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The Last Days of Summer

Here we are, in the final days before Back to School. It’s been a busy week with lots of talk about new teachers, new classrooms and new schools. Tristan will start Middle School and is excited for the change. Max will be at school with Gabi and Lex and isn’t so excited for the change [...]

These Kiddos of Mine

It’s been a busy weekend! Yesterday we had a birthday gathering for 3 of the kids-Clayton who had just turned 20, Arianna who is turning 17 on the 28th and Maddi who will be 16 on July 1st. Friends and family filled my house (I LOVE a full house!) and we enjoyed an afternoon of [...]

What Summertime Looks Like, So Far

We’ve had one full week of summer. It’s been busy, noisy, hot and full! I’m still working full-time, so there’s been plenty of juggling, but this is what it’s looked like so far. I think we’re on the right track. To get to summer, we had to finish school and that meant Tristan’s graduation from [...]

An Update Full of Good Stuff

I can’t believe so many days got away from me! But each of them has been full of work and keeping the kids busy and entertained. All the work has paid off in the housing area! We are getting the keys to our beautiful new home on Friday! We are all very excited to live [...]

Good Morning Sunday

I’m busily taking breakfast orders from the kids and trying to hurry them along to get ready for church. I think at least one of them is going through a growth spurt because he’s eating like a football player. They’re all sleeping in later but I think that’s because they’re spending each day playing hard [...]

Our Summer’s Day in Pictures

It was a beautiful day out and we got to spend it in the sunshine with friends. We enjoyed lots of pool time and in the evening we headed into the yard to make S’mores. A great summer’s day! Starting the day off Lex, chillin’ in the pool Ending the day with summertime S’mores It [...]

One Day At a Time

It’s often hardest to talk when there’s the most to say. I’ve spent 3 1/2 days without my kids. They are having a GREAT time at their grandparents’ with their dad. I love to hear their happy voices and listen to all they have to tell me about each days’ adventures. But I’m ready for [...]

Hello Summer Adventure!

I woke up this morning as usual-early and w/ my 2 youngest cuddled up to me in bed. Then I looked around and remembered that we were on the 1st day of our new adventure. I laid there and listened to the sleepy sounds of my 4 kiddos. They had been worn out by a [...]

Gettin It Done While Doing the Dance

For the last week, I’ve been going through this house, that 11 people have shared over the last 10 years, and opening the cupboards and closets and getting them cleaned out and organized so that when the movers came it would be easy to pack. Then I found out there wouldn’t be any movers/packers. I [...]

The Naughtiness Epidemic-

I don’t know who fed my kiddos naughty pills but the 3 youngest have been on fire the last few days. I guess it means that summer is over and they’re ready for the structure of school, but I’m not sure they’ll make it to next Tuesday at this rate. By 9am they had each [...]

A Birthday and A Budget

“No candles? But don’t those cost, like, 2 bucks?” Yeah, well so does a loaf of bread. Guess where my last $2 went. Ah, the budget. Forever in the forefront of my mind. Always being reworked, borrowed from, stretched and sometimes broken. Back to school and Christmas are the hardest times on the ol’ budget [...]

The Pathway to the Museum is Paved w/ Good Distractions

Yesterday I loaded up the kiddos and headed over to Balboa Park to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the Free Tuesdays. I actually found parking quiet easily (talk about a surprise!) and we started across the grass toward the Air and Space Museum, which was our destination. But surely a lil stop at [...]

The Last Day of Summer for My High School Girls

Summer…over! Where’d it go? Between summer school, trips and guests, it flew by! I still want it! I’m not really ready for the whole school routine. Guess I better GET ready, because when I wake up it’ll be staring me in the face-wake up at 4, pack lunches, listen to 3 girls bicker over the [...]

Counting My Blessings & Turning My Face to the Sun

Somedays I feel so overwhelmed that I can’t move past the mountainous list of To-Do’s. Now that sports have started and the 3 girls are gearing up for school, there’s a constant flow to my inbox and I simply can’t keep up with the little kiddos, who are still enjoying summer vacation and the bigger [...]

Doing the Dance of the Children-Back to School Style

Here we go! Today is Freshman orientation. The girls had to show up to school in their “Dress Day” uniforms at 8 am for yearbook pics & spending the day on campus to get acclimated to the campus and their schedules. It jogged my memory of what the school year schedule is like. Starting next [...]

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