2, are tomorrow night at different schools at the same time! I’ve had a meeting with Max’s teachers and principal and have retrieved a missing lunch box twice. We’ve had 2 popped bike tires and I’ve already forgotten to sign the planners. I spent a gazillion dollars on Back to School supplies, printer ink, shoes and groceries for packing lunches and I’ve already had to hear WAY too much whinning about getting up and ready for school.

Yep, it’s Back to School alright!

Doing the Dance of the Children into another Year of School~

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