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This Military Life is Coming to an End

I haven’t really been ready to talk about this because I just couldn’t figure out how to process it. But the end is speeding toward us, some pieces have fallen into place and I think I can spit out the words now. About 4 months ago Clay let me know that he would be forced [...]


Last Thursday was the big day. Clay’s flight was coming in at 10:50 pm. The kids spent the day making signs, asking “when are we going to the airport?” and getting excited to welcome their dad back. After the long day of getting everything ready, I loaded the kids into the van and headed to [...]

Bloggin’ on the ish…

I didn’t mean for this to happen. Every day I think of the funny moments that happen around here. I make a mental note of how certain things get done or that we are WELL into this year of deployment and how it’s all successfully happening in this house. I’ll shoot a quick Twitter update, [...]

Thank you and a Correction

I want to thank Sheri Ledoux of Knott’s Berry Farms PR department for her quick and thorough response to my disappointment. I have been assured that the promotional offer for the Armed Services will apply to the spouses of deployed service members who are holding a valid ID card. Looks like the Lang Clan will [...]

Deployment Update

Clay left in May for training and prep to head over to Iraq and spend a year hunting IEDs with the Army. He came home for a few days at the end of June before going over. He’s been in theater since the 1st of July. I never know whether to count from when he [...]

Bible Stories According to the Military Child

At 4 yrs old Gabi is very interested in reading. She often takes books out and “reads” them out loud to us. Over the last few days she’s been carrying the Children’s Bible around and “reading” various stories to us. Tonight, after dinner, she brought it over to the table and started to “read” to [...]

Tying Up Loose Ends While All the Kids are Home

For the last 2 weeks I’ve had all my kiddos together. Kateri had stayed in DC for an internship, so we only get her for a short time this summer. While everyone is here and before they scatter again, we have to take care of all the loose ends. A few weeks ago I realized [...]

A Lil Surprise

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while living the life of a military spouse, it’s that surprises are par for the course.  You really never know exactly what’s going to happen, even when the plans are laid out before you.   We are one month into this year-long deployment and Clay’s 3 week’s of training [...]

Here I Go Again On My Own………

And so it begins.  After some changes to the original plan of Clay leaving on the 17th, he has now officially boarded a plane.  He gave the kids his best “Dad” talk, grabbed his sea bag and began his deployment.  The kids are remarkably good with his coming and going.  I’m the constant in the [...]

Ever-Changing Orders

Well, even though we “found out” that Clay would be here during this week for daily classes and would then fly out this morning, it has, of course, changed.  I was suspicious of them putting him on a plane at the beginning of a 3-day weekend that celebrates a federal holiday.  And I was right!  [...]

Tragedy Often Brings Perspective

Yesterday we found out that HS-6, a squadron aboard NAS North Island, lost a bird and all that were on board.  These incidents are always so far-reaching in the lives they touch.  2 1/2 yrs ago, Clay’s squadron lost a bird and all who were on board and it took many months for things to [...]

Day 1 of This Year-Long Journey

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the military after all these years, it’s that you don’t actually know the plan until it’s being put into play.   You’re probably wondering where the pictures of Clay kissing the kids good-bye are, or the pictures of him walking away.  Well, even though today is Day One, [...]

A Perfect Example of Why Military Housing is the Way To Go!

If you keep up with this blog then you know we’ve been having the house redone.  We’ve been here for 7 years and were eligible to have the house repainted, re-carpeted, retiled, etc. So we moved everything out, took all the pictures off the walls, removed all the nails, packed up all the books and nick [...]

Doing the Dance of Life

Over the last 3 days, the pace of life has been pretty quick.   The squadron is getting ready for the Change of Command in early May and there are always events that lead up to that.  Thursday night was the COC dinner and Clay’s farewell from the squadron was also included in the night’s [...]

Clay’s Farewell Party

As you know, we are preparing for Clay’s next deployment and it’s just around the corner in May.  With the help of some great friends who offered their house and yard and the many great people who came to help say, “See you next year”, we had a great party!   Thank you to everyone [...]

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