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Lex’s V.I.G. Week-Good Stuff!

Lex is in 1st Grade. The school he goes to assigns an animal to each classroom. The kids then get t-shirts with that animal on it that they wear on Fridays and on field trips. Since Lex’s class is the Gorilla Class, they call the student of the week, the V.I.G. Lex was V.I.G. last [...]


All of a sudden my house has gone from girl-dominated to boy-dominated. Yes, I have 3 of each in the house right now, but my older 2 girls pretty much have their stuff down and I’m not “managing” them as much as I’m “managing” the 4 younger kids. And 3 of those 4 younger ones [...]

Passing It On

Sometimes my kids really surprise me! I have an older child that has been refusing to learn how to do laundry for the last few years. About a month ago that child came to me and asked me to please show them how to do the laundry. I uttered a prayer of thanks and proceeded [...]

The Sweetest Things

I’ve talked about sibling dynamics. I’ve talked about how to keep kiddos connected to their deployed parent. Here’s a beautiful example of how to keep lil kiddos connected to their older, away-from-home siblings. As you may know, I have children who range in age from 4yrs-21yrs. That’s preschool-college! That means that not all those kiddos [...]

A Thursday Morning Full of Good Stuff

Yea! It’s Thursday! I waiting for it to be here because I knew it meant that my deadline for the boards would be behind me and all the frantic work would be done. And I was right! I’m happy with how they turned out. I’m also thankful to Kateri and Allie for helping me cut [...]

But I was Saving for a Tropical Squid!

Sibling dynamics… A couple of mornings ago, Tristan came into my room, upset and saying things I didn’t quite understand. I asked him to calm down and explain. This is what I got- Tristan-”Luke-Xavier got on my game and spent all my coins.” Me-”I’m sorry. How’d he know what to do?” Tristan-”I don’t know. He [...]

Big Sisters

I don’t know what it is about big sisters. They have an almost supernatural power of persuasion over their younger siblings. Tonight, one of my older girls was looking for the bicycle pump and couldn’t find it. She asked and asked where it could be. I finally remembered seeing the little kids playing with it, [...]

So Many Things to Write About……..

I’ll start with the flood People often ask me why (and sometimes, how) I get up at 4:15 am. I always give a rundown of what my morning consists of; checking the computer, answering emails, blogging, writing the Morning Memo, making the coffee, starting a load of laundry, making the school lunches and taking a [...]

When Your Big Brother Comes Home From School………..

He buys you gifts that Mom and Dad might not get you…… like a fancy, princess chair that plays royal music every time you sit down….. or a hobby-horse that makes giddy-up noises (such a happy face!!!!!)…… or even a plethora of foam weapons to battle each other with! JJ came home and went to [...]

It’s Here!

So…..if you’ve been following the blog, you might have gotten the idea that I’m a Rod Stewart fan and that I just might be looking forward to going to his concert. Yep (giggling)! I guess I’m so excited because I just never get to do this kind of thing. My sister, Maggie, has been staying [...]

Whoo Hoo! All the Kiddos, Back Together!

Today’s the day that I get to have all of my kiddos back together. I know I’ve talked about how this first year of having kids away at school has gone and the different changes in family dynamics, but today I get to shout with happiness that all my kids are home! JJ’s plane will [...]

It’s Been Busy Around Here

Well, I’m over that “funny” feeling and it’s back to the reality and business of each day. I’ve been doing such exciting things as; 5 loads of laundry in a day (Mommy Olympics better watch out, because I am in training!), getting everyone out the door at 7 am to make up for the carpool [...]

Be Careful What You Say Around a 2 Year-Old!

Well, if you want to talk about Learning Lessons, I’d have to say that this is a keeper! Be careful of what you say in front of little ears. When I asked Tristan to go out back and pick up after the dog, Luke-Xavier was dutifully listening. While Tristan went to get the bags, Luke-Xavier [...]

Plans For the Future

This afternoon I had only two of my boys with me. I had an appointment and ran some errands. While we were in the van we had this conversation: Tristan: When I grow up I’m going to live alone and have 3 dogs. I’m going to have 3 so that they’ll always be together. When [...]

And the Beat Goes On……………..

Back from my 4-day jaunt of eating (and eating and eating some more), laughing, visiting, reminiscing AND being childless, reality hit HARD this morning at 5am. “Oh yeah!, I’m the Mommy of Many” ” I do the Dance of the Children”. Dang! Seriously, it was sweet to have Luke-Xavier climb into bed with me and [...]

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