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Hey Buddy, Let’s Go Have Sushi

School’s around the corner and until this morning I wasn’t sure exactly where Max would be going. He’s been placed on a wait list for the only school in the area that has GATE classes and the school that he was in last year, isn’t his “home” school and would require a request for an [...]

Have a Cup of Coffee & Help End Human Trafficking!

I’ve been spending time each day exploring all the new places around me and this is by far, one of my VERY BEST finds! There are global issues that make us all feel so small and helpless and Human Trafficking is at the top of that list for me. As a mom it’s one of [...]

New Town, New House, New Business, New Decade-Turning 40

So here it is-40. Today is the 1st Monday of my 40′s. I spent last week planning what great strides I would make when today arrived. I would let myself go through the weekend not worrying about much, but when Monday arrived, I’d be on it! All the things I let trip me up each [...]

An Update Full of Good Stuff

I can’t believe so many days got away from me! But each of them has been full of work and keeping the kids busy and entertained. All the work has paid off in the housing area! We are getting the keys to our beautiful new home on Friday! We are all very excited to live [...]

Home is Where Somebody Loves You

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and in it’s right time. This belief is the only thing keeping me from going crazy about not having a house yet. I’ve filled my days with looking for a house and keeping the kiddos busy and entertained. We’ve had lots of fun visiting with family [...]

Nor Cal Stuff

3 things that are on my mind about being in Nor Cal this morn 1) Sprouts is Henry’s. I kept hearing about this great, new grocery store that I was going to HAVE to try out because of it’s GREAT deals and awesome produce. I was even given a coupon to try it out. So [...]

Hello OCD Tendencies-How Can I Serve You Today?

For the last couple of months I’ve been keeping my anxiety and OCD tendencies at bay. I’ve spent plenty of time telling myself that there simply isn’t time to deal with my hang-ups and that I needed to push through the issues of each day and all the crazy, anxiety-filled stuff that’s been thrown at [...]

Catching Up On Friday

I am so so grateful for the doors that have been opened to us and the support that I’ve been given. The fact that the kids and I have a comfortable, safe place to stay and plenty of fun activities to fill up our days is a HUGE gift. We’ve spent this week keeping busy. [...]

We Are More Than Our Labels-Staving Off An Identity Crisis

The last few days of not having my kids with me, not having a home to go to, not having a schedule or what feels like a purpose have brought me to the brink of an identity crisis. I’ve felt fragmented and completely out of every element I’ve ever come to be comfortable with and [...]

One Day At a Time

It’s often hardest to talk when there’s the most to say. I’ve spent 3 1/2 days without my kids. They are having a GREAT time at their grandparents’ with their dad. I love to hear their happy voices and listen to all they have to tell me about each days’ adventures. But I’m ready for [...]

Plans? What Plans?

I’ve always been a planner. I thrive on setting a schedule and holding to it. Knowing what’s coming and how it’s going to happen is how I’ve lived my adult life and how I’ve run my household, even creating a daily Morning Memo so that everyone in the house could wake to the plan of [...]

Max’s Take on Moving

Yesterday, while we were driving away from the only house Max has ever lived in, he says to me-”Mom, moving is like picking up a handful of acorns and dropping them and watching them all scatter”. I love the insights into Max’s way of thinking. Scattered acorns will plant themselves where they fall and become [...]

Hello Summer Adventure!

I woke up this morning as usual-early and w/ my 2 youngest cuddled up to me in bed. Then I looked around and remembered that we were on the 1st day of our new adventure. I laid there and listened to the sleepy sounds of my 4 kiddos. They had been worn out by a [...]

And Just to Keep Things Interesting…

I tell ya, I really don’t know what’s coming my way each day! Today’s dose of Keeping Jen’s Life Interesting-Clay lost his job. That’s right… So, I am still packing and organizing and cleaning out and still have to be out of this house by next Thursday, but I will no longer be going to [...]

Trying To Stay Sane

As my move gets closer, the craziness is intensifying. Yesterday I found out that the movers, who I was counting on for this huge job, were no longer coming in time for us to vacate by the mandatory date of June 30th. Huh?! As I’ve looked around this house and done what I could do [...]

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