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My Glass Was 1/2 Full

It really is all in how you look at things~ For a little more than a month now, I’ve been on the quest to get my license renewed. I logged in online, created an account and tried to get it done the quick and easy way. But my computer froze up and I ended up [...]

Something Beautiful

Sometimes I have to take a minute to remind myself of the beauty all around me.  Today I opened the sunroof and drove to the water.  There’s nothing like the smell of the ocean and the feeling of it’s breezes!  Taking just a few moments to revel in something that makes me so happy and [...]

A Few Words For the Ladies

The other night I was with a group of great ladies and we were chit chatting about life.  We got on the subject of organizing our houses and how we like things done and how our husbands are often times clueless about where things go or how we like things put away, folded, organized, etc. [...]

Mommy of Many Show #57: Changes and Blessings

This has been quite a week!  I thought I was going to have lots of time between scheduling my surgery and actually having the surgery.  In the short time between finding out that I will be going in next week and now, I’ve come to realize that the time frame is a blessing in disguise. [...]

Monday, Monday

Good Morning!  It’s Monday and the start of a new week.  I’m deciding to be cheery and optimistic about this day and the beginning of this week.  Today I have 2 repairmen coming to the house.  One for my washing machine and one for the washing machine that housing brought in.  ~chuckling and shaking my head~.  Sometimes you just [...]

I Should Have Known!

I really should have seen it coming!  Anytime I’m on-the-ball enough to have dinner in the crock pot by 9 am, I really should expect a disaster!   The day went along very smoothly and I was feeling GREAT!  I patted myself on the back for how well things were going and for having dinner [...]

Mommy of Many Morning Short-Wednesday

Simple, beautiful, happy I hope you each find something with these qualities in it today. Have a great day~ Other Media Download (62)

Motherhood is Full of Sh*t

*Gasp*! “Jen that is not very nice!” You are right! It’s not very nice, but it’s 100% true. The thought came to me (and not for the first time) yesterday when I was holding Luke-Xavier, ankles and wrists, like a prized pig and running for the bathtub. I was forced to realize that too many [...]

Mommy of Many Show #41: Camping with the Kids

For the last year I’ve done a pretty good job of stepping outside my “box” or comfort zone and have tried new things and stretched my limits. I thought I had stretched out enough that my “box” didn’t really exist anymore. Boy, was I wrong! This week I found that I am capable of being [...]

Camping! How’d That Happen?!

Well here’s a story! Last week, a friend of mine called and offered me the opportunity to stay at the beach for a few nights with the kids. That sounded fun! She said she had rented a cabin but couldn’t use it for the dates she had reserved it, but that we could use it [...]

Mommy of Many Show #40: Going to a Relaxation and Meditation Seminar

A good friend of mine invited me to go to a relaxation and meditation seminar with her. I could certainly use some tools for relaxing and de-stressing my busy days. It was a really good experience that I found full of words that affirmed some things that I’ve been thinking about. As women, it’s important [...]

~Sigh~ Remembering to be Flexible

It was only days ago that I was telling us all to be flexible and enjoy the days as they come. Today, I am trying to take my own advice. This has been a challenging week and a few bumps were put in my path. So, I’m trying to take a deep breath and remember [...]

Mommy of Many Show #35: Learning Lessons #7-Be Flexible

This week’s show is sponsored by Aveeno Baby! I learned a valuable lesson this week! I often get so locked into the plan of the day that I can’t enjoy a nice surprise or change of plans. When I realized that I had forgotten to write down plans with one of my sisters I had [...]

Learning Lessons #7: Be Flexible

I’m a planner. I want everything laid out in detail so that I don’t have too many surprises. You can imagine that I have surprises and schedule changes all the time, but I, sort-of, build those in. You know the kind, you’ve sat down to write the budget and the baby gets into something icky [...]

I am NO Wonder Woman!

Recently, a friend said that she passed my blog and podcast onto a friend of hers hoping to share a little inspiration and a little fun. The friend came back to her saying that women like me come off as “Wonder Woman” and that she frankly can’t keep up. AH! NO, NO, NO! There are [...]

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