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365 Days Later

Yesterday marked 365 days since I put my kids into the 15-passenger van to pull away from the home and life we’d known for the last 12 years. I drove away jobless, homeless, with all my belongings (except some clothes and this computer) in a storage unit and the realization that my Passat had been [...]

Local Fun-Roseville’s Downtown Tuesday Nights

I’m always looking for fun things to do with the kids that are easy to get to, inexpensive and fun. Downtown Tuesday Nights fits all of those criteria! I remember, last summer, that we stumbled onto a DTN, but didn’t know it was a regularly occurring event. This year, I’ve had the privilege of getting [...]

Mommy of Many’s Disconnected and Random Thoughts for Today

What a day! I wanted to share my thoughts even though they don’t seem to have a common thread- What amazing people I have in my life! People who take time and give of themselves simply because it makes life easier for others and “why not” share what you can. Each day I give thanks [...]

Sweet Words, Kind Gestures and Flowers Made for a Bright Day

Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of some sweet and kind gestures. The point of this blog isn’t to write down the compliments I received but instead to share how I feel about people opening themselves up to giving and receiving compliments. We all see and hear things that make us happy, put a smile [...]

A Perfect Example of Why Military Housing is the Way To Go!

If you keep up with this blog then you know we’ve been having the house redone.  We’ve been here for 7 years and were eligible to have the house repainted, re-carpeted, retiled, etc. So we moved everything out, took all the pictures off the walls, removed all the nails, packed up all the books and nick [...]

Clay’s Farewell Party

As you know, we are preparing for Clay’s next deployment and it’s just around the corner in May.  With the help of some great friends who offered their house and yard and the many great people who came to help say, “See you next year”, we had a great party!   Thank you to everyone [...]

My First Big Day Out and What a Great Reason!

Well, yesterday was a test of what I could do.   It was my first time back to church with the family and then we had a baptism and luncheon afterward.  I hadn’t done hair and make-up in 3 weeks!  Getting back to our parish with my family was great!  It’s a small parish and [...]

M.O.M. update

I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I can feel tired after almost 2 weeks in bed.  I feel like a terrible blogger and an even worse podcaster.  I always have these big expectations for what “should” happen and hate it when I fall short!   Over the weekend I had a very close [...]

It Feels Like Day Bazillion in Bed!

So, here I sit (for no more than 1/2 hour at a time) in bed.  This means that surgery went well and that I’m on the road to recovery.  It also means that when I’m not asleep, I’m lying down because sitting or standing for too long bring great discomfort.  Ugh!  I’ve also learned that [...]

Getting It All Together

Since I returned from my, VERY FUN, trip it’s been all business!  The younger kids were SO happy to have me come home and had a million things to show-and-tell me.  It made me realize the wisdom of a friend’s words when he pointed out that I should think about staying a few days away [...]

Mommy of Many Show #57: Changes and Blessings

This has been quite a week!  I thought I was going to have lots of time between scheduling my surgery and actually having the surgery.  In the short time between finding out that I will be going in next week and now, I’ve come to realize that the time frame is a blessing in disguise. [...]

Dancing Thru This Day

It’s always amazing to me how things fall together!   About 2 months ago, I made plans to go to Washington state to visit my friend, Pilar.  When all of my surgery news fell in my lap I thought that I should cancel my trip.  But, I now see that it’s the perfect time for [...]

The Lemon Tree Story

This story has been years in the making.  I believe it’s been about 6 years since it started.  It wasn’t until this morning that I realized that it was not just a tale of a tree’s growth, but a tale of community. Years ago, we had a wonderful neighbor, “Miss Casey”.  She was always willing [...]

A Tale to Share

Today’s Tale started two days ago and goes something like this; So the washing machine guy finally showed up (again we are 1 day shy of a week) and let me know (nicely enough) that it will likely be Monday before the parts are in and the labor can be done. He also let me [...]

A Mommy of Many Adventure…………..

The last few days have been an adventure in mommying. So I thought I’d tell a story. Saturday morning I packed up my little ones and JJ and went to our church to help get boys who had come into town for a retreat, to their destination. Even though my van is a pain to [...]

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