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February 1st Is a Good Time to Revisit My Resolution for 2013

On January 6th, I finally came up with my New Year’s Resolution. Of course, I’d thought of all the “usual” things-weight loss, excercise, eating better, becoming a millionaire… But when it came right down to it, what I needed to strive for and give to those around me was something much bigger, much more challenging [...]

Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream, As Interpreted By Lex

This kiddo keeps me smiling! Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, according to Lex is that “boys and girls would drink together.” Find M.O.M. on Facebook Follow M.O.M. on Twitter Pin with M.O.M. on Pinterest Find M.O.M. on Instagram #MommyofMany

Good Stuff to Share

YOU are in charge of your thoughts. Breathe deeply and choose wisely~ Find M.O.M. on Facebook Follow M.O.M. on Twitter Pin with M.O.M. on Pinterest Find M.O.M. on Instagram #MommyofMany

Good Stuff to Share

Strong, Worthy, Beautiful! Find M.O.M. on Facebook Follow M.O.M. on Twitter Pin with M.O.M. on Pinterest Find M.O.M. on Instagram #MommyofMany

How to Get More out of Your Candles

I love having candles in the house. I always have! But I get frustrated at how many times I end up with a candle that has 1/2 it’s wax stuck to the sides and can’t be burned. This morning I had a GREAT idea! Why not place my candles (They have to be in a [...]

“Don’t Worry”-I’m Always Saying it. Now I Need to Practice it!

“Don’t worry!” “It will all work out.” “God has a plan.” “Worry never did anyone any good.” “Take care of what you are able to and leave the rest up to God.” These are all phrases that I use regularly. I believe them and I’ve seen the truth in them time and time again, in [...]

Road Trip for The Soul

Last week I had the opportunity to go to San Diego for the weekend. And I took it! My oldest son drove with me and we headed down after I got the little kids to school and got my work done for the morning. I hadn’t seen Maddi since June and I hadn’t been to [...]

Lex’s V.I.G. Week-Good Stuff!

Lex is in 1st Grade. The school he goes to assigns an animal to each classroom. The kids then get t-shirts with that animal on it that they wear on Fridays and on field trips. Since Lex’s class is the Gorilla Class, they call the student of the week, the V.I.G. Lex was V.I.G. last [...]

Sunday Morning Good Stuff

A friend of mine owns a race company and I often times help out with the race day busyness. Yesterday, she put on an Adventure Race and Gabi persuaded Anna to run it with her. They picked a name-Electric Pink, made t-shirts and got excited for the fun. Signing in and getting their bibs. Team [...]

An Open Letter to the Tooth Fairy

This certainly  is not the first time I’ve discussed the Tooth Fairy. Over the many years of Lang kids losing teeth, there’s been plenty of times to talk about the Tooth Fairy’s services. But this is the first time I’ve written directly to her. I’m sincerely grateful for her flexibility and willingness to accommodate our [...]

Good Stuff From Lex

You have to smile when your 6 year old comes in and asks- “How bad was Leroy Brown?”! Seriously Good Stuff! Doing the Dance of the Children~

10 Days of Good Stuff

People always wish each other well. And now that we have instant access to each other’s daily lives and routines through social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, we each receive daily bits of good luck and inspiration from those connected to us. But it’s not often that those well-wishes turn into action! About [...]

What Summertime Looks Like, So Far

We’ve had one full week of summer. It’s been busy, noisy, hot and full! I’m still working full-time, so there’s been plenty of juggling, but this is what it’s looked like so far. I think we’re on the right track. To get to summer, we had to finish school and that meant Tristan’s graduation from [...]

Being Lex-Ninjas and Lost Teeth

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a look at life from the perspective of one of the kids. Lex is always a good choice! Recently, he did a school project and talked about how much he likes soccer and that when he grows up, he wants to be a Ninja. Hmmm… Just so happens [...]

Local Fun-Roseville’s Downtown Tuesday Nights

I’m always looking for fun things to do with the kids that are easy to get to, inexpensive and fun. Downtown Tuesday Nights fits all of those criteria! I remember, last summer, that we stumbled onto a DTN, but didn’t know it was a regularly occurring event. This year, I’ve had the privilege of getting [...]