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Tell Me What You’re Grateful for Today

February 4, 2013

Name one thing (or more if you’d like) you’re grateful for today.

Today, I’m grateful for a network of people, working together to make Good Stuff happen for a beautiful life AND I’m grateful that I have a sister who’s a certified massage therapist, who is willing to come take care of rubbing all this life out of my right shoulder.

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Doing the Dance of the Children and of Life!

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February 1st Is a Good Time to Revisit My Resolution for 2013

February 1, 2013

On January 6th, I finally came up with my New Year’s Resolution. Of course, I’d thought of all the “usual” things-weight loss, excercise, eating better, becoming a millionaire…
But when it came right down to it, what I needed to strive for and give to those around me was something much bigger, much more challenging because it means thinking about each of my actions, slowing down and stopping to pray and think before I react. I haven’t been completely successful, but I HAVE made great strides!

Here’s what I wrote on January 6th-

I’ve finally made my resolution. Yes, I could use a little weight loss. Yes, I could eat better. Yes, I could wake up and go for a run or a walk.

But my resolution is kindness. I resolve to act and speak more kindly, to try hard to make my first response a response that is loving and kind instead of sarcastic or heavy. I need this, my children need this, those around me need this. And to be honest, I think it would be easier to shed 30lbs than to think my words and actions through. So here I go…

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream, As Interpreted By Lex

January 31, 2013

This kiddo keeps me smiling!

Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, according to Lex is that “boys and girls would drink together.”

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Good Stuff to Share

January 31, 2013

YOU are in charge of your thoughts. Breathe deeply and choose wisely~

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Good Stuff to Share

January 31, 2013

Strong, Worthy, Beautiful!

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“Don’t Worry”-I’m Always Saying it. Now I Need to Practice it!

October 29, 2012

“Don’t worry!” “It will all work out.” “God has a plan.” “Worry never did anyone any good.” “Take care of what you are able to and leave the rest up to God.”
These are all phrases that I use regularly. I believe them and I’ve seen the truth in them time and time again, in my own life and the lives of those around me. But it simply never fails that when I’m thrown a curve ball or see a potentially life-changing situation coming at me, I can feel the worry come on. I feel it in my head, as it begins to tighten into a mild headache. I feel it in my shoulders as I tense up and wonder what the plan might be. I can feel it in my stomach as I play the worst-case-scenario scenes through my head.

Why?! Why do I do this?! Why is it so natural to go against all I BELIEVE and all that has been proven to me?

I am choosing to breathe deeply (literally) and I have a glass of ice water sitting on my desk. I’ve uttered prayers of “Your will be done” and I’ve thought of the very worst things that can happen in the unknown. Now…now I need to practice what I preach and let it go and know that there is a plan for every single thing that happens in my life, whether I can foresee the outcome or not. And I need to get back to what I CAN control…the rest of today’s work/getting Gabi to gymnastics/getting Anna to her tennis team party/making dinner/loving those dear to me and offering the unknown to my God, who has never, NEVER let me down.

I ask that if you are so inclined, that you keep my intentions in your prayers and send all manner of Good Stuff my way.

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Road Trip for The Soul

October 20, 2012

Last week I had the opportunity to go to San Diego for the weekend. And I took it! My oldest son drove with me and we headed down after I got the little kids to school and got my work done for the morning. I hadn’t seen Maddi since June and I hadn’t been to SD since last August. It was time to let the sweet ocean breeze blow over my soul and take a few days to visit with friends, go back to my church, that I miss terribly, visit with my daughter and just be.  It proved to be all of that. Plus, I had the added bonus of getting new tires from our good friends at Big O Tires on Garnet. Good Stuff all the way around!

Maddi and I took some time to ride along the boardwalk in PB. I breathed deeply and took in all the ocean air my lungs could capture.


I met friends at my FAVORITE restaurant, Cost Brava, for tapas, sangria and catching up.

Sunday Clayton, Maddi and I went back to Holy Angels and attended Liturgy. I’ve missed it so much! Then we were able to have some time with friends and capped it all off with a trip to Bird Rock at low tide. So much goodness for my soul! Early Monday morning Clayton and I headed back to Northern California.

To see our entire photo album of the trip, visit my Facebook page.

Now it’s back to Doing the Dance~

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Lex’s V.I.G. Week-Good Stuff!

October 7, 2012

Lex is in 1st Grade. The school he goes to assigns an animal to each classroom. The kids then get t-shirts with that animal on it that they wear on Fridays and on field trips. Since Lex’s class is the Gorilla Class, they call the student of the week, the V.I.G. Lex was V.I.G. last week. I filled out the poster that was sent home, put together a few pictures and off he went to be in front of the line and be in charge of whatever classroom tasks the teacher assigns to the V.I.G. Then came Friday. That’s the day that we chose to send in a special treat and visit the classroom to read a story and answer questions about our family. Lex asked me to make Halloween “melts”-candy molds on pretzel sticks and to bring in a particular book.

On Thursday evening I got to work on the candy molds

These would soon turn into tasty rats, pumpkins, bats, skeletons and spiders

The Treats were then wrapped and ready for morning delivery

Delivering my V.I.G. to the classroom. What he didn’t know was that I wasn’t going to read a story. Instead, I had Clayton get ready to…

Juggle! WAY more exciting than mom reading a book! He juggled clubs and tennis balls and then brought Lex up and together they taught the class a song.

It was such Good Stuff! This is a day that Lex will always remember with pride and joy. It was really cool to see him have his big brother there to do something special for him. He definitely felt proud.

Then it was time to pass out the treats and finish up a little moment in time that will always be remembered.

Doing the Dance of the Children with Joy and Pride in my Kiddos~

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Sunday Morning Good Stuff

October 1, 2012

A friend of mine owns a race company and I often times help out with the race day busyness. Yesterday, she put on an Adventure Race and Gabi persuaded Anna to run it with her. They picked a name-Electric Pink, made t-shirts and got excited for the fun.

Signing in and getting their bibs.

Team Electric Pink, ready for the race!

I was working a station where the racers had to read a plaque and add up the numbers. The girls are finding the numbers and adding them up.

The entire course was 4 miles long. Gabi made it through most of it, but needed a pick up at the end. But they made it through all the stations and had a fun day of SisterTime in the sunshine.

Clayton and I each worked booths and the boys went to a fun park with my mom where they were able to catch pollywogs, splash through some water and come back smelling like a bath was in order. It was a fantastic way to spend our Sunday morning! We look forward to the next race, whether we’re working it or running it!

Click here to “like” the J & J Sports Productions FB page, check out the fun pictures and let’s encourage this kind of fun event to continue!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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An Open Letter to the Tooth Fairy

August 29, 2012

This certainly  is not the first time I’ve discussed the Tooth Fairy. Over the many years of Lang kids losing teeth, there’s been plenty of times to talk about the Tooth Fairy’s services. But this is the first time I’ve written directly to her. I’m sincerely grateful for her flexibility and willingness to accommodate our specific needs.

Dear Tooth Fairy

Thank you for making occasional midday trips, when you were overbooked the night before. It is truly appreciated. I know Max will be SO happy that you didn’t forget him. As a M.O.M., I know you NEVER ACTUALLY forget to visit a child who has lost a tooth, but sometimes children question that fact.

So again, I thank you for your daytime, Kids-are-at-school visit. You are Good Stuff!


Doing the Dance of the Children…One Tooth At A Time~

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Good Stuff From Lex

July 26, 2012

You have to smile when your 6 year old comes in and asks-

“How bad was Leroy Brown?”!

Seriously Good Stuff!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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10 Days of Good Stuff

July 22, 2012

People always wish each other well. And now that we have instant access to each other’s daily lives and routines through social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, we each receive daily bits of good luck and inspiration from those connected to us. But it’s not often that those well-wishes turn into action!

About 6 weeks ago, a long-time friend from San Diego was following me through social media as I was Doing my daily Dance of the Children and juggling my new work schedule and she sent me a message, saying that she was going to try to come hang out with me and the kids and lend a hand. I thanked her and kind of laughed the whole thing off. However, a few weeks later, she arrived at my door for a 10-day stay at The House of M.O.M. I was SO grateful, knowing I’d have company, extra hands and help with keeping the kiddos entertained! But I was also really nervous. People who don’t have a house full of kids don’t ACTUALLY know what they’re in for. I was concerned that after a few days of laundry, dishes, entertaining kiddos, playing board games and noise, that she just may head home, shaking her head.

Surprisingly, I was wrong!

She was fantastic at entertaining kids, listening to ideas, playing games and being patient! Not only that, she’s a fabulous organizer! You should SEE my game cupboard! Everything is neat and tidy. I also have to mention that she’s one heck of a spider catcher! She caught the HUGEST black widow that any of us have EVER seen. It had been hanging out in my garage for about a month (that I know of). She caught it and turned it into a cool observation piece for the kids. Yes, it’s gone now, but for a few days, they got to observe it.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for taking a few days out of your life to lend a hand and make things run a little smoother over here. You are appreciated!

Wait! Did I mention that we went to Tahoe?! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L trip! It was a day trip that I wouldn’t have taken, if I hadn’t have had company to show off to. I hope to do it again, soon!

Doing the Dance of the Children and a little ahead of the game because of a friend’s thoughtfulness~

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What Summertime Looks Like, So Far

June 17, 2012

We’ve had one full week of summer. It’s been busy, noisy, hot and full! I’m still working full-time, so there’s been plenty of juggling, but this is what it’s looked like so far. I think we’re on the right track.

To get to summer, we had to finish school and that meant Tristan’s graduation from 6th grade. Next year he’ll be in middle school. ~Sigh~

Clayton (JJ) was with us for about a week and he was able to be at Tristan’s ceremony.

Once school was officially over, it was time for SUMMER! There’s been leisurely breakfasts;


Flower picking;

We have some really pretty flowers growing in our back yard!

There’s also been Mommy N Me Time;

Lex and I took an hour away to ourselves and enjoyed some spicy appetizers. I love his little face!

There’s also been plenty of time for the boys to challenge each other at chess (I love it when they play chess!)

After work, we’ve grabbed the scooters, bikes and plasma cars and headed out to walk to the park. After a long day behind a desk, I need to get out and move!

And of course, there’s been swimming! Dad has a pool at his apartment, which means they’re swimming whenever they’re there and yesterday I scooped everyone up and we went to a friend’s graduation and birthday celebration at their pool. I have fish children and I love it!

Oh, that reminds me! Kateri (my oldest, who just graduated college), just made me a very happy and proud M.O.M. by letting me know that she is now the assistant Swim/Dive coach at Franciscan University Steubenville! Good Stuff!

So that’s what summer looks like so far. It’s been good! As soon as I’m working part-time, it will be even more full of Good Stuff to share.

Doing the Dance of the Children…In the Summertime~

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Being Lex-Ninjas and Lost Teeth

June 9, 2012

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a look at life from the perspective of one of the kids. Lex is always a good choice!

Recently, he did a school project and talked about how much he likes soccer and that when he grows up, he wants to be a Ninja. Hmmm…

Just so happens that one of my clients owns a martial arts school-Innovative Martial Arts, and was holding a one day Ninja Camp for kids 6 years old and older. It was too perfect to let pass by without enrolling him!

Off to Ninja Camp he went. One of the moms took a bunch of great pictures. I LOVE the expression of intensity on his lil face! Thank goodness for protective gear!

I hear there’s a one day, Samurai Class coming up. Any samurais-in-the-making out there? Visit the Innovative Martial Arts Facebook Fan page for all info and upcoming events and classes. There’s a lot of Good Stuff going on over there.

My lil Ninja-in-Training soon took another step toward growing up and a few days later, he lost his first tooth! He bit into an apple and the rest was a matter of wiggle and pull. He was a happy boy when the tooth fairy left him a dollar underneath his pillow. He said, “I’m going to eat a WHOLE BUNCH of apples and lose lots of my teeth and then I’m going to the Dollar Store!”.

Looking at the world through the eyes of a 6 year old with Ninja skills is pretty great!

Doing the Dance of the Children~

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Local Fun-Roseville’s Downtown Tuesday Nights

May 2, 2012

I’m always looking for fun things to do with the kids that are easy to get to, inexpensive and fun. Downtown Tuesday Nights fits all of those criteria! I remember, last summer, that we stumbled onto a DTN, but didn’t know it was a regularly occurring event. This year, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know about the event from a behind-the-scenes perspective, by providing daily content for the event’s social media platform. This gave me even more reason to grab the kids, tuck a few dollars into my pocket and head out to enjoy the evening.

We spent a total of $5 at the event, but the kids came away with balloons, stuffed animals, tickets and passes to Dave and Buster’s, free water bottles, a few pieces of candy each and the desire to go back next week! We are looking forward to experiencing the fun of the kids’ zone where there are pony rides and bounce houses to be explored. And you better believe that we each have our own list of what vendors’ foods we want to sample. On top of all of that, I’m looking forward to heading down there on a Tuesday without the kiddos, where I can sit for awhile in the margarita garden, enjoy the live music and then walk into The Place for a fabulous dinner. Good Stuff to look forward to!

Everyone we saw was having a good time. The music was being enjoyed, the cars were being drooled over (I have my own dream pick…someday!) and everyone was enjoying time out with family and friends. Roseville’s Downtown Tuesday Nights is full of great things that bring the community together. What’s better?!

The Hank Biggs Band was keepin’ it moving tonight.

This couple was so fun to watch! They made the rest of us wish we knew how to dance!

The kids were in awe of this car. The sign said something like “1922″ or perhaps it was “1944″. Whatever it was, it was incredibly old and amazing!

Max and Tristan both felt that this car was their favorite of the night.

Gabi wanted to pose with this beauty of a car.

This has always been my dream car. Do you see the “For Sale” sign? Do you?! Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Just sayin’~

This is my uncle’s car! We ran into him and his Pride and Joy and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a picture.

Doing the Dance of the Children and Enjoying Our New Community~

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