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Oh Really? NOW You Let Me Know You’re Listening?!

I’m always wondering if the kids hear ANYTHING that I say, EVER. It sure doesn’t seem like it, since I’ve repeated the exact same instructions, every day for over 24 years. The other day I got home from a long day of work, to run errands with the kids and take them to the gym [...]

Monday Morning Lexism

Lex is always thinking and planning and this morning his thoughts went like this; Lex-”Mom, please don’t stop me from growing a beard.” Me-”I don’t stop you from growing a beard. Your body decides when it’s ready to grow a beard and then you decide whether to keep it or shave it off.” Lex-”Well please [...]

Good Stuff From Lex

You have to smile when your 6 year old comes in and asks- “How bad was Leroy Brown?”! Seriously Good Stuff! Doing the Dance of the Children~

Mommy of Many Morning Short-Quote From Mariah

You know I spend a great deal of time quoting Lex, but this morning I got a text from Mariah (18yrs old), who was in Oakland for business and is now in SF for business. “Oakland is a scary place but at least it smells like Chinese food. San Francisco just smells like pee.” She [...]

Hey Lex, Will You Promise Me Something?

This morning, as I brushed his hair and teeth, washed his face and kissed his cheek, I just had to say these words; “Lex, will you promise me something? Will you promise me that when you grow up to be a big boy and then a man, that you will remember to do and say [...]

M.O.M.’s Doing Some Fast-Paced Dancing~

This last week has brought a lot to my schedule. You never really know how much you can fit into your life until you start pushing things closer together to make room for more. This week I started working 3-4 mornings a week at a chiropractic office, picked up a weekly blogging gig AND joined [...]

Life With Lex-A Few Lexisms

It’s a fact that when life gets you down, the quickest cure is the silliness of a kiddo. After the sadness of my last 2 posts, I say it’s time for a few smiles and a giggle or two. Lex is the answer; Early last week, my parents came to the house and my mom [...]

Lenten Conversation with My 4yr Old

We were driving past a Weinerschnitzel and Lex asked if we could stop there to eat (a fairly random request since we’ve NEVER stopped there before). I said that we could another time, but since today is a Friday in Lent, that we aren’t eating meat, so we wouldn’t be able to go there today. [...]

Lex Has All the Answers

My 11 yr old has taken a sudden interest in the Bible. He’s been carrying a Bible around and reading it in all his free moments. The other morning he called me into the kitchen and asked who Noe is in the Bible. Lex, my 4 year old, was standing near by and piped in [...]

Lex Makes Sense of a Pat Benatar Song

*smiling* Lex(4) and I were on the way home from work/school and Hit Me With Your Best Shot came on the radio. When we pulled up to the house, he says, “Mom, I know why that cookie’s tough.” After thinking for a second, I realized he was referring to the song. I said, “oh, the [...]

My Kiddos Sure Say the Dandest Things!

Here are 2 examples of how my kiddos keep me chuckling each day. I was out with Lex today and we were winking at each other. I was showing him that you can try to do one eye and then the other. He was only able to do the one, but would try with the [...]

Some Problems with Cauliflower-By Luke-Xavier

Luke-Xavier-”Mom there are 2 problems with cauliflower.” Me-”Oh yeah? What are they?” Luke-Xavier-”It looks like broccoli, but it’s not broccoli. And, it’s white.” I’m glad he was pondering his veggies

Luke-Xavier Explains Babies

This afternoon Luke-Xavier and I had some “mommy and me” time. We had to stop at the grocery store and after shopping I held his little hand and we walked across the parking lot. He spotted a mom, with a baby in a front-carrier, loading groceries into her car. Here is the conversation that followed- [...]

A Max Moment

This morning Max came into the kitchen with a concerned look on his face. This is the conversation that occurred- Max-”rats and mice are endangered.” Me-”No. They’re not endangered. There are PLENTY of them!” Max-”but THOUSANDS of people have set mouse traps!” Me-”Ah…you mean they’re in danger.” Max-*tilted-head, eyebrow raised* “that’s what I said” Doing [...]

Mommy of Many Morning Short-The Whole Hair Thing

This morning Gabi took a bath to get ready for her performance at the Mothers Day Tea in preschool. She came out of the bath, wrapped in a towel but her hair was dry. I pointed out that part of the importance of taking a bath or shower is to wash your hair. Her response- [...]

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