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Friends of M.O.M. – Mommy of Many®

Friends of M.O.M.

This page is a place for friends to share their stories and experiences with us all. Community is so important for us as mommies, women and military spouses or any combination of those titles. We learn so much from each other and get great joy from the sharing that takes place, whether it be meal ideas, child rearing ideas, words of support and encouragement or funny stories of life.
So hear you go; This page is yours!




Casey and Jen podcast fun

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  1. Comment by Casey Sprague:

    Kudos to “MommyofMany”. As we watched you walk across the street this morning after the NOSC Coffee you organized we said “nobody would ever guess she’s the mother of 9 — well, maybe the van gives it away”. :-) You looked FABULOUS, you coordinated a wonderful morning complete with homemade cookies in a hand decorated box as gift for us all, and you seemed relaxed and together. I’m glad you’re my friend and I’m glad I get to read this site for a little inspiration when I need it! xo CASEY

  2. Comment by Maggie:

    :) Thank You!

    Something Quick….
    I was indulging in some Dove milk chocolate and as anyone might know….Dove chocolate has little “promises” on the inside of it’s wrappers. Well, twice in a row last night I got one that said ” Be Fearless” Seriously!
    I am embarking on an adventure….Going into business as a Massage Therapist for MYSELF!! Kinda scary because there is work to be done but I have taken on with two women who are insanely supportive and positive and I truly feel like I will fit in well with them!
    I believe Life is about taking chances,..I find that it is often the ones we are most afraid of that we learn the most from,… making good decisions, trusting in your intuition and trying…everyday….to be that which we are meant to be in this world not only for ourselves, but honestly…for everyone else as well! To all of you….”Be Fearless”…what do you really have to lose? :)

  3. Comment by Missy:

    This is very cool! I am so proud of you. It is so like you to do something creative and amazing like this! I look forward to reading all you write but most of all to hear your voice and what you have to say! It makes me feel closer to you!! I am so proud of all that you do, and am so happy to call you my friend. Girl we’ve been friends for like 18 years. WOW! Love You!

  4. Comment by Gel:

    Just wanted to be on the friends page too! I love you.

  5. Comment by Pilar:

    Love seeing the photo of Sandy, Yenny, You and Christine..
    (Yenny is pregnant?! Yay! Please tell her congratulations for me!)
    Casey! Hi sweetie! How are you, John, Amber, and the boys?!

    Something to share:
    This past friday I had a fortune cookie that said, “You will have peace and harmony in your home.” After a big sigh, of what I expect was relief, all I could say was Praise to you oh Lord!

    Love to you,

  6. Comment by Cami*:

    Hi, i’m camille, Jen’s second sister. Mama to Three little ones.

    This morning my Tea had a bit of Engouragment ~: “Compassion has No Limit Kindness has No Enemy” Thank You~*

    This is to Say, i am LOving You and Praying that all Mommy’s who reach your site and feel your friendship will be inspired to live their potential.
    Don’t Stop Now, your Children and others around NEED to see you doing for others and yourself. This Encourages us to Aspire toward our Created Purpose KNOW-LOVE-SERVE

    Love to all You Mommy’s out there~*

  7. Comment by Debi:

    Jen…omgosh my eyes and ears are still glued in fascination at all that you accomplish!! You are defintely one of the world’s wonders, not only blessed with a loving family but the patience to deal with all that comes with that and the common sence to be thankful for them and enjoy all that each one brings to your life =) This new website is amazing and I for one can’t wait to ‘plug-in’ as often as I can. Many gratz to you..many hugs to you all!!

  8. Comment by Gel:

    Women have the capacity to be great friends or arch enemies. Knowing this, I fight to be humble and not pass judgement so quickly on others and their life’s paths. It is so easy to criticize and dissect and put a damper on someone’s accomplishments and to make them feel small and insignificant. Yes, Jen Lang is my oldest sister and I am #4 of 9 and have always looked up to her. But she is also my friend, advisor and a very strong connection to my childhood and who I am. We can all learn from each other if we stop being so defensive and afraid to admit that some people can handle more than we can and just admire and praise and support them in all they do. Each person is given their vessel and it is the size, depth and shape that God sees fit. Some are meant to hold more, but that does not make others vessels less. I admit I am guilty of jumping to conclusions and passing judgement as we all are. I am human and I know that forgiveness is always there waiting. We must be strong enough to admit our weaknesses and ask for AND accept help. I love you so much Jen. You have forgiven me more times than I think either of us would like to count. I love you, I admire you, I support you and most of all I need you, everyday and always.

  9. Comment by Judy:

    You are truly amazing! I brag about you all the time to other moms, especially when they ask me if “I’m done having kids.” I’m just honored to have you as a friend. So, when do I get to start writing your book?! Among other things, you always inspire me to do more. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family.

  10. Comment by Dad:

    I am truly amazed at your accomplishments! Not because I thought you couldn’t do this – but just because you DID this! God blessed us with nine wonderful children – and you were our first gift! Only our individual bonds with God are more precious than our family bond. You are loved and appreciated – as are all your dear sisters and your brother. No parents have been more richly blessed than we!
    Love always,

  11. Comment by Dad and Mom:

    Hi Jennie, still finding my way around your beautiful website. I just thought I’d add a few words of encouragement and say that we always knew you were “loveable and capable” . This reminds me of the tape Grampa made of you at three talking so bravely into his recorder! We have still pictures of that event as well with you all dolled up in your new Christmas Nighty and Grampa holding the recorder for you. But before that! I have a tape of you purring while you were nursing at one month old .As well as a tape of you “gooing “into the microphone for your Dad when you were about three months old and he was in the Aleutian Islands on a Navy base in Adak Alaska in 1971! So see Jen it was inevitable that you would be doing this for all of us now .”Run Jennie ,run! Run Jennie run…! ” You go Girl!! Love and encouragement Mom

  12. Comment by Suzanne:

    Wow! You should gather up those tapes your parents have and incorporate them into one of your podcasts! I’m really only adding my little note here so that I can be among your friends, Jen. I’m really moved and inspired by you, and I count you among my role models! Thanks for the generous work of love that goes into your podcasts and posts.

  13. Comment by Evelyn Garcia:

    This is such an awesome website. Heard your podcast too! Those kids are so beautiful! Like the gates! We have to talk soon, but I know that time will be a factor for you! Have a blessed day! Squeeze and hug and kiss those kids for me! Wait til you are a grandma and get to do it all over again! It is too precious!

  14. Comment by Anna:

    I am a friend of Kateri’s. I love your blog!!! Although, I am at a very different stage in life (a junior in college) I love to hear about your everyday battles and joys as a mother. Someday I know that reading your blog will make me a better mother. So, thank you.

  15. Comment by Cami:

    It’s so funny to find another “Cami” here! : ) I’m a mom of two grown kids, 21 & 17 (okay, they still need me–a LOT), and I am obviously impressed, as I’m sure everyone is, that you care for 9 children, Jen! AND you’re a military wife! My cousin is a chaplain for the US army, (I hope this is okay to share: his blog is chaplain.blogspot.com), and I thought he and his wife had a brood with 5! You military families are in my most fervent, daily prayers. Also, if it’s any help to any of the moms here, my son has just started up a new video game review site for parents, and it turns out it’s the most content rich review site of its kind on the web–you DON’T want your kids to sweet-talk you into anything you have no clue about. ; ) It’s called Jorim’s List. Above all this, I’d like to encourage mommies to just “eat their kids up”; enjoy the time with them, soak in the joy when they are little–they grow up SO fast. And as I mentioned, they never stop needing us. In our home, we’ve lived with the death of a child and other heart-rending health challenges, and I know first-hand that there is nothing more important than our kids and keeping the family strong and first priority–nothing! God bless!

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