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“Don’t Worry”-I’m Always Saying it. Now I Need to Practice it!

October 29, 2012

“Don’t worry!” “It will all work out.” “God has a plan.” “Worry never did anyone any good.” “Take care of what you are able to and leave the rest up to God.”
These are all phrases that I use regularly. I believe them and I’ve seen the truth in them time and time again, in my own life and the lives of those around me. But it simply never fails that when I’m thrown a curve ball or see a potentially life-changing situation coming at me, I can feel the worry come on. I feel it in my head, as it begins to tighten into a mild headache. I feel it in my shoulders as I tense up and wonder what the plan might be. I can feel it in my stomach as I play the worst-case-scenario scenes through my head.

Why?! Why do I do this?! Why is it so natural to go against all I BELIEVE and all that has been proven to me?

I am choosing to breathe deeply (literally) and I have a glass of ice water sitting on my desk. I’ve uttered prayers of “Your will be done” and I’ve thought of the very worst things that can happen in the unknown. Now…now I need to practice what I preach and let it go and know that there is a plan for every single thing that happens in my life, whether I can foresee the outcome or not. And I need to get back to what I CAN control…the rest of today’s work/getting Gabi to gymnastics/getting Anna to her tennis team party/making dinner/loving those dear to me and offering the unknown to my God, who has never, NEVER let me down.

I ask that if you are so inclined, that you keep my intentions in your prayers and send all manner of Good Stuff my way.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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365 Days Later

July 1, 2012

Yesterday marked 365 days since I put my kids into the 15-passenger van to pull away from the home and life we’d known for the last 12 years. I drove away jobless, homeless, with all my belongings (except some clothes and this computer) in a storage unit and the realization that my Passat had been repossessed while I slept the night before. I was truly leaving it all behind and driving away into the unknown.

My title is 365 Days Later because this last year was lived one-day-at-a-time. From the very beginning of my journey out of a bad marriage and into an unknown future I held onto the belief that it MUST be done one-day-at-a-time. I couldn’t predict what was ahead or what would need to be done tomorrow. All I could be sure of and handle was what needed to be done today. Each day brought it’s own focus and taking this journey in small pieces; 24 hour chunks, kept me from loosing hope and allowed me to clearly see how God was working in my life.

I look back on this year in disbelief. There were some REALLY rough patches and days that I questioned myself. But I walk through this house each morning, before the kids are up, and  I open the windows and breathe in the newness of another day and I think of all I must do. I thank God for the beautiful people who have formed my safety net and have kept me from hitting the ground with each time I’ve tripped. I say thank you for my ability to write and my understanding of social media, that was gleaned through this very blog and that it has now turned into the tool that puts food on our table and gas in the van. I still get into my van and can’t believe that I a was able to go buy a car, in my own name. I send the payment away, each month, with a measure of pride.

The journey is still taken one-day-at-a-time. I understand that it’s all a part of the big journey of my life and that even though there will be milestones (such as these past 365 days), that the end won’t come until my last breath is taken.

Here’s to faith, beautiful people and the belief that everything happens for a reason and as it’s supposed to.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Happy 23rd Birthday to My Oldest! Seems Like a Good Time to Write a Birth Story

April 1, 2012

I belong to several Mommy networks and websites and I’m constantly seeing moms who take the time to write their children’s birth stories. It’s something I’ve never done, but on the occasion of my oldest kiddo turning 23, (Ummm…23! That’s a real-life adult!) I thought it might be a good time to honor her beautiful life by telling the story of her arrival into this world. I figure I better do these things before Mommy Brain completely takes over and turns into dementia and I can no longer share ANY stories!

So let’s see…

It was March of 1989 and I was at the waddling stage of my pregnancy. I was sick the ENTIRE pregnancy and felt like I couldn’t get enough sleep. I was a High School Senior and had stayed on campus until sometime in late February or early March. I was living in the foothills of Northern California and it was chilly and still a little icy at our house. We had rock stairs from the driveway to the house and I slipped and fell hard on my bum. At that point I was just too sick to be a successful student and a teacher was coming out to my house each afternoon to make sure I was staying on task and on track to graduate with my class (which I did! And might I add that I did it with a 3.6 GPA.) I was due May 2nd and was starting to feel like it really couldn’t come soon enough. I lived at home with my parents and 8 younger siblings. I was single and didn’t really have a master plan for how life was going to go after Baby arrived, but I knew it was all going to work out and that I was going to keep and raise this lil bundle and that God would point me down the paths I was to journey.

About a week or so after I fell, I lost my plug. Now, let me say, again, that I was 17 years old. I had not taken any parenting or birthing classes. I had been around PLENTY of babies, so babies were no mystery, but pregnancy and birth were things I was learning as each step unfolded. I hadn’t been told about the mucus plug, so losing it was somewhat shocking. I think I told my mom and went back to bed. I remember thinking, “yuck”.  Another week went by and on March 31st I was feeling sick and had a slight headache. I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my OB, so my mom and I headed to my appointment. I told him about my headache, that I had lost my plug and that I was feeling sick. He asked if I had any contractions and I said, “no”. He decided to do an exam and I will NEVER forget it! He checked me and came right up into my face and said that I was dialated to 5cm and that he could feel a foot! I was in shock! I was in labor?! Today?! Now?! So let’s get this straight, he felt a foot?! A foot isn’t supposed to be what’s down there! So that lump I’d been rubbing wasn’t my baby’s bum, it was her little head! I really wasn’t sure what this all meant, but my mom made some phone calls and we headed to the hospital. Her father and I weren’t in a relationship at this point, but he headed over to the hospital for the surprisingly early birth of this little miracle baby.

I napped the rest of the afternoon away. I wasn’t in any pain and never felt a single contraction. I woke up and my back ached. I was in transition! Baby was on her way! My room was suddenly filled with interns and doctors and anyone they could gather up to learn from this birth. They wheeled me in and prepped me for an emergency C-section. Since I was delivering at 35 weeks and the baby was breech, it meant I had no other options (that I was aware of). My mom was in the room with me and my father and the baby’s father watched from the window in the room’s door. From that point, all I can remember is feeling VERY out-of-it! It felt like it was hard to breathe and I could feel the pressure of them tugging on my stomach to get Baby free. And then suddenly, there she was! I couldn’t hold her right away because of my sedation, but my mom held her for a moment and then they whisked her away to the NICU. She was having some trouble, but nothing serious. Her dad was able to go into the NICU and be with her. Those are sweet moments that I’m glad he got to have with that teeny little bundle. She weighed in at 5lbs, 2oz and I named her Kateri Lee.

23 years later I have to say that I had NO idea how it would all unfold, but I worried and prayed and worked as hard as I could to give her a good life, a solid home and siblings to keep her annoyed, loved and on her toes. I know that every parent is proud of their children, as they should be, but I really have to say that Kateri has blown all my expectations out of the water! When you start out that young and that unsure, you just hope that the little life you’ve been entrusted with turns out better, stronger, smarter than you and she has done all that and more. Next month she graduates after 5 years of college with degrees in Theology and Humanities. She’s touched many lives in her beautiful and loving way and she’s made me smile on countless days that I felt like it was too tough to do so.

She belongs to the world and it is a much brighter, fuller, richer place because she’s in it!

Here’s to you, Kateri and to a life that’s being beautifully lived!

Doing the Dance of the Children and So Proud to do so~

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Emmaus Ministries-Worth Reading, Sharing & Supporting!

February 21, 2012

I don’t believe I’ve ever asked you to read a write up on a cause before, so I’ve saved up until now.

I ask that you take a few moments to read these heartfelt words that Kateri, my 22 yr. old daughter, has put together about her upcoming, 2nd year on this mission. For those of you who don’t know Kateri, I’d like to preface this note with a few words;

Last year, when Kateri briefly described to me how she would be spending her Spring Break, working with homeless, male postitutes in Chicago, I was both in awe and frightened for her safety. I felt blessed that my daughter had become that kind of person who would even consider such a thing and prayed for all those going on the mission and those that they would be working with. She came back with a heart so full of true love for people that most of us wouldn’t want to even glance at, let alone share a table and meal with. I’m profoundly proud of Kateri and all the young adults that are choosing to spend their break in this way. I ask that you read what she has to say and that if you are not able to help fund the team that you, please, keep each of these people in your prayers.

Now, a word from Kateri;

The Chicago Mission is a 10 day trip to Uptown Chicago where a group of fourteen college students stay and work with Emmaus Ministries. Emmaus is a ministry center that serves men that either have been or are involved in a lifestyle of same-sex prostitution. Emmaus is a safe place where these men can get their lives back together, they can wash their clothes, do chores, take showers, go to prayer groups, it’s a place they can have mail sent, where they can make phone calls, it’s their home.  My favorite part of the mission is that everyday for lunch everyone stops what they’re doing: all the staff, all the volunteers and all the men who have come to Emmaus that day, come together at a long table, right in front of a huge mural of the Last Supper, and have a meal together. They pray, they eat, they laugh. For some of the men at Emmaus it’s the only place they’ve ever had a meal like this: around a table, in a safe place with people that love them.

Something I didn’t realize until I had the opportunity to go to Emmaus last year was that male prostitution is a totally different culture than I had imagined.  When I think of the poorest in society I think of the homeless.  Many of these men are addicts, alcoholics as well as homeless; they’ve come from impossible backgrounds without family or shelter and most often without love of any kind. They sell themselves for mere dollars, often to get their next “fix”.  They can’t go to homeless shelters because the homeless know who they are and often beat or rape them.  Emmaus is a safe haven where they don’t have to worry about being hurt, they don’t have to explain themselves, they are just loved and cared for, they are given the opportunity to get their lives back on track.

Emmaus had a profound impact on my life, in ways I never expected. I went to Emmaus ready to serve the men. Ready to smile and laugh with them. Ready to cook and clean. Ready to listen and have conversations with the men I’d meet.  I did these things but what I wasn’t expecting was the way that the men would serve me.  There wasn’t a day I was there that one of the men didn’t open a door for me, pull out the chair for me while we sat down for lunch. I was never allowed to clear my own plate, God forbid I try to take theirs!  I may have cooked, but they ALWAYS did the dishes.  They loved me without strings, without expectations.  I quickly realized that we are all prostitutes in one form or another, “we are all poor and broken.  The only difference between me and the men of Emmaus,” as the founder of Emmaus, Deacon John Green, once said, “is that we know where the food is.” We are all on a walk to Emmaus the difference is that I know where it leads.  These men have such a profound ability to love and they each had an incredible impact on my life.

One of these men was David. He was a firefighter who had been in an accident and had suffered severe brain damage. He lost his job, his wife left him taking the children with her. He began drinking which then led to hard drugs. Before long he was living on the streets with all he owned in a duffle bag and a tent that he slept in.  He turned to prostitution to pay for his next high and no one left who cared.  Emmaus was a place where people noticed when he wasn’t there, it was a place where people knew his name, they knew his story, they loved him.  We’d go outside and smoke cigarettes together, he didn’t say much but he’d come because he knew I’d give him cigarettes and if he ignored my questions long enough I’d leave him alone.  So we’d sit outside in silence.  One day I caught a glimpse of his eyes and was so taken aback by their piercing color and vibrancy that I had to tell him.  His reaction is still fresh in my mind as I write this.  He looked up, straight in my eyes and smiled. He talked for maybe 10 minutes about his parents’ eyes and how his were such a mix of the two. He told me how he thought they were his best feature and that no matter what he had gone through, or what he looked like, they were still the same.  We finished our cigarettes, he hugged me and we went inside.  I think about him and pray for him everyday.  Emmaus is a place for men like David, who have had to turn to prostitution because of the impossible situations they’ve found themselves in.

The week we get to spend with Emmaus is life changing. I feel so blessed to be going back this year as a co-leader, ready to share the experience I had with 11 new people who are eager to meet the men I have such a great love for.  The Chicago Mission leaves on March 9th, just over a month away! Our goal is $12,000 and unfortunately we are still thousands of dollars away.

Please help us get to Chicago this year.  Time is running out but although we have a ways to go, we are confident that your generosity will get us there! You can donate online at: https://giving.franciscan.edu/sslpage.aspx?pid=383 in the “designation” area put “Chicago”.

Please keep our mission in your prayers and know that you are in ours.

God bless~

Kateri Lang

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any further questions or would like more information:  kateri.l.lang@gmail.com

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Another Step Forward

January 4, 2012

The last few days were full of uncertainty and decision making. It was time to hand the gas-guzzling 15-passenger van over to be sold but that meant I would have only my VW Passat. There were 2 problems with that-It wasn’t running properly and it didn’t fit myself and the 6 kiddos that I have at home. I had NO money for a downpayment on anything and NO money to fix the VW even if it was what I was going to have to drive. On the first day of the uncertainty/decision making the decision I made was to curl up on my bed, cry and take a nap. Hey, at least I made a decision! Day 2 is when the work began. 2 of the most beautiful, loving, hardworking friends you could ever ask for started asking me questions. Real questions, like-what do you owe on each vehicle?, what is the VW worth?, can you get any $ for a dowpayment?, what are you looking to drive?. You know, the stuff that makes you actually start tackling a problem and finding out what you can and can not do. Once I started gathering information I realized that I had the title to the VW and (as long as I could drive it to wherever I needed to get it to) I could trade it in. Then out came computers and Iphones and the search began. After looking and talking and visiting dealers, I came away with a 2010 Town & Country that seats 7, with a warranty that will keep my mind free of worry. I had someone by my side who knew all the things I do not and who offered moral support when I needed it.

As I signed a zillion papers the tears started to flow. I just bought a car! Me! In MY name and with all the things I decided were important to have for my kids. I am now completely responsible for this vehicle. It scared me and made me proud at the same time. One more step to knowing I’m ok-to knowing I can do what needs to be done and that I have a loving support system to hold my hand and pat my back and help me heal and be whole. It still chokes me up! How did I get to be 40 yrs old, have 9 children and not know what I was capable of? I am thankful EVERY day for all the beautiful, strong, encouraging people who surround me each day and have helped me lay the stepping stones on this path I’m walking.

With faith, love and trust I will continue to find out that I am strong, whole and entirely capable of all that needs to be done to get my children successfully into adulthood and myself into living the life ahead of me, fully!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Rest In Peace Matthew Wise

December 1, 2011

Yesterday evening Matthew passed away from heart failure. Please continue to pray for the Wise family as they continue on the painful journey of saying goodbye to him. And may we remember his soul in our thoughts and prayers.

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Calling For Prayers & Thoughts For Matt Wise & the Wise Family

November 30, 2011

This morning the forward most thought on my mind is to ask everyone to pray for Matt Wise and his family. I’ve known the Wise family for about 13 years. We went to church together and my kids played with their kids. We met in San Diego as military families and both have 9 kids.

I’m calling out that you take a moment to offer a prayer for them, after reading their latest post about their son, Matt’s 46-day ordeal in the hospital. I won’t go into all the details, but the last post from Matt’s dad, Mike, deserves some attention. I’ll repost a portion of it here.
“Today has gone from bad to worse. The doctors called a family meeting this afternoon, and it’s obvious why they wanted to talk. Matthew has declined significantly over the past 48 hours, and is currently in very poor physical condition..I met one on one with the head of ICU late this afternoon. He told me point blank that they’ve run out of options. Anything they might do at this point to correct the problems listed above would most likely create new, perhaps worse problems. They can’t cut him open unless his liver improves. That essentially rules out a lung transplant. A liver transplant would be even worse. Both operations would cause massive bleeding. Even the continued use of high-powered blood pressure medications is taking a toll (as we already knew or suspected). They can’t do anything to help his lungs either while he’s in this condition. Fluid build-up is reaching a critical stage. They expect his next complication to be sepsis, or blood poisoning. His doctor told me that this is it – either he gets better on his own, or it’s over. Not something I ever wanted to hear from a doctor, but I’ve heard it once before — at VHC, some 26 days ago after they had run out of options..Matthew, you made it another 26 days after the last crisis, and you’re not done yet! One thing that we’ve learned over these past 46 days is to completely and unequivocally trust in the will of God. We know God has a purpose for all of this, and although we are still too close to the problem to see or understand God’s will, we must have faith that God’s purpose will be revealed to us over time.”

I can’t imagine the pain that this family is going through. Please offer a moment on their behalf.

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Oh Lex~

October 19, 2011

Here is today’s amusing conversation between me and Lex. It’s getting so it’s a daily occurrence with this kiddo.

Lex-Mom, you know the bread we eat at church?

Me-You mean the host we receive.

Lex-Yeah, the bread we eat.

Me-It’s called a host and…(I went into a brief, explanation of why we don’t refer to it that way and the respect that’s to be given, etc.)

Lex-Yeah Mom, the bread (I suck in a breath and listen to see what else he’s going to say). Well, since Halloween is coming soon do you think they’ll make it shaped like pumpkins for the next weeks?

Me-(Trying so hard not to laugh, but YOU can!) Lex, they never make the host into festive shapes. They’re not going to do that, Honey.

Lex-I asked the guy and he said they were. He smiled and nodded his head.

Me-The guy? OH….(remembering that he was trying to say something to the deacon at Communion on Sunday, when I shuffled him off quickly. And indeed, the deacon was smiling and nodding and surely not understanding a word Lex was saying). Honey, he couldn’t hear you.

So, an intensive course in receiving communion, what it means and why we do it is in order.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Lex’s Prayer

October 1, 2011

“Dear God,

Please help me to be a ninja when I grow up. And please help Tristan not be upset if I get to be a pirate/ninja so that I can do ninja-ing on the water.”

I love this kid!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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August is Full of Good Stuff!

August 4, 2011

Each new day, new week, new month, new year holds the potential for Good Stuff. We all look at the newness before us as another chance to get it right, to fill our lives with peace, joy and purpose. I have to say that the month of August has been full of just that. On August 1st I handed over the deposit on the new home for my kiddos and myself. Tomorrow I do the walk thru and sign the lease, which means getting the keys! I’m hopeful that Clay’s request for a DITY move is approved (he’s offered to move our things from San Diego to the new house so that we get everything right away instead of waiting up to 3 weeks for the movers). The kids will start their new schools in just a couple of weeks. My 15 yr old daughter will finish up all she’s been doing in San Diego and come join us in this beautiful, new home. Tristan will turn 12 at the end of this month. And to top it all off, I was able to record 2 podcasts with Gretchen of MommyCast that will be released soon. I have to say that August is looking GREAT!

Yes, there’s lots of work ahead-getting back into the school routine, juggling sports, Boy Scouts and finding a new church to get involved in, getting settled into our new home and learning the area, finding our new favorite stores and places to visit. Lots of work and lots of life ahead and I am ever-hopeful that it continues to fall into place and bring more beautiful, supportive people into our lives.


I’m looking ahead with joy and hope and glancing behind at the long road I’ve walked and holding onto it so that I remember that even in the toughest of days there’s hope and that with each new day you have to start with the belief that all the Good Stuff is lying ahead, ready for your to grab it, own it and find joy in it.

Thank you for all the good wishes, loving support and prayers that have come my way during this journey. Look, they worked because we believed!

Good Stuff!

Doing the Dance of the Children Full of Faith in All That’s Good~

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Home is Where Somebody Loves You

July 29, 2011

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and in it’s right time. This belief is the only thing keeping me from going crazy about not having a house yet. I’ve filled my days with looking for a house and keeping the kiddos busy and entertained.

We’ve had lots of fun visiting with family and friends and exploring new water play. My beach kids are getting introduced to the river. I’m much more nervous about this than they are. In fact my nerves are frazzled because they’re fearless! I’d like to instill a healthy dose of respectful fear! I’m ever grateful for the people who come into our lives each day and bring little doses of good things! Yesterday the kids got to participate in a little bit of fishing. Max was mesmerized! Fish! Real fish, straight from the water that are still alive! All 4 of my younger kids enjoyed learning about the process and being able to touch the fish as they came out of the water. Good Stuff!

I’m waiting on a phone call for a house I’ve put an application on. Everything is hinging on getting into a house. I’ve got to get these kids registered in school! It starts in just a couple of weeks! Ugh! But my nerves get soothed by little things each day. Yesterday I heard a conversation between Tristan and Max. They were talking about “home”. Tristan said, “Home is where somebody loves you”.

This sentence from my 11 yr old to his younger brother made me feel so much better! They’re ok! They’re being kept busy and happy and they’re not as stressed as I worry they are. To let go and trust like a child is definitely a goal.

Doing the Dance of the Children and Waiting For it All To Fall Into Place

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Catching Up On Friday

July 16, 2011

I am so so grateful for the doors that have been opened to us and the support that I’ve been given. The fact that the kids and I have a comfortable, safe place to stay and plenty of fun activities to fill up our days is a HUGE gift. We’ve spent this week keeping busy.

On Tuesday I realized that the schools in this area start a lot earlier than the schools in San Diego and that I better make some decisions and get some plans in motion. I spent Tuesday afternoon and some of Wednesday narrowing down what I want in schools for my kids and came up with, what I believe to be, the best area for my kids to go to school in. On Thursday the kids and I went to the district office to ask questions and get information. After gathering what info we could, I realized that there really isn’t much that can be done without an address.

*tapping my fingers*

I really wasn’t sure what to do. For all technical intense and purposes, our official status is Jobless and Homeless. Those are not 2 labels anyone wants to wear. And when you DO wear those labels, there are many, many choices you just don’t have. Where to send your kiddos to school happens to be one of the choices you might have to give up.

So I spent the rest of the day wanting desperately to move forward, but not seeing anyway to do it. Then…I got a phone call from Clay. He said he’d gotten a job offer and that he could be leaving as early as this coming Monday. We talked about the schools I’m looking at. We talked about what I want for the kids. We talked about how VERY VERY grateful I am to the beautiful people who have been placed into my life and the lives of my children. By the end of the conversation I realized I would, indeed, have the power to go find a place to live for myself and the children, if he, in fact, has or takes this job. I started searching property listings and by this morning I’d made appointments to view houses.

I spent a couple hours keeping the kiddos busy at the pool and then settled them into the house and the dinnertime schedule and left to go see a house.

NOPE! Not the one. Too small. Great area, but we’d be stacked in there a little too tightly for comfort. So the search continues. I say this, not even being sure that Clay is actually leaving for this job. Hmmm…well, I have to keep moving forward, the best I can. The kids need and really, really want answers to what this next school year holds and I keep getting asked when I’m going to go get our things out of storage. I’m just as antsy as they are for the next phase of our lives to begin and to settle into whatever our new routine is going to be.

But I’m so thankful for the little bits we can count on right now and the friends who’ve helped to provide them! Arianna has joined a soccer team and is meeting girls from the area. Having her stay busy and be focused on something is GREAT! She was even able to go with a friend’s family to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie, last night. Good Stuff!

I’m doing all that I can with so much unknown. School starts in a month. I’ll have Maddi back! All 6 kiddos will be together (the older 3 will be off to college) and I’m hoping we have a house full of boxes that are being unpacked.

That’s it! That’s all I can do-keep moving forward with a plan and hope and pray it falls into place. It will. It has so far. Yes, it’s different than I would have chosen, but we are all doing fine and the future is full of Good Stuff waiting to happen.

Doing the Dance of the Children and Hoping to do it in My Own Home Soon~

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Hello Summer Adventure!

July 1, 2011

I woke up this morning as usual-early and w/ my 2 youngest cuddled up to me in bed. Then I looked around and remembered that we were on the 1st day of our new adventure. I laid there and listened to the sleepy sounds of my 4 kiddos. They had been worn out by a long drive (10 hrs in the van) and then a bunch of trampoline jumping, bike and scooter riding and running around with friends. I knew they were pretty worn out. They slept through me showering, getting ready for the day and running out for coffee. I came back to them eating waffles in their pjs.

A good friend of mine has taken us in and made us comfortable. The kids have a place for their clothes, a room to sleep in and plenty of fun, outdoor play to enjoy. Her family is easy-going and welcoming and I feel like the luckiest, homeless, jobless, in the middle-of-a-divorce girl on the planet. Seriously!

So we start this adventure off with packing a lunch and heading out to meet my parents for a few hours of visiting and park play. I have no idea what we’ll do this afternoon, but I know it will likely involve being outside.

Tomorrow Clay is coming with Arianna to get the kids and the van and head to his family for 4th of July celebrating. The kids are looking forward to more adventure and family fun.

I’m confident that there is a Big Plan in play here. That God knows exactly how this chess game is going and I’m willing to continue being His pawn. It’s summertime and we have a couple of places to go. So we’re going to enjoy family and friends, the outdoors and following the Gypsy Wind of each day as it unfolds. Jobs and where we will settle will come. I know it!

Doing the Dance of the Children on a Summer Day~

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Gettin It Done While Doing the Dance

June 25, 2011

For the last week, I’ve been going through this house, that 11 people have shared over the last 10 years, and opening the cupboards and closets and getting them cleaned out and organized so that when the movers came it would be easy to pack. Then I found out there wouldn’t be any movers/packers. I spent a day in freak-out mode, wondering how the heck I was going to get this place done, but then I stopped, took a deep breath and kept going. Then, I found out that Clay lost his job and that we would no longer be moving to Sonoma County. Ok! Well, to be honest, I really didn’t want to move there anyway, so I decided I’d look at this as a positive. Sure, come Thursday we will all technically join the ranks of the jobless and homeless, BUT everything will go into storage and I will pack my kiddos up and drive to friends and family. It Summer, after-all and a little bit of gypsy-ism is going to be just fine! I happen to be the fortunate recipient of an amazing friend who has opened her family’s door to us (you can all remember to offer prayers of thanksgiving for her and her family, on my behalf). I do not believe we will be left without a place to go and once I’m able to sit down and think for a few minutes, I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with a plan. Until then, I continue to clean out the cupboards and closets and as soon as Clay arrives and purchases boxes, the actual packing of stuff will begin.

Plus, there’s still all the regular kiddo stuff going on. Mariah is still working and needing rides. Maddi and Anna still want to visit with friends, take tennis lessons, have going-away and bday parties and go to the fair. The 4 youngest kept busy, this last week, with VBS and play dates.

And on Tuesday I take Max for GATE testing. I still have to keep him in the forefront of my mind and know that as much of a regular routine as I’m able to keep, while we go through this move, will do him (and everyone) good. Once I have the results of his testing, I can seek out schools that will be able to offer him the best options.

So, I’m sipping my coffee and listening to the sounds of my 7, sleeping kiddos, on this Saturday morning that will be filled with cleaning, packing, the fair, tennis, the slipNslide and finding a storage unit.

Doing the Dance of the Children and Life~

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And Just to Keep Things Interesting…

June 23, 2011

I tell ya, I really don’t know what’s coming my way each day!

Today’s dose of Keeping Jen’s Life Interesting-Clay lost his job. That’s right…

So, I am still packing and organizing and cleaning out and still have to be out of this house by next Thursday, but I will no longer be going to Sonoma County. I WILL, however, still be heading to Northern California, to friends and family because there’s no other option. Good thing it’s summer! So, me and 6 kiddos will load up into the van, with whatever will sustain us for the summer and everything else will go into storage (here, I guess) and we will let it play out from there.

Believe it or not, I’m not freaking out. What’s the point?! All I can do is what I can do and that means sticking to the fragments of the plan I still have. Honestly, I think it’s going to be good. Out of the ashes, right?

Doing the Dance of the Children…No Matter What~

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