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Last Thursday was the big day. Clay’s flight was coming in at 10:50 pm. The kids spent the day making signs, asking “when are we going to the airport?” and getting excited to welcome their dad back. After the long day of getting everything ready, I loaded the kids into the van and headed to [...]


One year! I’ve gotta be honest-with the 2 visits and the overall busyness of our house and our schedule, it doesn’t AT ALL seem like a year has passed. But I knew that from the beginning. I knew that the way this house works, that everything would just keep rolling the same as always and [...]

Tips on Keeping a Military Father Connected While Deployed

A few days ago, I watched a Mommycast Video that really piqued my interest. I love all the work these ladies do, but this topic hit near to home. They did a video entitled The Military Father with special guest, Armin Brott, Author the book The Military Father. He gave some great tips on keeping [...]

United Through Reading

United Through Reading is a program that believes in uniting families through reading. They have a military program that is offered through the USO at selected USO sites. A service members can stop into the USO and pick a book for each of their children and then make a video of themselves reading the book [...]

Christmas “Break”

School is out, which means I’m off work. JJ got in from school on Friday and Clay arrived yesterday. Kateri spent 4 days going back and forth to the base in Ramstein, trying to get a mac flight home. After 4 days of being bumped because of her low priority, she’s given up on using [...]

Bloggin’ on the ish…

I didn’t mean for this to happen. Every day I think of the funny moments that happen around here. I make a mental note of how certain things get done or that we are WELL into this year of deployment and how it’s all successfully happening in this house. I’ll shoot a quick Twitter update, [...]

Deployment Update

Clay left in May for training and prep to head over to Iraq and spend a year hunting IEDs with the Army. He came home for a few days at the end of June before going over. He’s been in theater since the 1st of July. I never know whether to count from when he [...]

Bible Stories According to the Military Child

At 4 yrs old Gabi is very interested in reading. She often takes books out and “reads” them out loud to us. Over the last few days she’s been carrying the Children’s Bible around and “reading” various stories to us. Tonight, after dinner, she brought it over to the table and started to “read” to [...]

Operation Love

I wanted to share this wonderful service that was offered to me. A couple of months ago, I met a photographer, named Hollie and she told me that she belonged to an organization called Operation Love ReUnited which is a group of photographers who offer photo shoots to the families of deployed or deploying soldiers [...]

Lovin’ Summer!

There’s no denying what time of year it is around here.  We’re packing everyday with fun and friends.  Our schedule is completely out the window and I keep forgetting what day of the week it is.  I’m so used to being on a tight schedule during the school year that I always know just what [...]

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Just 24 hours ago the house was full with Clay visiting for a few days before he leaves for deployment (again), my brother visiting, 8 of our 9 kiddos and a couple of their friends thrown in for good measure.  This morning I wake up to Clay having gone back to Fort Lewis to catch [...]

A Full Summer Day

1 dad home before deployment 1 visiting uncle 1 lawnmower 1 weed whacker One 15-passenger van 14 people 1 birthday 2 trips to the beach 16 hot dogs  8 grilled chicken breasts 2 salmon steaks 3 bags of asparagus risotto 2 lbs of broccoli 1 ice cream, birthday cake 2 half gallons of ice cream [...]

A Lil Surprise

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while living the life of a military spouse, it’s that surprises are par for the course.  You really never know exactly what’s going to happen, even when the plans are laid out before you.   We are one month into this year-long deployment and Clay’s 3 week’s of training [...]

And Today’s Challenging M.O.M. Moment Is……

The flooded bathroom because of an overflowing toilet.  This is where I have to be thankful.  Yes, thankful!  Thankful that I’m in military housing and simply had to throw towels down, shut the door and pick up the phone.  They were here in  20 minutes.  The culprit….an apple.  And apple?!  Of all the things I [...]

I Am an ANGRY M.O.M!!!!!

What you see above is the scene I came home to after a morning at the dentist with one of the kiddos.  I was informed that white out had been used to draw on the table AND the wall.  With much scrubbing the table is now clean but the wall….the WALL!  The newly painted, beautiful [...]

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