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About M.O.M. – Mommy of Many®

About M.O.M.


My name is Jen and I am “Mommy of Many®”.  I am a single-parenting mommy to 9 amazing kiddos who range in age from 6yrs. to 23 yrs. I’m a former military spouse of 19 yrs and was fortunate enough to be in Southern Calif. for several years. I have recently moved to Northern Calif. with my kiddos. I’m an Admin Mommy for ModernMommys FB page, a Mom Correspondent for MommyCast, I’ve recorded over 60 podcast episodes that can be found in iTunes, I’m a Social Media Content Creator for businesses and events & have written articles for Military Spouse Magazine. I hope you enjoy your visit to MommyofMany.com. This busy, crazy, blessed life keeps me Doing the Dance of the Children. Come along!

Click here if you’d like to hear my first podcast that tells you a little about each of the kiddos and our life.

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  1. Comment by Cyndi C:

    Thanks for inviting me to your blog. It was wonderful to see you at the Ball! You’re so right about all the funny stories military spouses can share with each other, and I truly enjoyed reading your funny anecdotes! Have a safe trip to see the kids!

  2. Comment by Grandma Carole:

    I am sure that this will be as enjoyable as your other blogs. Just another place to keep us updated on what’s happening with the Lang Clan.

  3. Comment by Kelly:

    Hey Jen, I’m a friend of Mary McGuire. I feel I know you since she is so found of you. I have a 3 y/o and 1y/o twins all girls. I wonder how you do it … I know somedays all I want is a beer. Thanks for making me laugh.

  4. Comment by Maggie:

    I love you! I love all of this! Thanks SO much for sharing! xoxoxo

  5. Comment by Roxanne Clark:

    Hi Jen!
    Thank you for leaving a sweet note on my ‘comments’. I visited your site and loved it! It is nice to know that there are more of us M.O.M.s out there and we are not alone. Don’t you feel like no one can relate to you sometimes? Especially when it comes to meals, laundry and going from point A to point B? God bless you and your family and we will be in touch!
    From, Michigan Mommy Of Many

  6. Comment by Marsha Mifsud:

    Jen…I have so enjoyed your blog and Podcast!
    You continue to inspire me and amaze me with all you do… and you do it with such grace!
    I look forward to spending time reading your blog.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Comment by Laura:

    You inspire me…with half-again as many children as I have, you seem so “together”…thank you for your almost-daily dose of inspiration and chaos that is life with many children!

  8. Comment by bermudabluez:

    You are SUCH an inspiration!! I don’t know how you do it. What a wonderful blog you have here. Thanks so much for sharing your terrific family with the blogworld!!

  9. Comment by tiger lamb girl:

    I saw your comment over at Bermuda Bluez (on the post about the children who were thrown off the bridge by their father…just awful). If you, or anyone you know wishes to post a prayer – please visit a new blog I just started called “Dear God” on http://dearheavenlyfather.blogspot.com/

    Prayers can be anonymous or signed. Emails are not published (or shared). Prayers will not be altered in any way. If you want a prayer published – send to deargodalmighty@yahoo dot co dot uk

    I simply felt inspired to start the blog and hope others will share their prayers:).

  10. Comment by Ron Stevenson:

    Hey Jen,
    Love the web-site. Just got off of the phone with your husband, which is always enjoyable. It is really good to see your face, a real “breath of fresh air”. Clay tells me that you all are doing well and that warms my heart.
    I miss the Recon days with you and Clay. This corporate world gets very challenging.
    I think what you are doing with this web-site is wonderful and I applaud you.
    I hope that we can meet again. I miss and LOVE you all. Semper Fi.

  11. Comment by Iris:

    Hello, I just found you. I have 6 children myself. It’s nice to see someone else with a big family. You take care. Iris

  12. Comment by Leslie:

    Hello there, I found you by way of Paige and Gretchen’s Mommycast. Any friend of theirs is a friend of mine! I look forward to reading your adventures. I, too, am dealing with teen issues – we’ll get through it together!!

  13. Comment by myriam:

    wow!!! Carole didn’t told me about your site… It was Clay’s email that I received today… I’m really impressed though I get to see how you children are growing year by year (excuse me for I haven´t said a word in English for a long time, and I may be tough to understand). I wish you the best… but will keep my tiny family when compared to yours… just TWO (both boys!!)… lovely pictures at MilSpouse.com, Mariah´s and JJ´s…

  14. Comment by Reyna:

    Hi Jen,
    …It was great meeting you last night at the Hotel Del! Impressive website and loved your photos and blog. It’s hard to believe you are a Mom of 9!! Hope all is well and hope we’ll meet again. You have a beautiful family! :)

  15. Comment by Becca:

    I just stopped by your blog, a friend of mine, Anne Burney, (do you know her?, in our neighborhood told me about it, and I just wanted to say hi! I’m in awe of your mommy skills! Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind with one, haha! Well, I live in your neighborhood, so shoot me an email or something if you’d ever like to go for a walk or something :)

  16. Comment by Maria Torres:

    Thanks for being the first one to say hi at NMNO event last night. I had a super great time! I admire you….I don’t know how you manage to get everything done. Wow!

  17. Comment by Shiloah Baker:

    I am the mom of soon to be eight (next month), military spouse of 12 years, and owner of the Homemaking Cottage, a homemaking site and blog and would love to interview you by email about being a mom of many. Your interview will be featured on the website and blog. If you would be willing to allow me to interview you, please email me. :)


  18. Comment by Jerilyn:

    Hi! So happy to have found you! I have a podcast (The Because Show) and was just googling to see what other ‘mom’ podcasts are around – very cool that you have been doing it for so long with no ‘pod fade’!

  19. Comment by Amy:

    Hi Jen, I found you! Loved chatting with you at the Ladies Club dinner. If your husband has any interest in talking with my husband, Jim, about flying commercially in SD feel free to reach out. His website is http://www.ravenhelicopters.com.


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