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Backing up for Efficiency

This morning I started with a few chores. My plan was to head into the kitchen, start the coffee, pack the lunches, switch the laundry and then wake the kids. I went to the dryer first. I pulled everything out, put it on the counter and started to fold it. Then a lil voice in [...]

Mommy of Many-Quick Cleaning Tip

  The Spring Cleaning Bug bit me today and I’ve been scrubbing the kitchen like it hasn’t been scrubbed in…….oh, let’s see…..a year!  But all this cleaning and scrubbing brought me to a moment of wanting to share a quick reminder about cleaning. When cleaning, start at the top and move down.  Geesh!  This is [...]

A Few Words For the Ladies

The other night I was with a group of great ladies and we were chit chatting about life.  We got on the subject of organizing our houses and how we like things done and how our husbands are often times clueless about where things go or how we like things put away, folded, organized, etc. [...]

Check THIS Out!

So…..my favorite vidcaster…Chassy Cat (Wonderwoman AND Technogenius) was asking for videos awhile back and though I thought of obvious things to submit (you know, singing, dancing and the like), what I actually came up with was an idea on how to use her “One Click Server” idea to help deployed service members and their families [...]

Mommy of Many Show #36: Making Summertime Work

This week’s show is sponsored by Aveeno Baby! Now that we are in full swing of summer, it’s time to take a look at the budget and the calendar and make sure we can keep the kiddos busy while not breaking the bank! Summertime means extra kiddos at the house and being brought along to [...]

Mommy of Many Show #35: Learning Lessons #7-Be Flexible

This week’s show is sponsored by Aveeno Baby! I learned a valuable lesson this week! I often get so locked into the plan of the day that I can’t enjoy a nice surprise or change of plans. When I realized that I had forgotten to write down plans with one of my sisters I had [...]

Genius? Quite Possibly!

Luke-Xavier is going through the stage where he LOVES to be naked. He’s also ready to be potty-trained and is constantly taking his diaper off. This poses a problem at bedtime. After a little brainstorming, I came up with this; And what about the feet of the pj’s, you ask? No problem! Simply cut them [...]

Mommy of Many Show #31: Keeping Kids Connected During Deployment

This week’s show is sponsored by Aveeno Baby! With 2 months of this deployment behind us, I thought it was a good time to brush up on the ways I can keep my kiddos feeling connected to Clay for the rest of the deployment. Here are some great ideas on how to help your kids [...]

Avoiding The End-of-the-Day Overload

I felt particularly challenged this afternoon! I could feel myself getting snappy and short with the kids (because they were snappy and short with me) and decided I better do something about it, before we ended up in a shouting match. So, I thought of my options and knew I didn’t have to make a [...]


It was brought to my attention that my first show wouldn’t play. Bummer! Good news! It’s fixed. So, if you’re new to the site and you want to hear a little about each of the kiddos and why I started this adventure or if you missed the first few shows and want to catch up, [...]

Mommy of Many-Great Ideas!

Easter grass-Vile stuff! A friend wrote yesterday about putting off the picking up of the Easter Grass that is strewn around her house. I wrote back and said; “Easter Grass! Vile stuff! I started using colorful tissue paper instead. WAY easier to get rid of. Easter grass is like tinsel and should be eliminated. ” [...]

Mommy of Many Show #20: Learning Lessons #3

This week I talk about Lesson #3 in the Learning Lessons Series, which is that children of all ages need consistency. Over the years I’ve seen that things run a lot smoother if the kids know what to expect. Surprises are great, but not in our everyday lives. We want to know what the routine [...]

Mommy of Many Morning Short

Mom-Gabi, do you remember the story that I told you? The one from my mouth with the princesses? Gabi-Yes, the dancing princesses! Mom-Yes, the dancing princesses that rode the flying horses to the princes’ castle. Gabi-I didn’t want them to ride flying horses. Mom-Yes, I know. But a lot of people have told me that [...]

Love Mommy of Many?

Thank you to all of you for coming to the site and for all the questions and comments you’ve been leaving. I really appreciate the interaction.If you are lovin’ the site and lovin’ the show I want to ask that you do me a favor by doing 2 things. First off, if you haven’t subscribed [...]

Learning Lessons #6: Appreciation

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a 3rd grader from my children’s school. It was a little boy who had previously been in class with Tristan. It was incredibly sad to see the family come in behind the little coffin. The kids go to a Catholic school and the funeral and Mass were held at [...]

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