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Last weekend I was the joyous recipient of a neighbor’s piano. There was a bit of fuss over it’s arrival because I had to move things around and figure out where it would go and had to find a willing participant to help move the beast from 2 streets over. Everything fell together and my room has now become a bedroom/office/music room.

My intent behind getting the piano was to have Max pick up his lessons. Sure, there are other kiddos in the house that will want to play and are interested in lessons too, but my main focus was Max. He was very excited about the whole thing…until a couple days ago.  He came home with a paper from school, all about their music program. Piano was NOT one of the listed instuments. He asked if he could play the piano in the program, but there isn’t one available at school.

So, now I have 1 piano in my room and 1 trombone player in queue.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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