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An Avoidable Mommy Mistake

It’s never fun when your kids have a public meltdown and realizing that you may have been the cause of such an emotionally taxing event makes it even worse! For the past several weeks, Gabi’s been working hard to earn 10 blue ribbons from her teacher. These little awards are given out for all sorts [...]

Mommy of Many Morning Short-The Whole Hair Thing

This morning Gabi took a bath to get ready for her performance at the Mothers Day Tea in preschool. She came out of the bath, wrapped in a towel but her hair was dry. I pointed out that part of the importance of taking a bath or shower is to wash your hair. Her response- [...]

Learning Lessons #10:One of the Hardest Things About Parenting-Stick To What You Say

~sigh~ Tonight I had to revisit one of the toughest jobs of parenting-Following through with what you’ve said. Earlier this week, I grounded one of my girls. The terms of the grounding were one week no ipod and no going anywhere, other than to sporting events. The grounding will end next Wednesday. Tonight was the [...]

Learning Lessons #9:Fits

Fits. I’ve been dealing with them for the better part of 20 years. I’ve seen my share! I can remember being a new mom and trying to give choices to lure the child out of the fit. I can remember being a little more seasoned mom and trying to be stern and give NO choices [...]

Parenting from Afar

Easter is on it’s way!  This means that my older kiddos head home to celebrate.  This year it’s especially important for everyone to be together because of Clay’s upcoming, year-long deployment.  This is the last time the whole family will be together for a long time.  Kateri got into town 2 nights ago.  JJ’s plane [...]

Teaching and Learning Lessons

As a parent, one of our biggest and often toughest jobs is teaching our kiddos the lessons they need to lead a successful, happy and productive life.  It would all be so much “easier” and “peaceful” if we could just take the hands-off approach and give in to every whim, want and fit.  But that [...]

A Few Words For the Ladies

The other night I was with a group of great ladies and we were chit chatting about life.  We got on the subject of organizing our houses and how we like things done and how our husbands are often times clueless about where things go or how we like things put away, folded, organized, etc. [...]

Mommy of Many Show #49: Boxes

We all have our “Boxes”. These are the things that make us uncomfortable and make us want to hide from what we must face. Sometimes having a box is a good thing. But, as parents we need to be careful of trying to place our children in our boxes. We should not put our fears [...]

Mommy of Many Show #46: Learning Lessons #8-Saying “I’m Sorry”

Saying “I’m sorry” can be a powerful tool. There are those days when parenting can get the best of us and we raise our voice or put the kids off or become unfocused. Going back to the kids and simply saying, “I’m sorry” and “I love you” can make all the difference. Thank you for [...]

Mommy of Many Show #38: Teens and Routines

It’s been a couple of tough weeks around here and I’ve had to face up to the fact that part of the problem is that I wasn’t taking my own advice. When summer began and the kids came home, I stopped writing the Morning Memo, stopped writing a detailed schedule and didn’t do a very [...]

Mommy of Many Show #35: Learning Lessons #7-Be Flexible

This week’s show is sponsored by Aveeno Baby! I learned a valuable lesson this week! I often get so locked into the plan of the day that I can’t enjoy a nice surprise or change of plans. When I realized that I had forgotten to write down plans with one of my sisters I had [...]

Learning Lessons #7: Be Flexible

I’m a planner. I want everything laid out in detail so that I don’t have too many surprises. You can imagine that I have surprises and schedule changes all the time, but I, sort-of, build those in. You know the kind, you’ve sat down to write the budget and the baby gets into something icky [...]

Whoo Hoo! All the Kiddos, Back Together!

Today’s the day that I get to have all of my kiddos back together. I know I’ve talked about how this first year of having kids away at school has gone and the different changes in family dynamics, but today I get to shout with happiness that all my kids are home! JJ’s plane will [...]

Mommy of Many Show #29: Happy Mother’s Day!

This week’s show is sponsored by Aveeno Baby! Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that each of you moms get a special day. If you don’t have any special events planned, be sure to spend a little time remembering some of your special mommy moments. Since it’s a Mother’s Day show, I decided to talk about [...]

Mommy of Many Show #24: Learning Lessons #5

This week’s show is sponsored by Aveeno Baby! In this show I talk about the importance of giving detail to our kids when assigning them a task. Thank you for visiting the site and for listening. Don’t forget to visit our sponsor! Have a great day~ MOM 24 [ 8:05 ] Play Now | Play [...]

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