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No News is Good News?

Max is now in 4th grade and for the last 3 years, I’ve grown accustomed to having regular contact with his teachers. There was lots of communication about how he was doing in class and on the playground, as well as working out strategies to help him become a more successful student. Don’t get me [...]

Hey Buddy, Let’s Go Have Sushi

School’s around the corner and until this morning I wasn’t sure exactly where Max would be going. He’s been placed on a wait list for the only school in the area that has GATE classes and the school that he was in last year, isn’t his “home” school and would require a request for an [...]

Letting Go of “Normal”

Normal-it’s what we all strive for. It’s what we’re “supposed” to be. It’s all the people around us-or so we perceive. Normal is what my kids said today’s lunches were, because I included cheese puffs (never mind that they were wheat free, gluten free, contain no corn syrup or msg) and trail mix. Normal-we all [...]

And So it Begins…Finally!

For the last 3 days I’ve been browsing craft stores and sitting, for hours, at my computer, pouring over pictures of Arianna and Maddi. All of this in the effort to get started on their 8th grade, graduation, memory boards. Did I wait until days before they were due because I didn’t know what to [...]

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo… Today we helped the kiddos in preschool learn about Cinco De Mayo and shared a snack of taquitos, salsa and chips with them. As the teacher read a story about why we celebrate this day all I could think was that I never really knew the significance behind today. I knew there [...]

Happy Earth Day

We’ve been getting the kids in the classroom ready to celebrate Earth Day. They’ve been learning about bugs and we have caterpillars in a netted home where the kids can watch them go through all their phases of metamorphosis. I put together a playlist of songs about the earth’s changes from season to season, recycling [...]

Response and Continuing Update

I wanted to take a minute to address some of the comments I’ve received about the on-going issue of undone school work and my kiddo who isn’t happy with school. I’ve had several thought-provoking responses and I think they deserve to be responded to. In my 21 years of parenting I have approached schooling in [...]

The Continuing Saga of Undone School Work

A while back I talked about finding many, MANY pages of undone or partially done school work under one of my children’s beds. This happens to be the same child who is hating school. After making the kiddo climb under the bed and pull out all the papers and letting them know that they would [...]

The End of a Crazy School Year

Yesterday was the very last day of school for this 08-09 school year.   What a year!   Seriously, it’s been a year of schooling unlike any other for our family. Last summer I made the decision to pull my 4 kids from the private school that we had been in for 8 years.  The [...]

Mommy of Many Show #55: New Year’s Changes

Finally!   I’m so excited to have a new show up!  There have been some hurdles that have kept me from getting a show done, but it’s finally here.  Thank you for visiting the site and for listening to the show.  Your comments and feedback are always appreciated.  Have a show idea?  Let me know! [...]

Back to School

We are 2 days into the Back to School routine and things are running smoothly.  We’ve had a warm “welcome back” at the old school.  Max was SO excited on his first day!  His new schools supplies made him very happy.  He’s in class with kiddos that were in his preschool class and all welcomed [...]

Changes, Changes

If you’ve followed the blog and the show since the early Fall, then you know that this year has brought a lot of change, experimentation and indecision when it comes to schooling. For the last 8 years all my kids have been in the local, Catholic schools. Over the summer I had to make some [...]

A Funny, Yet Accurate Picture of My Life

I dance my way through each day and because of this I’ve become a pretty, darn-good dancer. There are those times, though, that I miss a step and even stumble. Take this story; As the end of last school year approached, we did a lot of talking about whether Kateri would return to school or [...]

Smart Kiddo!

I’ve spent the last month observing the differences between the private school system, that we spent the last 8 years in and the public school system that my boys are now in. After a month of schooling the conclusion I came to is that I needed to buy some workbooks and sit them down each [...]

Our First Month of Homeschooling, Complete

Over the last couple of days the girls and I have been gathering their school work to organize it and turn it in. Today is the moment of truth. It’s been a challenging first month. They’ve done a good job of sitting down and working and they are always wanting to know what’s next and [...]

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