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Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Slow Cooker-Southwestern Chicken

Slow Cooker-Pesto & Sundried Tomato Chicken

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  1. Comment by Sugar Jones:

    Yummy! Thanks for this dinner shortcut. And umm… I think I know what we’re eating for dinner. :)

  2. Comment by Sister 3 Cami*:

    Jennie, This is Awesome. Great Work. Tierney loves filming me cooking and she narrates! so cute! We’ll have to visit Eachother’s show…. LOL

  3. Comment by Gellie:

    YUUUUUUUUUUMMY!!! That looks SO good. Way to go SisterMama! :)

  4. Comment by Casey Sprague:

    Awesome! I will try this for sure!

  5. Comment by froglady:

    Is there a reason why I get the sound but not the video. Your face is on “pause”. I’ve tried it numerous times and it is the same…no video.

  6. Comment by Peggie:

    I think we’ll have to try it. :) Thanks Sis!

  7. Comment by Kelly:

    I’m so impressed with your video! Tried this the other night, big hit! Thanks for the new recipe. I’m always looking for quick & easy ideas – keep ‘em coming!

  8. Comment by Erica:

    I tries this tonite, but served it with rice. The kids liked it once they got over their fear of the green goop on their chicken. :)

  9. Comment by Jesika Jennings:

    We will try this at my house for SURE. One night when I make Garlic-Free pesto, I’ll make tons more and use that for this recipe. yum.

  10. Comment by Jen R:

    Looks great! Fabulous job!

  11. Comment by Missy:

    Looks yummy! I will have to try it! Great Job!

  12. Comment by Jen R:

    Another great looking recipe!

  13. Comment by Casey Sprague:

    Yummy, Yummy!!

  14. Comment by Susan:

    These are so fun! I’d like to try the one with sun-dried tomatoes! You just can’t go wrong with those ingredients!

    Do you have any go-to meatless recipes you’d recommend?

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