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Well That Explains It!

Yesterday I had one of those terribly emberrassing Mommy Moments, where you have a child who’s acting out so badly and you just can’t get them to stop. This usually happens with an overtired toddler, but this was my 7 yr old! We got home and I put him straight to bed. He ended up [...]

Home With a Sick Kiddo

No matter how meticulous I am with scheduling, there’s always some kid related thing that springs up and has me adjusting. Today it’s the fact that Gabi has a fever and a pukey stomach. She’s not keeping the Tylenol down, so I’m not sure how the fever will go. Bottom line, I’m home with her. [...]

A Day at Home with a Sick Kiddo

Tristan woke, saying his throat, “feels like someone pulled it out, sun-dried it, put it back in and stuffed it with knives”. Wow! Descriptive! But I made him take 2 vitamin C, get dressed and go in to school with the rest of us. Within 10 minutes of getting there, his temp was taken and [...]


Tuesday…not too exciting. This morning my head is full of wondering about sick kids. Mariah’s been home from school since last Friday and isn’t sure if she is going to go back to school today. No one else has gotten sick, but I’m starting to wonder what would happen if they did. If any of [...]