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Teen Stuff-Pipe in!

There’s so much background that I could write and write and write, but I’m just going to cover the last 24 hours. Your ideas are welcome! I was away last night to celebrate a life that touched many other lives. During this time, I got a phone call…from my local police department, to let me [...]

2 Days of Doing the Dance of the Teens

Sometimes the busyness of the littler kids gets overshadowed by the mind-sucking energy it takes to parent my teens. Yesterday I received texts from both my teen girls in the same minute and they said nearly the same thing, “come pick me up, right now”. I texted one of them back and asked if they [...]

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly-Life!

My last couple of days have sure been a roller coaster full of icky, angry teenage angst/A fun day in SF/Some Great Pump-Me-Up Silpada Training/Happiness at Seeing Max be proud of an accomplishment/Fun Kid-Time Crafts and, of course some house cleaning. 2 nights ago, there was lots of angry time in my house. I hate [...]

Good Parenting or Meddling Mom?

I have 4 teenagers. 3 of them are still at home. My 2 oldest children have been out of the house for more than 4 years because of schooling and my oldest in is her 20′s. I consider myself pretty well seasoned on raising and staying-out-of-the-way of teens. It’s the time in their lives where [...]

Parenting-Using Your Brain Instead of Your Emotions

Parenting many different ages of kids can really be tricky. There are plenty of times that I have trouble figuring out how to make something work for everyone. But one thing I’ve learned that always works best is to set aside my emotions and turn on my brain. I said it works best, I didn’t [...]

Fed Up!

This is how my morning started. I’m noticing a frustrating pattern lately of the dish-doer in the house, simply not doing them. It’s actually been going on for some time, but in the last couple of months that Clay was home, he would just roll up his sleeves and do them. Now that he’s away, [...]

Learning Lessons #10:One of the Hardest Things About Parenting-Stick To What You Say

~sigh~ Tonight I had to revisit one of the toughest jobs of parenting-Following through with what you’ve said. Earlier this week, I grounded one of my girls. The terms of the grounding were one week no ipod and no going anywhere, other than to sporting events. The grounding will end next Wednesday. Tonight was the [...]


Apparently I got too comfy with having my oldest kiddos back in the house for the Christmas break. I didn’t check on their return flights until THIS morning. Why would I? They are 20 and 17 and are perfectly capable of knowing what their travel arrangements are. Right? It seems that Mom is still needed [...]

Something I’ve Learned

I am now on my 5th teenager. I have one kiddo that is through the teens and onto the 20′s and 4 who are solidly in the teen years. And the #1 thing I’ve learned about teens is that you can not…let me repeat…can not make a teen do something they have decided not to [...]

Diplomacy Does Not Always a Happy Teenager Make!

I have 3 teenage girls at home and each one has 3 chores that they are supposed to do daily. Each week, on Sunday, they are supposed to switch chores. But it doesn’t always move smoothly. If the dish doer of the week has been gone, then the girls don’t want to switch the chores [...]

Friday Night in the ER

Yesterday morning JJ woke with a sore and swollen knee.  He hobbled around on it until the afternoon when I was able to get him into the Dr. The doc examined him, declared he had a fever of 100.2 and said he feared that it might be a septic joint and that we better head [...]

Words of Wisdom From One of My Teens

This afternoon I was driving Mariah to a friend’s house so that they could go swimming.  As I was driving she was going her make-up.  I said, “you’re putting on make-up to go swimming?”  Her response-”Mom, in this messed up world, smeared make-up is better than no make-up at all.” It was a little window [...]

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